Top Rated CVS Vibrators for Him/Her.

Dec 30, 2023

CVS is one of the largest pharmaceutical outlets in the United States. They have everything from pills to adult toys. For example, CVS vibrators are the best in the market. Unfortunately, you can only access their site only if you are in the United States.


This shouldn’t be a problem. You can get the best CVS vibrators from V for Vibes. They have a collection of the best CVS vibrators. They also have in-store vibrators from other reputable brands. Below is a summary of the highest-rated CVS vibrators you can get from V for Vibes.


LELO Billy 2

Billy 2 is your go-to sex toy if you’re looking for profound satisfaction. It’s a waterproof prostrate massager designed for deep stimulation. Lelo Billy 2 is also suitable for anal play in the bath or shower. This adult toy allows you to take it anywhere as you search for a powerful climax. The tapered body of this sex toy fits your body. This makes it easy and comfortable to use.


Lelo Billy 2 comes with 8 powerful settings. Such options allow for uninhibited pleasure and enhanced functionality.


Extra soft silicone is the material used to make this male anal toy. It guarantees a soft feeling. It comes with a rechargeable battery that fills up in 2 hours. A full charge provides you up to 4 hours of use. If you want one, go to V for Vibes. They have the best price for this incredible vibrator.


How to Use It

Get your favorite lube and apply a generous amount on Billy 2. Get comfortable and engage. Insert it to a depth you like. Now you can power it on. Try each setting for a few seconds to determine the one that suits you the most. Once you get it, relax and enjoy the road to an ecstatic prostrate climax.


PlusOne Vibrating Wand

This wand is one of the best CVS vibrators on the market. The first thing you notice is it’s compact. This doesn’t mean this wand isn’t powerful. You can use it with your partner or alone. Either way, you are sure of super-charged erotic explorations. 

The plusOne Vibrating Wand features a soft and velvety touch. It‘s a women’s vibrator made using body-safe silicone. it’s harmless to the body as it is free from latex, BPA, and phthalates.


This vibrating wand is 100% waterproof. The feature makes it perfect for use in the bath or shower. It also makes cleaning a breeze. There are 10 vibration settings to choose from. They allow you to explore and experiment depending on your mood. It also has a durable USB rechargeable battery.


A unique feature of this vibrator is it works on other parts of the body. The design ensures you can use it on stubborn knots and sore muscles. For example, let’s say your day was stressful. You can use the wand to shake off this kind of stress. You can then use it to maximize foreplay and get in the mood for sex. Furthermore, you can use it for solo play. The uses of this CVS vibrator are limitless. 

CVS Vibrators. Top Rated CVS Vibrators for Him/Her | V For Vibes Venus wand vibrator

Trojans Vibrations Divine Multi-Speed Vibrating Massager

Trojans is a brand that isn’t popular in the adult toy industry. But, they have a couple of products that take the market by storm. One of them is the Divine Multi-Speed Massager. It’s one of the highest-rated CVS vibrators you can find.


It comes with three speeds that are great for solo or partner play. You can experience body and mind pleasure by toggling the multi-speed stimulation options.


The product uses soft-touch and high-quality silicone. It comes with contoured ridges that ensure extra sensation and contact. It’s also designed for internal and external stimulation. On the downside, it doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery. Instead, you use AAA batteries. If you like it, you can find one at the best price on V for Vibes.

CVS Vibrators. Top Rated CVS Vibrators for Him/Her | V For Vibes Multispeed wand vibrator

plusOne Bullet Massager

The plusOne Bullet Massager may be your new best friend. It’s the best option if you’re looking for a trusty classic or first vibrator. Why? This vibrator is one of the top-selling CVS vibrators. You can use it to add excitement to your relationship. Also use it to spice up your solo play.


You get 10 vibration settings with this adult toy. It may look small, but it’s powerful. One button allows you to power it on and start exploring the 10 options available.


The Bullet Massager uses high-quality and body-safe silicone. This material has a velvety soft touch for extra comfort. It’s also harmless to the body. Materials used to make this vibrator are latex, BPA, and phthalates free.


Do you travel light? Then this is the product for you. It’s about the size of lipstick making it fit anywhere including your pockets.


It is also waterproof making cleaning easy, and the option for shower or tub play. The bullet is USB rechargeable with up to 2 hours of fun with every full charge. Check out V for Vibes for the best prices on the market.

eos bullet vibrator v for vibes

Ava Vibrator Wand

You get an intuitive memory, 8 intensities, and 20 patterns with the Ava Vibrator Wand. The memory starts where you last were. The intensities and patterns ensure you customize your experience. These features allow you to use it for a full body massage. These are some of the reasons it is among the best CVS vibrators.


The product comes with an industry-leading rechargeable battery. You can charge it using any USB port. The product’s travel-safe feature prevents the adult toy from turning on by accident.


Cleaning is easy thanks to the use of medical-grade silicone. You can use a wet wipe to clean it after use. It is waterproof meaning you can enjoy using it in the bath or shower.


The packaging is discreet to avoid any embarrassment during delivery. The Ava Vibrator Wand is also ultra quiet due to the upgraded vibrator quiet feature. You also get to choose from a variety of colors to meet your style. Go to V for Vibes to find one that is affordable and fits your style.

Mini magic wand - Juno Moneta V For Vibes


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