A Guide to Cuckold Training.

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If you are new to the life of cuckolding, then cuckold training is an essential piece to the puzzle of this sexual kink, helping to ensure that you are both physically and emotionally prepared for such an ordeal. 

A cuckold is quite an alluring fantasy, and many people find themselves daydreaming about turning this desire into a reality. So what steps do you take to genuinely ready yourself for a cuckold

Here are a few tips and pieces of advice to help get you started with cuckold training, steps you can take so your cuckold is synonymous with fulfillment, success, and sensational fun. 

Get on the Same Page

The first step in cuckold training is getting yourself and your partner on the same exact page surrounding this idea. You can’t engage in cuckolding unless everyone is consensual and ample planning has taken place, and both of you must be well aware of the other’s personal stance surrounding this construct. 

When it comes to bringing up a cuckold with your partner, you really just need to take things slowly when introducing both the idea and your desire to engage in cuckolding. Perhaps instead of starting with the idea of a cuckold, bring up the fantasy of a threesome with another male or female (gender dependent on whether you are a cuck or a cuckquean) first. See how they respond, vocalize your own input, and then continue in the future based on this response. 

When you are out and about in public, perhaps try a bit of people watching together. Ask your partner who they find attractive, if they would sleep with any of them if they were single, and work on making the idea of other people being involved in your sex life as normal as possible. The more you begin to talk about cuckolding, the more this becomes normality- and the more normal something is, the more likely you are to pursue it. 

Incorporate a Dildo Into Your Sex Life

A great step to creating normality behind another partner in your sex life is to incorporate a dildo into your intimacy. Or, if you wish to be a cuckquean, introduce a synthetic vagina male masturbator. 

This allows you to play with the idea when in moments of a sexual high, which helps to unlock the kinkiest corner of your imaginations. When you are horny and turned on, you are more likely to express how you feel sexually and fully succumb to your deepest desires.

Using a dildo, especially an ejaculating dildo, is literally the perfect way to create this fantasy without the need for another human being. This allows the conversation to continue surrounding the subject, it helps you to gain comfort with another ‘partner’ present during your sex, and it helps you discover if you actually enjoy the idea of another partner during your intimacy, and this all lays the groundwork of cuckold training that you can then enhance to further stages.

suction cup dildo

Role Play

After gaining comfortability with using a sex toy together, the next step is to add some cuckolding role play into the scenario to replicate cuckolding. By adding role play, you are further bringing the idea of a cuckold to life with your partner. 

The idea is to be direct with your role play- directly tell your partner that you want to create the construct of a cuckold with your sex toys. This ensures that they are on the same page and that they are aware you find pleasure in the construct of a cuckold, not just pleasure in playing with toys together. 

As you engage in sex, pretend that this is the real deal. Have whichever partner is the cuck or cuckquean watch the other partner play with the toys entirely by themselves. Use verbal cues, like “his cock feels so good,” to further enhance the reality of the fake cuckold. 

The more you are able to embody the make-believe situation, the more you will understand your emotions and feelings surrounding the subject. As well as this, it will further help you to know if your partner enjoys the construct of a cuckold as well, or if they are simply engaging in role-play to make you happy. If it seems like it was one hell of a good time, and your conversations following the role-play highlight that you both very much enjoyed the idea, then perhaps you are getting ready to bring a legitimate cuckold to life. 

Do Research Together

If you’ve been toying with the idea, you’ve enjoyed some cuckold training role play, and you’ve had some rather serious conversations about cuckolding, then you want to continue down this path with ample research and understanding of what a cuckold really feels like emotionally for all partners involved. 

Do research, and a lot of it- and do it together!

Read stories of couples who are experienced in cuckolding to hear their advice and couples who tried cuckolding and didn’t enjoy it to see where their discontentment came from. Perhaps watch some videos of cuckolding to test out if it really turns you on. Learn about cuckolding as much as you can, inducing the different types of cuckolds, the psychology behind cuckolding, how to set up a cuckold, and absolutely anything else that further promotes understanding and knowledge surrounding the subject. 

cuckold training

Cuckold Sissy Training

Suppose you are in a situation where the male partner wishes to be the cuck, and the masochistic nature of a cuckold, even more, entrances them. In that case, you will probably want to engage in some cuckold sissy training in addition to standard cuckold training. 

Cuckold humiliation is a common practice during a cuckold, and a great place to start with cuckold training is to use humiliation during your partner-partner intercourse. Start slowly by having the wife engage in forms of verbal humiliation, and keep it light before going heavy. 

Think along the lines of “My dildo is so much bigger than you are,” to ready the cuck for the possibilities of more degrading humiliation to follow when another male is present, who will be, of course, engaging with the wife as they humiliate the cuck. 

As well as verbal humiliation, you can also incorporate bits of physical humiliation as well, such as forcing the cuck onto all fours as the wife pleasures herself with her favorite sex toy or giving him a nice slap on the cheek to remind him that he is a total sissy. 

Cuckold sissy training is all about highlighting the idea of turning the male figure into a sissy, and these lighter forms of degradation are a good place to start before throwing him into panties while riding another more capable male figure. 

Chastity Cage Training

A chastity cage is often present during a cuckold, preventing the cuck from feeling any sense of physical pleasure as his wife rides another male, further raising the frustration and humiliation of the cuckold. To engage in cuckold training with a chastity cage, you really just need to get used to wearing a chastity cage and dealing with the associated feeling soon to follow. 

Wear the chastity cage around, get comfortable with it, and then incorporate it into your intercourse. Have the wife masturbate in front of you while wearing it, or wear a strap-on dildo to engage in penetrative sex with her while the real phallus is locked up in the cage. 

Light Engagements with another Person

If you’re at the point where you really feel like a cuckold is something you both wish to do, then you might want to think of pursuing light engagements with another person before full-on sex. 

Force the cuckquean or the cuck to watch the other partner flirt with other people, or perhaps even give them a kiss, to see how you can handle the emotional response that follows. If it feels good, exhilarating, and exciting, then you’re on the right track. Take it a step further and perhaps allow him/her to flash a consenting stranger to prepare yourselves further for the sexual interactions to follow in a true cuckold. 

If you are feeling it, starting with a threesome before cuckolding is an even better way to really ready yourselves for the physical and mental whirlwind of emotions derived from a cuckold, as this is a way to engage with another partner while you both find pleasure in it, making it a little more ‘fair’ before following through with a true cuckold. 

 Just think of it this way- the more you do to prepare yourself, the more successful the cuckolding will go, and the less chance you will feel cuckold regret. So take as much time as you need with cuckold training to ensure that you get everything right the first time around. 

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