cute compliments

A Guide to Cute Compliments.

There you are, getting ready for your hot date. You met over social media but totally didn’t want anyone to know, so you made up some artificial scenario to your friends that you met in a run-down book shop off third street. What’s the fuss, though? Meeting over social media is one of the only ways to do it nowadays, unless you actually go out and have a social life that is… unlike me lol. 

Long story short, you’re prepping yourself on what to say when you meet up and definitely want to have some cute compliments ready to spit out once you’re face to face. I mean, what better way to break the ice than a cute compliment? If you’re intrigued and have a little time on your hands before that date of yours, keep reading, and you’ll step into my guide to cute compliments.

How to Compliment Someone

First things first, let’s explain how to compliment someone. When you meet up with your date, you obviously check them out on the spot. What they are wearing, their hair, eyes… and crotch… no? That’s just me? Okay, well, scratch that last one then. 

We’re clearly drawn to someone’s appearance at first glance simply because that’s all we have to go off of. We’ve not broken into their caring and spontaneous personality yet. That’s what makes these first cute compliments super easy to come up with. If they’re wearing a killer outfit or your favorite color, it’s the perfect opportunity to throw out a compliment, like “I love that shirt, it really brings out your eyes.” or “Your smile is amazing.”. Simple yet genuine compliments are the perfect way to send your date and the overall energy in the right direction. 

Let’s not forget to laugh here and there at their jokes, maybe not all of them, but definitely the ones you find slightly amusing. Doing so is a compliment in itself. Some gentle joking back and forth will help make both of you comfortable in the situation. So let’s just say it’s your time to shine; I know you’ve been saving a cheesy joke to use on someone. To top it all off, I’m going to give you some simple and cute compliments to keep in mind, just in case you freeze on camera.

  • Your perspective is refreshing 
  • I’m inspired by you
  • You’re like a ray of sunshine
  • Being around you makes everything better
  • You always find something special in the most ordinary things
  • You’re my breath of fresh air
  • You’re something special
  • Thank you for being you
  • I can’t stop getting lost in your eyes
  • Please, wear that shirt again
cute compliments

What to say when Someone Compliments You

Now that we went over how to give a cute compliment, I need to prepare you with what to say when someone gives YOU a compliment. What! Someone is giving you a compliment? YES, because look at you. You’re outstanding. 

Your date or hey, maybe someone random, gives you a cute compliment, and you are stuck on what to say. Though each scenario is different, it’s important to determine if the compliment was flirtatious or simply friendly. If it was flirty and you want to be a bit of a flirt back, you could give them a proper thank you and then throw in a little comment back. For example, your date says you look extremely sexy in your outfit… and you’re excited because that’s what you were going for… So you respond with, “Thank you, I wore it just for you” wink wink. 

Being thankful for their kind words while also showing you’re diggin’ their vibe for you will have you both on the same love level. Maybe the compliment wasn’t flirtatious but much more subtle. You can respond in a couple of different ways, such as nonchalant or witty, and sarcastic. It all depends on how you’re feeling with the person and who you are as a person as well. 

If you’re a bit shy and receive a compliment, you can respond with something simple like, “Thank you, I appreciate you saying that”. If you’re a bit of a jokester, try saying, “Thank you, keep ’em coming”. 

As I said before, there are so many ways to respond to a compliment, and it really boils down to what was said and how you feel about the person saying it. In case you need a few more ideas on how to respond to their compliment, I’ll list a few ideas below. You’re welcome.

  • “Well, I won’t argue with that”
  • “Sorry I missed that. Do you mind repeating it?”
  • “Do go on.”
  • “What else do you like about me?”
  • “That made my day, thank you.”
  • “Thank you, that was so sweet”
  • “Wow, thank you for saying that.”
  • “Am I blushing? Thank you”

Glad we covered those two topics. I can’t believe you were about to go on your date without having a few compliments and responses up your sleeve. I so saved you… Just kidding, of course. 

Coming up with compliments on the spot is easy for a handful of people, but some of us have a harder time being open and honest with something as simple as a compliment. That’s something to always keep in mind before and after your date. Maybe your date has a harder time with those things than you do, and that’s ok. Not everyone can be as date-ready as you are. Maybe you should send them this article to prepare them for next time—wink wink.

cute compliments