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Dec 24, 2023

Sex toys are designed to improve your sexual experience. This is why people are gaining interest in these products. One of the most popular adult toy stores is CVS. The company has a variety of toys to choose from. On the downside, it also sells a plethora of other health and wellness products. This means it isn’t the best store to get sex toys.


If you are looking for an alternative to CVS toys, go to V for Vibes. For starters, it’s a female-led company. This means they have high-quality products to cater for your needs. Another great advantage is they have exclusive products. Take a look at the best CVS toys and brands that you can get for a bargain at V for Vibes below.


Hello Cake

Hello Cake is a company that strives to create unique adult toys. The design of each product ensures the people using them get to try something new. They make anything from formulations to speciality products and everything in between. It’s one of the reasons why V for Vibes sell their products. 


Products made by Hello Cake guarantee better sex. 84% of their clients get a better sex life after using their products. 


Hello Cake invests a lot of time and resources into formulations. The company’s employees hand-pick ingredients for each formulation. Each product is based on people’s desires, couples’ kinks, and real people. They also discover ways to invent new pleasures for the bedroom. These principles made V for Vibes collaborate with them. 


Hello Cake states that it only collaborates with companies with similar high standards. They look for partners who are empathetic, inclusive, and respectful. That’s why you can only find their products on quality sites like V for Vibes. 


The company follows a strict code of ethics and morals. They have zero tolerance for acts of disrespect, hostility, discrimination, or sexual harassment. This policy is applied to both employees and partners. In the event such an issue arises, Hello Cake addresses it. They correct such issues swiftly and with consequences. 

Anal Toys - Anal Sex Toys V For Vibes

CVS Toys

Hello Cake sells a variety of sex toys. You get the usual vibrators and dildos. They also have rings and strokers for men, and suckers for women. Other products they have include condoms and lubes



Breaking down outdated taboos and barriers to sexual pleasure isn’t easy. A quality sex toy company that is good at it is plusOne. They do this using their affordable, high-performance, and beautiful sexual wellness products. It’s the reason why V for Vibes stock their products.


Eliminating the sexual self-pleasure taboos isn’t easy. That’s why plusOne is making strides towards this. How? It provides sexual wellness products that are approachable and premium. V for Vibes partners with them to ensure you get better quality products at affordable rates. 


plusOne’s range includes different styles and products to fit any preference. This allows couples and individuals to discreetly enjoy themselves how, where, and when they choose. 


V for Vibes use their products because of their quality. Each plusOne sex toy is waterproof and manufactured using body-safe silicone. The products are easy to clean and ultra-hygienic. The company also has exclusive products. These are only sold to reputable sex toy stores like V for Vibes. 


CVS Toys

One of their popular product is the giftable vibrating bullet. It’s a pocket-size vibrator that fits in any purse. Other popular products include the Luxe Ripple multi-vibe, external prostate massager, and 2-in-1 grinder. All these products cost less than others in the same category. 



At SKYN, they believe sex is more of a choice than a good time. This is why they make products for people with specific needs. Their sex toys are also for people who aren’t afraid to demand what they want. That’s why you find their products at V for vibes. 


SKYNFEEL is the material used to make these sex toys. It’s a revolutionary polyisoprene material. For example, their condoms are substantially softer. They also have a more natural feel. 


Users say their SKYN condoms enhance sensations. At the same time, they are safe and suitable for individuals with a latex allergy. The company says the technology used in the material embodies the company’s “feel everything” mission. All their products from lube to massagers exist for this purpose.

CVS Toys - Best CVS Sex Toys | V For Vibes


The leading luxury pleasure brand for sex toys is LELO. It has long established itself as the market leader in reputation, technology, innovation, and design. It’s the Rolls Royce of the adult toy world. 


Take note that the brand isn’t only about luxury adult toys. It’s also a self-care movement designed for people who understand satisfaction transcends age, race, orientation, and gender. The company prides itself on providing ecstasy experiences without shame. It helps the user to experience all the wonders of their body. The aim is to ensure their clientele is armed with confidence. The result is satisfied clients living a fulfilled intimate life. It’s why V for Vibes stocks some of their better-quality products. 


By 2023, LELO was available in more than 160 countries. They have offices and 300+ employees in international markets.


LELO’s slogan is “Come Together”. The company says it’s a LELO DNA-embedded mission statement. The slogan is used in every company process and works as an unstoppable driving force. For instance, LELO has transformed the function, feel, and look of the perception regarding personal massagers. It’s achieved by bringing new luxury levels and state-of-the-art technology to intimate products. 


Their unique product portfolio extends to condoms, FemCare and FemTech products, and other adult toys. At one point, Women’s Health named LELO as the best thing in luxury and high-tech intimacy. It’s a favorite among women because it focuses on quality female sex toys.



LELO has been the recipient of several prestigious awards. Some of them are:

  • 2019 Aultex Awards – Best Luxury Toy Range
  • 2020 XBIZ Europa Awards – Excellence in Product Packaging 
  • 2021 XBIZ Europa Awards – Luxury Brand of the Year


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