The Best Dirty Talk Examples for Kinky Sex.

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A majority of sensations derived from sex are those that are physical, pleasures provided to the whole body through the stimulation of our sex organs

And although the feeling of touch can bring some of us straight to climax, a simple caress of an elegant vibrator or the fingers of our partner, some of the most invigorating of sexual interactions arise when the mind is catered to as equally as the body. 

When you can dig deep into the kinkiest crevices of your brain and manifest those thoughts or ideas into your intimacy, then you will find a form of sexual fulfillment that will showcase to you newfound feelings of satisfaction during your sex. 

Dirty talk can be intimidating, but once you get into it and the walls start breaking down it can become a second language of love, and it is one of the absolute most effective ways to begin uncovering the facets of desires held within the imagination. Both before and during sex

Sometimes all it takes to get going is a little inspiration and motivation, so we’re going to get into some of the best dirty talking examples for kinky and riveting sex for you to try out, as well as some introductory tips on how to approach talking dirty. 

How To Start Talking Dirty with Your Partner.

Oftentimes our reason for being so intimidated at talking dirty to our partner is the fear of how they will respond, especially if your relationship is new. One of the first steps at talking dirty is to always start slow, easing into your flow of words and vocabulary only after you have set the framework for dirty talking. 

Once you get a feel for the vibes, then it is up to you to choose how you wish to progress. The best dirty talk examples for starting out are those that maintain only a slight aura of sexuality to them that simply hint at the real thing, and are most effective when they aim to build anticipation

Although face-to-face interaction is much dirtier and more inviting, a great strategy to begin building anticipation through dirty talk and also to gain comfortability while dirty talking is to start with sexting. 

Your phones create a barrier that will help you to feel much more comfortable approaching this, and you will always have a little extra time to really collect your thoughts to say exactly what you want to say. 


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Dirty Talk Examples for Sexting.

If you need some solid dirty talk examples to send to your partner, try out a few of these! 

“I have been craving your skin against mine the entire day. Please touch me”.

“The next time we make out, do you think that you could shove your entire tongue in my mouth”.

“I’ll be extra good today if you promise to be extra bad later?”

“I literally want you to do anything you want to me tonight. I am in your control”.

“Can I please taste you?”

“Let’s plan to go on a date tonight and then decide to stay home and lay in bed naked because that is what I really want.”

Dirty Talking in Person.

Dirty talking in person is when things get really heated, and although you will soon understand exactly the types of conversation that turns yourself and your partner on, it can take a while to get a feel for your varying comfort levels. Again, start slow with your dirty talk and move into more aggressive forms of it only when the situation calls for more. 

Before getting started with dirty talking in person and with dirty talk examples for you to use, keep in mind these few quick tips!

Keep it Simple.

One of the biggest reasons that dirty talking doesn’t end up working out or becomes awkward is because those involved are taking things way too seriously and trying way too hard. 

Trying to come up with that perfect line might distract you way too much from the current situation, and can make you feel a little bad about your abilities to conjure words like a sexual spell. 

Please, just don’t take dirty talking too seriously! 

Most of us arent best selling erotic literature authors, and come on, no one is expecting their partner to throw them lines that might as well be an excerpt in 50 Shades of Grey. 

Just know that simple dirty talk is just as appreciated just as much as intricate flows of sentences, and with time you will get better at perfecting the art, so when starting remember that things should feel natural and relaxed. 

It’s supposed to be fun, so don’t get caught up stuck in the moment because your brain is having a total pause from trying too hard. 


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Dirty Talking Doesn’t Have to Be Dirty.

I know, it sounds kind of ironic, but hear me out. Some of the best forms of dirty talking really aren’t that dirty at all. Dirty talking should make both yourself and your partner feel good about each other and your bodies, and there’s a slight misconception that dirty talking has to be extremely vulgar or hardcore. 

Although that surely floats some people’s sexual boats, it doesn’t float everyone’s.

Instead, subtle compliments about the way that they look or about how you want to make intimate and slow love to them are as equally powerful at invigorating the sexual lust we seek. You know your partner well, so start with dirty talk that isn’t too aggressive and only build into more kinky forms of this once you have established that it is something your partner enjoys. 

Until then, stick to dirty talk that isn’t that dirty just to get a feel for the environment. 

Talk to your Partner.

If you are in a position where you are comfortable enough with your partner to sit down and have a conversation surrounding the idea of dirty talking, then this is a great sign that your relationship is healthy and that you will be able to work through sexual discovery together by being there to talk one another through. 

Talking about dirty talking is a great place to start before actually dirty talking. 

All you have to do is ask your partner if talking dirty is something that they want to experiment with, and if so ask them the kinds of things that they would enjoy hearing from your dirty talk. By doing this, when the time comes to actually get those words flowing, things will already feel so much more comfortable, and this will really progress the kinkiness of the interaction. 

The Best Dirty Talk Examples.

And now for the good stuff. Some of the best dirty talking examples for you to use with your partner, both for males and females alike.

“Feel me. Squeeze my waist and pull me as close you possibly can”. 

“Put your hand around my neck and take the air right out of my lungs.”

“I don’t want you to move a f***ing muscle. I am going to do whatever I want to you.”

“If my ass isn’t bruised when we’re done with this, then haven’t spanked me hard enough”.

“You better make me cum or I’ll make you watch me f**k myself”.

“Spread your legs and let me look at you”. 

“My cock/pussy is absolutely throbbing for you”.

“I think I need new panties. You’ve drenched mine”.

“I want you to spread your ass for me”.

“Please let me kiss every inch of your beautiful body”.

“I am dripping wet for you right now”. 

“Your body makes my mind go blank”.

“Take the sheets off of me and show my body off”. 

“Choke on my body. Any part of the body”.

“Please. Please. Please pound me from behind right now”.

“Where are you going to cum on me this time?”.

“I want you to kiss me when you cum baby”.

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