The Different Kinds of Dildos. Some Days YOU HAVE TO Create Your Orgasms.

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Sex is euphoric and fun. Orgasms are incredible, but for some people, clitoral stimulation alone simply doesn’t get the ‘job’ done; they need the thrusting feel and joys of G spot stimulation to reach a lustful climax. And that is where dildos come into play. 

With this, there exist a variety of different kinds of dildos to choose from. It may be a masturbatory tool for some or a collaborator in intercourse with a partner, or you might just be looking to broaden your sexual horizons. Regardless of what, we have got you covered to best personalize your new favorite sex by bringing you the ultimate list of the different kinds of dildos.

First off, it is always recommended to use a good water-based lube with whatever penetrative sex toy you use. Variety is also always beneficial. It is better to have different kinds of dildos in multiple shapes, sizes, and functionalities so you can experience all the different types of joys and pleasures that come with each. We suggest researching them beforehand, and with experience you will discover the things you like. If you are a newbie to sex toys, a dildo is always an excellent place to start before progressing into a more intense sensation. And remember, always clean your toys before and after use because they are prone to infection

Now for the good stuff, let’s get started on the different types of dildos. 


Simple, as the name indicates, glass dildos are dildos made entirely of glass. They are well-liked because of their clean, luxurious look. They might be made of actual hard, break-resistant glass or just transparent plastics to simulate the look of glass ones. They are popular among people who like their dildos cold or hot, as you may run them under water for temperature play, smooth, and well-lubed. Depending on your preference, they are available straight or with a gentle curve for stimulating the G spot.

glass dildos


For some people, it is not just about simulating the feeling of a penis. They need the whole deal, complete with an ejaculation. This is where ejaculating dildos come in handy. They can be filled with water-based lubes or premade artificial semen, which can be ejaculated using a remote. These can be self-operated, or you can give the control to your partner and lose yourself in the pleasure. And the good thing about them is you will never really wear them out; just refill them, and you are ready for another go. Let’s be honest. Cream pies are fun, hot, and not very safe. This kind of dildo provides a healthy and safe alternative to this sexual kink. Also, why should straights have all the fun? It is also stimulating for couples who want to try out their breeding fetishes without another man. 

ejaculating dildo


Who does not love a bit of discrete fun? These are generally wearable, with a part of the dildo inserted inside the love canal and over the clitoris. There are different kinds of these dildos, but generally, they contain a vibrating motor inside them. Some of them are integrated into the underwear. The remote control dildo can be wired for bedroom play or wireless for discreet public play. There are some which are app-controlled on your phone or over the internet, giving control to your partner while they are away.

remote control dildo


To some, even the manual operation of the dildo is too much of a chore, or they might like to experience it at a bit faster speed or for a longer duration of time. Thrusting dildos are made for them. The thrusting action might be remotely controlled, or there might be adjustment knobs on the dildo itself to increase or decrease pleasure. Not everybody is a fan of vibration; some prefer the very much natural stimulation of thrusting action. A motor is fitted at the base, but instead of providing vibrations, it provides thrusting movements back and forth. They are generally bulky, slightly larger machines but are well-liked due to the very natural kind of pleasure they provide.

thrusting dildo


For most women, vaginal stimulation alone is not enough to orgasm. Rabbit dildos solve this by attaching a bunny-ear-shaped clitoral stimulator to the shaft. They are designed to provide more intense sensations than other different types of dildos thanks to dual pleasure. There are various clitoral stimulator attachments available that can provide vibratory or suction sensations depending on personal preferences. They are great overall masturbatory tools because they dish out dual pleasure, gentle vaginal stimulation with a clitoral massage.

rabbit dildo


The name is pretty self-explanatory; these kinds of dildos are usually preferred by people who like to pleasure themselves with dildos that look just like the real deal. They are made in various sizes, mostly with a set of balls and a few veins to simulate the natural feel of the penis with medical-grade silicone or soft-to-touch plastic. They have a characteristic fleshy feeling, and most of them do not contain any kind of vibratory motors. These are the classic kind of dildos and are generally not very expensive, so realistic dildos are popular and well-liked.


These are kind of new to the market. They are popular among couples, where they like the length and girth of their partner’s tool too much. They usually come with a cast and pourable resin so you can replicate your partner’s penis. They are gaining popularity among couples who are going long distances for a while and cannot do without the feeling of their partner.


These are probably the most common and most basic of the different kinds of dildos. They are made up of hard plastic or silicone. They have been traditionally made in small, easier-to-handle lengths and girths and were very popular, but nowadays, their popularity has been surpassed by vibrators. They are easy to clean and are very much durable. These are made both straight and with a curve, and are made with veins and a set of balls and help provide vaginal stimulation only. Some are realistic, whereas others are not life-like in appearance. 


Soft dildos are generally made from soft squishy silicone and are available in all shapes and sizes, and their flexibility lends to better penetration and pleasure. They help give you the natural feel because they are made from silicon, which simulates the feeling of skin and is thermo-flexible, keeping its temperature nearer to skin temperature. They are a little more on the expensive side but once again well worth the money.


Double-ended dildos are made of a long flexible tube with a stimulating penis shape on each side. These are designed to provide the joys of penetration to you and your partner simultaneously. They are available in several lengths and girths. Some of these are bendable with anal beads at one end and a dildo at the other end for double penetration. These can be used in many different ways with your partner and are considered an important part of lesbian intimacy.


As the name suggests, these are strapped to the body with a harness and are used to give the sensations of penetrative sex to your partner. Strap-ons were traditionally associated with lesbian couples, but nowadays, there has been a surge in the popularity of pegging. They usually have a small stimulator for the clitoral stimulation of the wearer, as well. 


Another one of the different kinds of dildos is the suction cup Dildo. It is usually a hard dildo with a suction cup attached to its one end, which allows it to stick it to a wall or the ground, and it helps replicate different positions of sex. It gives you a hands-free experience, and you can use them for further stimulation of the clitoris and nipples. These are also useful for roleplaying a threesome, so just let your imagination run wild and enjoy.

There is no harm in using toys, whether they induce orgasm or bring excitement during sex. You should feel free to include sex toys in your bedroom play without any shame. The end goal is to give and get pleasure out of what you are doing, and the different kinds of dildos are a perfect starting point to do this. 


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