Do I have a Cum Fetish?

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Have you ever fantasized about someone ejaculating all over you or indeed being the one to do it on someone else? Maybe you’re a guy who gets super aroused at the idea of getting someone pregnant? Or you’re a girl who just loves being ejaculated on by multiple men? Or maybe, you just really, really like cum- the taste, the smell, the texture. You, my friend, probably have a cum fetish. And it’s one of the most common fetishes around, so never feel bad about your sexual preferences!! It is common, more than normal, and something you can easily act upon within your sex life


What’s so hot about semen?


The thing about semen is that it can get a woman pregnant. And in today’s society, we are taught to do everything we can to avoid: 


  1. a) an unwanted pregnancy 
  2. b) sexually-transmitted infections. 


So, of course, we cover the penis up with a lubricated condom


But what has happened to the act of unprotected sex in our crusade to protect ourselves against STIs and pregnancies? Well, the act of ejaculating into someone – especially hookups and strangers – has become taboo. And what happens when we’re told we can’t do something? Yes, we want it even more, as there is freedom and liberation in breaking the rules and the norms, and it becomes the hottest thing in the world. 


Enter: the cum fetish.


How to fulfill a cum fetish?


If you’re new to this fetish and think it’s something you would like to explore, here are some tips for how you can include cum fetish activities in your sex life.


  1. If you’re in a monogamous relationship and you have another birth control option, why not try going without the condom? For some couples, feeling the semen go inside the vagina can add to their emotional connection. Once the penis-having partner cums in their vagina-having partner, they may want to sit back and watch their cum ooze out of the vagina. This might also be called a ‘cream pie.’ But, the responsibility of STDs/STIs and pregnancy is all yours, so that is on you if you choose to go this route! Just know that birth control is not always 100% effective, and to get tested is a must-do. 
  2. If you can’t go without the condom, why not swap your usual lube for cum lube? This lube is designed to look like the white, sticky semen we all know and love. And bonus, it will add that extra lubrication to heighten her arousal. Win-win, if you ask me. 
  3. When your guy ejaculates into your mouth, have him kiss you and taste his load, especially if he is the one with the cum fetish, as this fetish is for all genders!
  4. Ask your partner to ejaculate on particular parts of your body.
  5. Be the star of bukkake; this is when a group of men ejaculates onto a woman. You’re sure to be dripping with cum afterward. Don’t wear anything expensive during this, though, because semen can stain!
  6. Have a cum facial! Have your partner cum on your face and rub it all over.
  7. Get an ejaculating dildo. If you and your partner use condoms for birth control, this might be a great option for you if you want to feel ‘cum’ inside you. You just fill it up with some ‘cum lube’, and off you go. The perfect way to safely replicate a creampie without the risk of pregnancy.
  8. Watch your partner masturbate and ejaculate. Sometimes it’s the simple things that turn us on.
ejaculating vibrator

So now you know what to do, let’s talk about what not to do:


  • DON’T go ‘bare back’ or unprotected with someone unless you know their STI status. It’s sex 101, but I thought we’d better mention it.
  • DO wear a condom for penetrative sex if requested. Never try to persuade someone to have unprotected sex. Ever.
  • DON’T use any food products as ‘cum’. There are safe options such as cum lube, but please don’t use anything from your kitchen in the vagina. Yeah, no mayonnaise here, please. It is a very sensitive area of the body that you don’t want to upset; anything you put up there can upset the pH of the vagina, so whipped cream and chocolate spread is a hard no.
  • DO respect the person you are ejaculating on. If done without permission, ejaculating on someone can be considered degrading. And if your partner is not ready for that, it can be a bit shocking. So make sure you communicate what you want to do with your partner. And if they say no, accept it and move on.
  • DON’T get cum in your eyes. If your partner is ejaculating on your face, make sure you close your eyes while he does so. There are many substances in semen that can irritate the delicate tissue of your eyes, so close those lids and only open them when your partner says he is done. If you want to see all the action, then at least wear some sexy schoolgirl glasses to protect your eyes. 
  • DO experiment! The list of activities above is just a few ideas. I’m sure you can come up with many other creative ideas yourselves. If there’s something you want to try, it’s safe to do so, and your partner agrees… Give it a go!


However you decide to explore the cum fetish, the most important thing is that you enjoy yourself, and so does your partner! Just remember not to let your desire for a cream pie override your desire to have safe sex. There are plenty of options out there for those of us who can’t ditch the condom. So bag yourself a bottle of cum lube and get experimenting.


If you’re into group sex, adding a cum fetish on top of that can really take your sexual experience to the next level. It’s hot enough being the star of a gangbang, but imagine all of those men cumming all over your body. Now that is a sight to behold!


The best thing about any fetish is that you can do it to any degree you want. It can be as basic as ejaculating into your long-term partner or as extreme as bukkake. It’s your choice what you do!


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