Big dick pics. I asked my girlfriends why they store dick pics in their phones.

Oct 19, 2020

Dick pics and women – everything you need to know.

A couple of days ago my girls and I had one of those nights out. We treated ourselves to a local fancy restaurant, somewhere in the Lower East Side. It was very refreshing just to get out of a boring merry-go-round work-from-home routine. I anticipated that Saturday for a whooole week! You know, in the era of Covid-19 you start appreciating and enjoying the little things in life so much more. 

My girlfriends and I have always loved dirty talk, discussing everything from the hook-ups, adult jokes, sexy stories, sex parties, sizes of dicks to horny men, their lies and zodiac signs. This time we ended up talking about dick pics and what makes women keep different penises pictures in their phones. In our small circle of friends talking dirty never feels awkward or uncomfortable. People, who know us well, call us open-minded, easy-going and free to do or say whatever we want, anytime we want. We love to be in charge and speak our minds.

Read on to discover what my girls have said about why they store nudes and dick pics on their mobile devices!

 “My boyfriend has an average size penis, so I constantly have a flow of mind-blowing fantasies about big black dicks. Interracial sex and relationships have always been the point of my darkest fantasies. Every time I have a chance, either at work or while with my boyfriend and I feel overly aroused, I find the nearest bathroom, open the dick pics in one of my phone’s folders and masturbate.” —Makayla, 28

“I feel constantly aroused, and my sex drive is as healthy as it gets. I always feel horny, like I’m ready to have sex or masturbate all the time. During these sexual urges, I love reading literotica and look at the dick pics. By the age of 32, I have a solid erotic collection of many penises pictures.” —Kate, 32

 “Every time my boyfriend goes down on me and performs one of oral sex acts, I sneak into my phone’s Pornhub album with all the screenshots from recent porn session and look at other guys genitalia. This form of domination and control gives me great pleasure. PS. My boyfriend hasn’t noticed it yet.” —Alexandra, 29

 “I’m 33, I’m single and I’m fine with it. When I indulge in dating apps, such as Tinder, Match or Seeking Arrangement, before the first date, I ask guys to send me their dick pics. If the guy denies or I don’t like his size or shape, I skip this date and don’t waste my time! If you only knew how many soft-dick pictures I’ve received.” —Christine, 33

 “Generally speaking, I’m a lesbian and have no interest in male genitalia. It’s impossible to find anything in my phone’s library except texts from girlfriends, vulvas, strap-ons, vibrators or dildos pictures.” Lana, 24

“I started feeling sexually bored with my husband. We only indulge in missionary sex once or twice a week. I haven’t had an excitement or a feeling of novelty for at least 5 years. Can you imagine the whole 5 years?! I’m not even lying. Every day my husband goes to work I watch porn, dick pics and masturbate. Our relationship is far from ideal, but it’s definitely a solution for now!” Alexa, 35

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