Dirty things to Say to Your Boyfriend Long Distance.

Sep 26, 2021

How do you keep a long distance relationship alive and well, the flame of love burning bright hot within? 

One way is to ensure that, despite the distance between you, you engage in regular sexual activity, just as you would in a standard relationship! 

Sexual fulfillment is tricky when long-distance, but you can absolutely achieve such a thing. One way to do so is through engaging, exciting, and alluring sexting via dirty things to say to your boyfriend long distance. 

Men are simple creatures, and a teasy little message is often all it takes to make their day, so if you wish to raise the bar of your shared sexuality, and feel as though you are ready to engage in sex chat for long distance relationships, were here to make things just a little easier for you.

Here is a collection of dirty text messages for him long distance to derive inspiration in your sexting endeavors, and a few pieces of advice to keep in mind when engaging in this practice so that it is kinky, dirty, and fueled by the sexual nature of your creative imagination

Dirty Message For Him Long Distance

Start slowly as you ease your way into sending dirty things to say to your boyfriend long distance, like foreplay to your texting. If you do it right and take your time with sexting, you can spend an entire afternoon joyfully occupied in this experience for prolonged engagement with one another in the sexual realm, so no need to rush things!

  • “I woke up this morning and felt a void without you here. My body aches for your skin against mine. I promise I will never wear clothes when we sleep together.”
  • “I have been thinking about you all day, and as time goes on, my thoughts become dirtier and dirtier. I’m starting to wonder what I can do. Maybe you can help me?”
  • “Good morning, love. I swear if you were here, I’d give you a quickie without hesitation. Mornings will become so much better when we’re together.”
  • “Would you be interested in hearing what I am wearing? Or how about what I am not wearing?”
  • “I’ve been feeling my underwear getting wetter and wetter today, and there seems to be a correlation because my mind has constantly been thinking of you.”
  • “If I saw you walking on the streets, I’d pull you into an alley and rip your clothes off without thinking twice.”
  • “If I said I was horny, what would you say back to me? Would you help me do something about it? And if so, I am begging for you to tell me what.”
  • “I had an idea… Tell me the dirtiest thought you’ve ever had about me, and I will do the same. And then the next time we see each other, we will make them a reality, no matter what it is.”
  • “What is the one part about me that you find the most sexually attractive? Asking because my phone is waiting to take a picture for you.”
dirty things to say to your boyfriend long distance

Once you’ve introduced a touch of sexuality to your messages, it’s time to up the game. Dirty things to say to your boyfriend long distance should have him drooling and dreaming for you, and the best way to achieve this is to allow yourself to be as open and free with your sexting messages as possible. Use them as a way to teach them about your sexuality, the things you like/do not, and do the same for them. 

To make these messages just that: dirty, we have a few ideas for you to start with. 

  • “My tongue is going to cover every inch of your body. And trust me, I don’t plan on skipping any body parts.”
  • “I want to feel your pulse in my mouth. It’s warm, wet, and waiting for you. What do you say?”
  • “The last time we made love was one of the best orgasms of my life, and I cannot express how excited I am to try and do even better.”
  • “I am wearing that mini skirt you like, and if you were here, I’d pull it up and flash you everywhere we go. I might or might not be wearing underwear.”
  • “I had a really dirty dream last night, and you were the star of the show. If I tell you all the details, do you promise to bring it to life the next time I see you?”
  • “You know, we might be far apart, but you still make me come. All I have to do is think of you and your body against me, and it drives me absolutely mad.”
  • “I have quite the list of kinks and fetishes. Want to explore them with me? Maybe I can teach you a little bit more about my naughty side.”
  • “If you were in my presence, I’d tell you to be mean to me. I’d tell you to grip your hand around my neck and squeeze my waist until come drips from your cock, and that would just be the beginning.”
  • “I was thinking of buying an ejaculating dildo just so I could pretend it was you coming in me. What would you think about that?”
  • “I am wildly horny for you inside of me. Do you at least have some spit I could borrow for my fingers to pass the time?”
  • “My legs are bored. They miss you spending time inside of them.”
  • “I hope you are okay with punishing me because I am going to be a very bad girl while I lay in bed and think about you.”
  • “Tell me exactly what your cock looks like right now. Tell me about every bulging vein, about how big it grows when you think about me. I want the details. I want you.”
  • “Although I do very much wish it was you, I’d be lying if I said my fingers didn’t feel sensational inside me right now.”
dirty things to say to your boyfriend long distance

Another great way to make your man feel secure in your sexual relationship is to provide him the reassurance of your fulfillment despite the distance. Distance creates worry, and questions arise like “how can I please her enough?!” that are difficult to deal with when unable to touch physically. So go ahead and send him a reassuring message surrounding your sexual happiness to further complement the dirty things to say to your boyfriend long distance. Something like:

  • “You know, as much as I want you in me, I don’t mind waiting. It just makes it that much better when I finally get to come all over you.”

  • “If distance makes the heart grow fonder, does it also make the cock grow longer? Because you have one of the biggest I have ever laid my eyes on.”

  • “Making love to you is literally so good I would wait any measure of time to feel you against me.”

  • “Somehow, I have never been sexually happier and more satisfied than with you, and we don’t even live in the same state?! Just imagine what our sex will be like when we are finally together. Now that is something worth waiting for.”

  • “All I need to pass the time is my dildo that reminds me of you and thoughts of us together.”

  • “If you make me come so quickly over the phone, what could possibly happen when we are in each other’s presence?”

  • “I just want you to know that you give me everything I need. My mind has never once drifted away from the thought of us being together, and that’s exactly how it will stay. But, with that being said, I am going to need you to pound me the second upon arrival. Deal?”



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