The Best Dildos Review By Sexologist Steven Smith.

Dec 7, 2020

Explore the most erotic dildos review written by sexologist Steven Smith.

I love how a simple interaction on social media turned into a conversation and how that conversation turned into us meeting and how that meeting turned into a VIBE…

Now here I am sitting in this chair directly in front of you, you are staring at me as if I’m a mirror  with your legs spread, teasing me as you tease yourself! There’s so many reasons to lust you but watching you stroke your pussy is my new favorite reason.  A part of me wants to climb on the bed and

Taste you but I’m glued to my seat because the show is so good.

You sense my desire to join you and as fun as it is for you to tease me, we both know that it will be even more fun when I join you!  You open your drawer and pull out two toys; Artemis and Gaea, two remote controlled vibrators from “V For Vibes.” You hold them both in the air while staring me and ask, “which one should we play with?”   I’m so excited! “Let’s play with Artemis!” I chose Artemis because it’s a dual stimulating vibrator that will stimulate the clitoris and the g-spot at the same time. I want to control her orgasm and I know Artemis will help me get the done!

You seductively suck on the tip of the vibrator, rub it against your vagina then use it to spread your second set of lips before sliding it deep inside. You let out a passionate moan as it goes deeper and deeper then you toss me the remote and say, “play with me!”

Dildo review, the best dildo review, this is a vibe, sexologist , more than sex, remote dildo review
Dildo review, the best dildo review, this is a vibe, sexologist , more than sex, remote dildo review

I am at a loss for words! I’m sitting in this chair with a remote in one hand and a fully erect dick in the other. 

I push the button and the vibe has started. You immediately arch your back, close your eyes and clinch the sheets. This isn’t a game unless it has rules, right? I can’t be the only person who has to watch. 

I call out to you, “open your eyes!  If you want me to watch you cum all over yourself, you’re going to watch me do the same! First one to have an orgasm losses, do you understand?” The vibrations are making it hard for you to talk , but you managed to get out the words, “yes sir.” 

I push the button again, changing the speed and vibration pattern. Your body responds exactly how I want it too. Your eyes roll behind your head and you grab Artemis with both hands as you scream, “OMG!” 

Hearing your screams created by pleasure is the biggest turn on! The louder you moan the faster I stroke myself and every time I see that your eyes are closed I change the speed of the vibrator. I want to make your that you keep your eyes on me. 

Your moans are becoming uncontrollable and so is my orgasm.As much as I want to win this game I don’t think that I can.  I love that I can please you from the other side of the room. I love playing with you, I love our VIBE…

I turn Artemis to it’s highest level and watch you as you lose control. Your body is relaxed, your moans are echoing throughout the room and your body is starting to shake. You’re about to have an orgasm and so am I. This is more than sex…This is a VIBE…

V For Vibes best dildos review is written, tested and approved by pleasure coach and sexologist Steven Smith.

Dildo review, the best dildo review, this is a vibe, sexologist , more than sex, remote dildo review


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