Surviving a long distance relationship.

Keeping long distance relationships exciting can seem hard – the distance, lack of seeing each other, and absence of intimate time can really take a toll. There’s no reason to not try a long distance relationship, especially if the person you want checks off all of your boxes. With some creativity and schedule priority, you can keep yourself and your partner happy! We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to keep the spice going. 

Making sure your schedules align

No one wants to feel unsupported or left in the dark when they’re stressed. Having different time zones, work schedules, and sleeping patterns can really make you feel alone in a long distance relationship. Finding a pattern together that helps you communicate effectively can really assist in avoiding fights and tension that’s unneeded. When do you feel the most relaxed? When does your partner get off of work? Coordinate times and figure out the best time of the day for both of you to wind down and talk. 

Quality and fun communication

Sometimes people living separately have better communication than couples that see each other every day. You learn to value the basic details, and every phone call. While this seems to be the case, make sure that you aren’t fighting over little details and obsessing over words being left out. Your communication is important, and having a lot of it really helps you build on quality conversation. If you have a daily conversation before bed, tell each other about the best parts of your day! It’s easy to focus on the bad, and venting, but this can set a negative tone; no one wants to start feeling dread when it comes to talking to their partners. You also need to be conscious of the words you use. If you communicate via text, it’s easy to forget that your partner can’t tell tone and context. Knowing what you’re saying can really help avoid hurt feelings by misunderstanding. This helps you build thoughtful and precise communication. 

Sexy talk

This may sound cheesy, but it’s easy to feel unwanted and unloved when you can’t feel each others touch all the time. Be sure to remind each other how much you want and desire each other. Sending a sexy text (at a tasteful time) serves as an easy way to make your partner feel like you’re interested. It also helps assist in building security in your relationship – when you both feel wanted and loved, you don’t constantly second guess your status in your relationship. 

Build trust

In a long distance relationship, trust is key. Knowing that neither of you are looking or desiring others makes for a stronger relationship. It’s easy to fall in to a pattern of wondering where the other is and what they’re doing, but remember that you both are in this together. Being patient and understanding that your partner isn’t by their phone 24/7 can create an easy, smooth relationship.

Long distance relationships can be hard, but you can make yours last by following these simple guidelines. Have you tried a long distance relationship before? Let us know what helped you make it through in the comments below!


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