The Best Dirty Talking to your Boyfriend Quotes.

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Anticipation makes everything better. Especially sex. 

The more anticipation you build, the more desire drives you into a wild craze of seeking sexual fulfillment. And when the time does finally come to act out on all your mind has conjured up through the naughtiest forms of imagination, so will ensure a climax of which shakes your entire existence. 

So then why not purposefully choose to maintain a focus on anticipation, using this secret weapon to sexuality as a type of foreplay to your foreplay, a means to simply make sex better. Because when you finally get to pull out the sex toys and crawl under the sheets, it will become clear that everything was well worth the wait. 

To heighten anticipation, you must start well before you are actually planning to have sex of course, and one of the best ways to do so is through the simple means of sexting. So let’s get into some of the best dirty talking to your boyfriend quotes that will have him eager to toss you on the bed the second you see him, and other tips on how to use anticipation to its full potential. 

10 Dirty Talking to your Boyfriend Quotes to Use

“Please use me later”

Imagine your man picking up his phone and seeing this sweetly dirty little text. Say nothing more and nothing less, because you really don’t have to, and have him thinking all day about just how he plans to do exactly as you have said. 

“I don’t like being a good girl”

If he knows what you mean, then this quote will have him pulsing.

If he needs to ask you what you mean just for that sense of verification, then use this opportunity to continue the dirty talk or further build anticipation by responding with a simple “you’ll see later ;)”.

“I feel like being naked all day long”

Sometimes subtle is key in terms of anticipation. By slightly implying your desire to be without clothes, you will have your man’s imagination visiting some rather dirty places. 

“I was just thinking. I hope you know it’s okay to think about me in naughty ways. Maybe you should today”.

Send this spicy message and it’s literally the best thing your man could receive. Make his day then, and make both of your days later when your skin alas get to touch. 

“Babe. Would you care if I used the vibrator without you while you’re gone?”

Let him know you’re horny and that you plan to do something about it. Even if you intend to wait for his own cock to do the magic, this is still a fun way to enhance his anticipation by instilling forms of slight jealousy. 


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“I’m wet”. 

You’re wet, and you’re obviously thinking about him. That’s one way to instantly turn your man on with the shortest and the sweetest, yet one of the most effective dirty talking to your boyfriend quotes. 

“I love it when you pound me”.

Tell it how it is! Because being straight to the point is the best way to light the fire of their desire. Tell your man that you love it when he pounds you and he will be dying to do exactly that the second you two meet again. 

“Let’s go on a date and then f**k like when we first met”. 

I mean, why not score a date night out of the situation as well? Enjoy one on one time with the promise of getting nasty later, and inevitably the vibes will be quite high the entire date. 

“Undies today… Or no undies?”

Allow him to be a part of your day even when you’re not together, and even more fun for him, in a sexual way. Presumably, he will tell you none, and of course with the hopes to find out if you listened to him later. 

“I want to taste myself on your skin later”.

Imply that you are going to soak his skin as you ride him in all sorts of wild ways. From his face on down, this dirty text message will hint that you have plans later that require his help. 


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Other Sexting Ideas

To keep the anticipation going, try out some of these ideas in conjunction with utilizing the dirty talking to your boyfriend quotes. 

Teasing Picture

As the cliche goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Give him a thousand words of sexting by sending him a naughty picture. Nothing too revealing, as this will only promote the anticipation, but just enough to show him your beauty and that your intentions later are clear. 

If you want to really fluster him into a hypnotic sexual slumber, try sending him a picture of your hand on your favorite sex toy. Make him wonder if you are using it now or if you plan to use it later, and a one to two-second video caressing the toy is never a bad idea. 

Send Him a Sex Toy Link

If you want a really fun way to get the dirty talk going, try sending your man a link to a sex toy that you like. Ask him if he thinks it would be a nice addition to your collection and tell him why you want to use it. If he’s smart he will sense that you are horny, and if he’s really on top of his game he will order it on the spot. 

Play 20 Questions

It might feel a little childish, but sometimes bringing back the bubbly side of love does nothing but enhance your sexual interactions. To keep the sexting going all day long, all you have to do is continue bouncing back dirty questions to one another. 

Use this as both a means to learn more about your partner and their sexuality and also as a wonderful way to turn each other on throughout the day. 

Ask Him for a Naughty Picture

Just as equally as receiving a naughty picture will turn him on, being asked to send one will as well. He will absolutely love that you want to see more of him, and this will build confidence that will showcase directly in your love making. 

Asking him for a naughty picture will force him to sneak away from daily life endeavors to live in a blissful world of sexuality, and this will make his day just that much better. And of course, it will make the sex just that much better as well. 


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