Dirty Text Messages for Her Long Distance.

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Have you been missing your partner more than usual lately since they have moved away? It’s very common to start craving the touch of your partner when they choose to live in a place that separates you two physically by several miles. Keep reading to find a few dirty text messages for her in a long distance relationship if you find yourself struggling with keeping the sex flame on while your partner is away. 

Use these tips and tricks to keep things interesting, and spice up your relationship by surprising your partner with these creative text messages to let her know you’re thinking of her. 

There can be many ways to stay intimate with your partner in a long distance relationship, and sexting is one of them! There’s no need to shy away from it – all you need is a little bit of confidence, the right lighting, and the mood for all the good vibes to get started. It might be a bit awkward at first if you’re new to sexting or if you’ve got a little bit rusty from not seeing your partner in the flesh constantly, but it can be a skill anyone acquires with the right words, the right attitude, and the perfect balance of what to say and do. Here’s what you can try when you’re sending dirty text messages for her long distance. 

Ask Her What She’s Wearing 

Start off slow. Like real sex, sexting also has to involve the delicate art of foreplay and building up to the actual thing. While actual sex may not be on the table because of the long distance separating the two of you, it can get pretty steamy for couples sexting in long distance relationships if they know what to say and when to say it. 

At work thinking about your partner? Perfect. At the movies and feeling lonely? Even better! At a boring work dinner and have a bathroom free to sneak away into? It sounds like you’ve got the right idea. Slip into these moments where you find yourself thinking sexy thoughts about your partner and use those to fuel the good vibes. Begin by asking her what she’s wearing, and let her be creative with her replies. As soon as she responds, chances are, she will also free up some time in her day to sext with her beau, who is in a different city or town or country, because of how much she misses you! 

Tell her what you’d like to do with the article of clothing she mentions, and let things pick up the pace from there – share what you’re wearing and work your way from there to talking about sexy things like being naked or getting there with her talking to you over text messages.

dirty text messages for her long distance

Tell Her Things you’d Like to Do When You See Her.

The next step forward would be to really let your imagination take the wheel. Think of things you and your partner would do when you were present in the same room and in front of each other in the flesh. How would you enjoy sex and find pleasure, and by recounting those memories, keep the sex flame on with your new dimension of distance thrown into the mix? 

Tell her what you’d like to do to her when you do get to see her eventually! Or what you’ve been thinking of doing while you and she have been in separate places. Things can really pick up speed here, but the key is to let the foreplay really ease into touching yourselves and engaging in this virtual form of mutual masturbation

If you are masturbating, think of what you would want your partner to do to you and tell them that – don’t be afraid of asking for things, especially when it comes to sexual encounters with your long distance beau. 

Don’t be afraid to Let your Kinks Shine Through.

Been thinking of a fun new thing to try with your partner, but not sure when to discuss it with her? Dirty text messages for her long distance might give you the perfect opportunity to word your thoughts and feelings articulately and in great detail. Not only does this open up new avenues for you and your partner to explore the several kinks you may share, but it can also expand the sexual landscape you and your partner are into when you two get down and dirty. 

If you have any sexual kinks that you haven’t shared with your partner yet, share them over dirty talk for her! Have a thing for bondage and tying her up? Tell her! Want to be the dominant partner in your sexual encounter? Let her know what you’d like her to do! Want to experiment with different erogenous zones other than the genitalia? We think yes! Any and everything is pretty much safe to say when you’re sexting, so don’t be afraid to get creative and really make the most of those emojis, text options, and words. 

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