Cuddling and Sex.

Nov 22, 2020

Why Cuddling is so important for your sex lifeI’d say we can all agree that there’s not much in life that can beat a happy, healthy sex life with a partner. When passion never dwindles and when love is in the air, this creates an effect of instilling confidence, necessary intimacy, and of course the health benefits on both your mind and body that come with sexual release.

To have a healthy sex life means to not only have a lot of sex, as the number matters specifically to you, your partner, and what you both prefer in terms of consistency. But it more so means to have good sex.

The kind of sex that takes you away from planetary reality as you walk hand in hand with your loved one through the sensations of orgasmic oblivion. The kind where all of your dirtiest desires are being met and approached, as well as feeling connected on a higher level to your person.

As fun as exploring things like public play or using a high quality sex toy to reach orgams may be, I hate to say it, but if cuddling is not an integrated part of your sexual relations with your partner, then you might want to work on figuring out how you can bring this delicate act back to a commonplace in your love life.

Whether you cuddle before sex, during sex, or after sex, there are so many benefits that come with cuddling that directly impact your sexual relations. We’re going to get into all of the good stuff that comes along with cuddling, and go over a few subtle ways to make sure your cuddle game is on point!


Cuddle Sex. Why Cuddling Is So Important For Your Sex Life | V For Vibes cuddling sex positions, best cuddling positions, Tips for Cuddle Sex

Cuddling Before Sex

Sure, we are all turned on by different things. However, cuddling must be one of the biggest turns on to exist, because more often than not when in a tight, intimate hold with your partner, this leads to only a heightened desire to get even closer.

Cuddling before sex is extremely healthy for couples. Although we all need sex, it is important to showcase to your partner that sex is always less important than them and the way you make them feel. Lovemaking comes second to making sure they are loved.

When you cuddle before sex, you are manifesting the fact that holding your partner alone is enough to feel entirely fulfilled. A reminder that all couples need, even after years of time passing, that shows them that your relationship is not built on only getting off. 

And when you both feel the love, the tight squeezes under cozy sheets that make you want to be there and nowhere else for the rest of eternity, there’s a good chance that this will then lead to lovemaking. And the lovemaking that follows intense cuddling is usually the most passionate, soul shifting, and connecting of sex that can exist, as the desires are fueled directly by the existence of getting close to your person.

Tips for cuddling before sex 

You want to make the moment all about your person, and you are going to be expressing your emotion through your body language and not with words. To make this happen focus every ounce of your attention on them!

Spoon and cuddle close together while maintaining lustful eye contact. Light touches of the face and moving of the hair, kisses on the forehead and cheeks. Tickling their back with your finger. 

You want to do the things that have just the ever so slight sexual nature before increasing the sensuality to anything more.

Cuddle for a long time before transitioning into more definitive foreplay like making out, and make sure as the kissing becomes more aggressive and heartfelt that you are still maintaining the tight cuddling. 

Move into holding and grabbing onto areas of the skin closer to the genitals only when the time is right and after you have given plenty of attention to the lesser of the sexual body regions. You will surely feel this appreciation of patience during your sex.


Cuddle Sex. Why Cuddling Is So Important For Your Sex Life | V For Vibes cuddling sex positions, best cuddling positions, Tips for Cuddle Sex

Cuddling During Sex

As riveting as it can be to go totally wild while in the bedroom, moving back and forth to crazy positions; there is also so much to be said about the slow, quiet, and more sensual forms of love making that come with cuddle sex.

Cuddle sex is having intercourse in a way that keeps the focus on holding your partner close to you. A lot of the sensation comes from remaining penetrated deep inside while you squeeze your lover’s body as close to you as possible, and you aren’t going to be worried about thrusting much. 

Cuddle sex is so intimate because of how much closer it can bring you. Sex brings you to close in general, but the focus can sometimes lead towards straight sensation of the physical self and not of the mental self and soul. When you remember that the person you are with is your reason for existence, then you can show them this by cuddling them as tightly as they deserve when you are making love. 

Tips for Cuddle Sex

The best cuddle sex is that that occurs without the focus of time and intensity. Instead, you have one focus only, and that is to instill your partner with as much love as possible. 

To do this, you need to utilize positions that feel wonderful without requiring much back and forth thrusting. This means that positions that allow for the deepest penetration work the best, but you also need to make sure that you can keep your bodies close together.

Take spooning to the next level by using it as a sex position. Your partner can remain faced the other way, but bring their back and butt close to you. For some lovely additions to your cuddling, make sure to grab their legs with your own and pull them closer so that every inch of yourself is firm against your partner. 

Sitting up straddle, either on a chair, the couch, or the edge of the bed is not only a very sexy position but is also one that allows you to hug your partner’s body close. One partner will sit on and ride the other, and the one who is being rode needs to make sure to hug with passion and kiss the chest and lower neck while cuddling towards an otherworldly orgasm.

Laying down doggy style also works wonders. Doggy style is too aggressive and distant to be deemed suited for cuddle sex, but laying down onto your stomach from all fours will allow your bodies to remain extremely close to one another. The partner on top can gently lay their body against your back and squeeze your chest in a tight hold, or up the notch slightly by very lightly holding the other neck. Not necessarily choking, but more so a gentle grip.

It takes effort to turn your head and kiss the other as you arch your butt closer, but this intentional effort will make for that sloppy and wet kissing that we all love while cuddling deep inside, so remember to keep the kisses coming. 

Cuddling After Sex

No matter what kind of sex you have, crazy as can be or as calm as it comes, it is necessary to cuddle when you have both finished. 

Sometimes a quickie is a quickie, and those are meant to be treated a certain way, but if your sex is occurring during any form of the intimate and close moment, then cuddle when you are done.

Cuddling after sex is like dessert to a good meal. It not only makes everything else that much better, but you leave on a really good note. You are reminded of the love that has driven your sexual experience, and it will teach you to always appreciate your person as a person and not as a body. 

This will show you both that the most important aspect of your love is being together, and you are solidifying the sexual aspect of your relationship in a means that lends for sexual satisfaction beyond just reaching climax.

Because when you feel close and connected, you will open your mind and body to newfound feelings and the best sex you could ever have.

Tips for Cuddling After Sex

Stay naked!

Seriously, it is so good for you to hold your partner naked after sex and to feel the skin and the body that just provided to you the intimate love making that allowed for pure fulfillment.  

Lay together in your bodily fluids, the soaking wet sheets, and sweat riddled bodies. By doing so you are saying that you love every human aspect of their personality and that you are willing to strip down to the core of the dirtiest yet most enticing aspects of sex and human nature in general with them.

Try talking while you cuddle. Nothing too serious, but light chatting about how wonderful that felt and how much you appreciate the lovemaking.

Always continue to kiss so that your partner knows that kisses are not just built based on driving more sexual responses. Sometimes a kiss really can be just a kiss.

The key here is to just stay in the moment. Sex between to people is magical, and when done right you can take this magic and translate it into a reaction that instills positivity into every other aspect of your life, most importantly your relationship!



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