Depression and Sex Drive.

Jul 30, 2023

How do sex drive and depression relate? Why are these two seemingly unrelated things connected? The impact of depression can be felt in many facets of a person’s life, ranging from their sex life to their physical health, food intake, and so on. Depression and sexual health are directly linked, and if you or your partner are experiencing depression, it’s important that you are aware of this connection.

Depression and Sex Drive: Unraveling the Correlation.

A person suffering from depression may lose their desire and interest in certain things. This can be loss of desire or interest in hobbies, work, or your sex life. Sexual activity is impacted by decreased libido and desire, which in turn makes it harder for one to feel motivated to have sex with their partner. This can lead to more depression, as some may take this personally, or not understand that this change comes from depression, and not from their partner not loving them anymore. 

Because the libido may often be reduced as a consequence of depression, it can also be more difficult for you to maintain an erection or to remain aroused. Since depression affects the physiological process of sex, it can be hard to keep an erection, or to have natural lubrication. This can make overall sexual arousal harder to achieve, and may eventually cause the person to not want to have sex at all. 

It is also possible for depression to have an impact on whether someone is able to achieve orgasm. In fact, some may lose the ability to get off at all when they are depressed. This can make their partner feel like it has to do with them, when in reality, their partner is just depressed and cannot control this!

The effects of depression can also be felt in the form of fatigue or a lack of energy. This can make it hard to prioritize sex and have sexual stamina. The reality is that most don’t want to have sex when they feel exhausted all of the time!

Depression may also create a negative body image and low self-esteem. If someone feels negatively about their body or themselves, they may feel ugly, self-conscious, unattractive, and be unable to desire sex due to the intense negativity they feel about themselves.

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All of these things can create very strained relationships. Depression causes emotional and behavior changes, in addition to physical, which leads to less intimacy and sex. This means that not only is the person with depression affected, but so is their partner. 

One treatment for depression is antidepressants. However, these medications can also lead to a decrease in your sexual desire. In fact, the higher the dose, the more likely the effects are to be seen. This may seem counterintuitive, but this is because the medications prescribed treat the chemicals in the brain that also control your sex drive. 

Sex is a mood booster, so being able to partake in this activity with your partner can help to make you feel better. However, if your depression is a barrier to having sex, it can make your mood worse. It is important to find a way to balance and manage these feelings with yourself and with your partner. You should be aware that if you are feeling frustrated when it comes to the impact of your depression on your sex life, it is highly likely that your partner feels the same way about it. 

Try to include your partner in discussions. Explain how you feel, and what you’re doing to try to change it. If your partner is aware and understands what is taking place, it will be easier for them to understand that this decrease in your sex drive is not something personal towards them. Depression can be hard to manage alone, so having a support system in your partner is important to weather the difficulties you may be experiencing. If you don’t have support from your partner, you are sure to feel the effects of depression even more seriously, making it that much more difficult to connect with your partner sexually and otherwise. Be sure not to just stop your depression medication simply to fix your sex drive in the short term. This can be extremely dangerous, especially if your level of depression is serious.

Depression and Sex Drive. | V FOR VIBES

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  1. Scott Fritzinger

    It’s Great that your Educating the public and helping make there sexual experiences better ..Mood /Attitude and sex go hand and hand it takes positive Attitude Equals positive sexual experiences…


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