Cuckolding Terms and Constructs.

Nov 11, 2021

When it comes to cuckolding, there really is a lot you need to know. With so many varying definitions, terms, and differing constructs, you should absolutely do your homework if a cuckold is something you actually plan to pursue with a partner. 

Remember to always communicate, be open and honest with your feelings, and to take this practice slowly. A cuckold is such a riveting and exciting experience for those who enjoy it truly and who are mentally capable of withstanding the construct of this kink, but for many, it is a serious ordeal that might lead to jealousy, resentment, or heartbreak, otherwise known as cuckold regret

Just keep this in mind if planning a cuckold, and if that’s the case, here is the list of cuckolding terms and constructs you will surely need to know. 

Cuckolding Constructs

The most common set ups for couples engaging in the varying forms of cuckolds:

A Male and Female Partner with another Male

The cuckolding construct of a male partner watching his female partner engage in sexual practice with another male is the most common style of cuckolding. A lot of the time, this is masochistic in nature. The male cuck might have a small penis and therefore feels unable to please his wife the way she ‘deserves’. He would rather her engage in sexual activity with his knowledge and presence, which also increases their own connection, than a secretive form of adultery. 

Sometimes, this is a way to induce jealousy to therefore rekindle their own sexual spark purposely. He may also find pleasure in the cuckold humiliation, or this may be the female partner’s wish, and the male simply agrees.

A Male and Female Partner with another Female

In this cuckolding construct, the female partner will find pleasure in watching her man engage in sexual intercourse with another female. Remember, this technically isn’t a threesome, so the pleasure is for her eyes only! 

Or perhaps the male will watch his female partner engage in sexual activity with the accompanying female- this is still cuckolding, but a less common form of it, as the bisexual nature lowers the jealousy and thrill that is common with watching a male. 


Gay Cuckolding

In a gay cuckold, everything will remain the same as any other cuckold, aside from the fact that there are no varying genders involved. 

Cuckolding Terms

Here is the list of the most common cuckolding terms that you should be aware of if a cuckold is, or even just might be, in your future.

Smench: Smench is basically the same exact thing as a cuckold, but without the need for marriage within the construct. This would mean engaging in the practice with a boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other. 

Bull: The cuckold bull is the male figure who will engage in sexual intercourse with another man’s wife. The cuckold bull will generally pride themselves on their sexual prowess, usually very talented in bed. A majority of the time, these are very manly figures with large muscles, and of course, a typically large phallus to go along. The bull will find ample pleasure in pleasing another man’s wife and may also engage in cuckold humiliation towards the cuck. 

Cuckcake: The cuckcake is the female partner who engages in sexual intercourse with another woman’s husband. Similar to a bull, a cuckcake is generally a very talented and dominant partner. This is essentially the female variation of a bull. 

The Cuck: Speaking of cuck, that is precisely the next term on the list. The cuck is the male figure who will watch his wife engage in intercourse with another. Again, the reasons for wanting to be a cuck are always personal, but they tend to lie within the umbrella of BDSM, specifically masochism. A cuck will, however, find ample pleasure in watching their partner engage in sex. They don’t not want it to happen, and many cucks (if allowed) will engage in masturbation as they watch their partner enjoy themselves from afar. 

Hotwife: The term hotwife applies to the female figure within a relationship that engages in sexual activity with a bull. The best cuckolding experiences are when a wife embodies the ‘hotwife life’, and she too finds equal pleasure in engaging in sex with other people as her partner does watching. When both parties find these equally shared pleasures in their cuckolding status, these are the ones that find the most success in a cuckold. Sometimes, the hotwife will identify herself with little clues when out in public, such as a certain type of anklet or a specific style of tattoo. 


Cuckquean: The cuckquean is the female partner in a relationship who watches her male counterpart engage in sexual activity with another woman. Similar to a cuck, she might also masturbate as she watches and finds pleasure in seeing her man give pleasure to another being. 

Cuckold Humiliation: Cuckold humiliation refers to adhering to the masochistic aspect of cuckolding to humiliate either the cuck or the cuckquean. The hotwife might verbalize how much larger her bull is, the bull might remind the cuck that he is in charge, the cuck might be forced to wear a chastity cage- really any form of humiliating the cuck or cuckquean, whether verbal or physical, is cuckold humiliation- and it is precisely this humiliation that so many seek out and enjoy. 

Cuckold Cleanup: Cuckold cleanup is the act of the cuck or cuckqueans ‘cleaning up’ the orgasmic mess of their bull or their cuckcake. For a cuck, this might look like licking the bull’s semen off of their partner’s body or licking it from out of her vaginal canal after a creampie. For a cuckquean, this might look like engaging in oral sex with their male partner to clean up the cuckcakes natural lubrication. 

Cuckold Reclaim: A cuckold reclaim is a massive part of cuckolding. This is the act when the cuck or the cuckquean reclaims their partner after they have engaged in sex with another partner. It is basically a way of saying, “You’re still mine,” regardless of the sexual taboo that has just taken place. A cuckold reclaim is generally the practice of engaging in intercourse with their partner after the intercourse with a bull or a cuckcake. Sometimes, this occurs after the bull has finished inside the hotwife, and the cuck will reclaim her by using the semen of the bull as lubrication. Sounds pretty intense, eh? It sure is, but some people absolutely love it, and we are all about embracing the endless idiosyncrasies of sexuality, so if that’s your calling, then have at it, but please, please, please be safe with all of these practices.   


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