The Different Kinds of Relationships.

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What the hell is a relationship anyway? To keep it simple, it’s any kind of connection between two or more people. Whether it’s platonic, romantic, or sexual, it’s a damn relationship, honey. In this article, we’ll stick to explaining a few of the most common kinds of relationships in hopes it will clear things up a bit or make you realize the kind your heart is in search of. 

Platonic Relationships

Clearly, you’re in a platonic relationship if you’re not sexually intimate or romantic with the other person. No biggie, maybe you already knew that or just found out. Don’t freak out on me, lol. It’s not a bad thing to be in a platonic relationship with someone, and honestly might be a great one to have. Being in this category of relationship status means a few things. For one, you’re super close with this person. We’re talking, hanging out all the time, sharing things in common, two peas in a pod kind of thing. You’re both always open and honest with each other… about everything. Is this reminding you of someone, like I don’t know, one of your best friends? 

Yes! This kind of relationship can also be called a friendship. You absolutely adore one another, but there’s no sex involved. This could be because you’re not attracted to them in that way, they’re not attracted to you, or maybe you are totally attracted to them, but the relationship hasn’t reached that level yet. Either way, you’re currently in a platonic relationship. Surround yourself with a million friendships or keep it to a select few, whatever floats your boat. I think you know who your platonic relationships are.

different kinds of relationships

Healthy Sexual Relationships

A healthy sexual relationship consists of a few glorious things. If you’re not feeling some or any of these quick facts, you should make sure your sexual relationship is, in fact, healthy and that you’re ready to work through certain feelings you might be oppressed from. 

One of the most important factors of a healthy sex life is the feeling of comfortability and a strong connection. Feeling as though you can voice your thoughts and actions to someone during, before, and after sex is such an important thing to remember. We need to be able to tell the other person how we are feeling or if we don’t like something. This not only allows for comfortability in the relationship but also growth and discovery in ourselves on a sexual level. 

Connection is extremely important as well. This allows for complete relaxation during sex… and hopefully an orgasm… like, please? When the emotional connection and physical sensations are present, that’s when you feel comfortable. That’s when you’re able to be your true sexual self and love every second of it. Being sexual with your partner isn’t the only thing to a healthy sexual relationship; it’s also making sure you’re happy with yourself and your body, too. 

Being comfortable and confident in your own skin isn’t the easiest thing to do; trust me, I know. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to others nowadays with the internet up our asses; how could we not? 

Forget that crap though, take your eyes away from someone else’s progress, body, and lifestyle because everyone is TOTALLY different. Work on yourself on your own pathway. Being happy in your body is the key to allowing sexual exploration with oneself. So explore a little. 

Pleasure yourself in sexual ways and nonsexual ways. It is incredibly healthy for mental and physical health, and if you want to know more about the health benefits of masturbation, just read here! 

I mean, not all healthy sexual relationships have to be with a person. It could be with your handy dandy vibrator. That always works for me.

venus wand vibrator

Friends with Benefits

Basically, I already spilled the beans on this topic in my “A Guide to Friends with Benefits” article. Haven’t read it yet? You better after you finish up this one or save that sucker on your bookmarked websites.

You’ll definitely want to give it a read. I mean, I did write it… 

Friends with benefits: A friend that comes along with some benefits, some ummm… sexual benefits. Yes, you know what it is—a strictly sexual relationship with someone. 

Therefore there is no drama, no-nonsense, no dates, no nothing, just great sex… or at least that’s what it should be. I’m sure some of these relationships get messier than each party intended, but that’s none of my business. Just something to keep in mind before starting one, you both need to be on the same page. Like you don’t and won’t catch feelings for each other, there’s no cuddling, you leave right afterward kind of same page. 

Each friend with benefits relationship is and will be different from the other, it just depends on your boundaries with them and vice versa. It’s okay to make your own terms to things; just don’t get used to it and don’t get hurt. Easier said than done, but I had to at least mention it. 

Next, you need to make sure you’re emotionally mature enough for this type of relationship… and that the other person is as well. You don’t want any hurt feelings or drama later down the line, now do you? No, so make sure of it beforehand and just have some fun with it. That’s what it’s all about anyway, and one of the best parts of a relationship without all the extra baggage. 

Lastly, be honest and choose someone that will be honest with you. Communication is KEY to relationships, no matter what type they are. By communicating honestly to one another, you’re staying safe physically and mentally. Always practice safe sex with your partner… I think that’s a given, though. If not, YOU BETTER DO IT NOW! Seriously. We don’t want any unexpected surprises on your next trip to the doctor.  

Alrighty, then, you made it to the end… at least, I hope you did. I just covered a few of the different kinds of relationships we may see or hear about on the daily. Whatever your relationship may be, platonic, healthy/romantic, or a friend with benefits situation, I’m happy for you. 

Keep checking in with yourself on how you’re feeling in the relationship and if it’s staying healthy for you and the other person. It’s okay to be selfish when it comes to your mental and physical health. Say yes when you feel comfortable and no when you don’t, even if it’s upsetting to the other person—love who you want, how you want, and stay true to yourself and your partner. 

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