How to Deal with Cuckold Regret.

Nov 10, 2021

A cuckold is a serious ordeal and something that is only successful when all the parties involved truly enjoy the outcomes of this sexual kink. And absolutely, when this is the case, then those comfortable enough experiencing such a sexual endeavor will find massive bouts of pleasure in fulfilling this desire. But there is always the chance of cuckold regret, and when this regret manifests into a cuckold experience, it’s going to be an obstacle you must climb over to happily and contently reach the other side. 

What strategies and techniques may you implement should you find yourself dealing with cuckold regret after agreeing and following through with such a situation? This is precisely the topic on which we plan to shed light today. 

What is Cuckold Regret?

A cuckold is a sexual kink of which one partner (the cuck or the cuckquean) finds pleasure in watching their partner engage in sexual behavior with another person. This is often combined with other aspects of BDSM, such a humiliation and orgasm denial, and the cuck or cuckquean is thus placed as the submissive within this style of sexual relationship

You might find pleasure or interest in the idea of this construct, but the idea often varies greatly from the actual execution. The first-time couple in a cuckold might experience this in one of two ways: with gratification or with cuckold regret, as you never really know the outcome of your kink until you try it. Cuckold regret is simply the regret of undergoing such a set up- this regret might come from the partner who has chosen to be the cuck or cuckquean, or also the partner who has chosen to engage in sexual activity with another.

Tips for Dealing with Cuckold Regret:

In the end, it is your responsibility to ensure that your relationship is in a place where you know that, no matter what happens, you will be able to grow and progress past the cuckold, but that doesn’t mean regret won’t follow. Although everyone will require personal strategies to deal with cuckold regret, here are a few things to keep in mind to help you along the way. 

cuckold regret

Prevent Regret Before it Happens

I know, if you are currently regretting a cuckold, then this won’t do you much good, but for those who have stumbled upon this page in an effort to possibly prepare for a cuckold and cuckold regret, then heed this advice. One of the best ways to deal with cuckold regret is to try your best to prevent it from happening in the first place. 

Try and think deep within yourself to determine if cuckolding is something you really want to pursue. You clearly know that this means your partner will be with someone else, with you watching nonetheless, so none of this should take you by surprise. But again, the difference lies in idea versus execution. Place yourself in make-believe shoes as though your cuckold is going to happen, and try and absorb those feelings associated with it to determine if they are something you have the means to handle, and in a pleasurable manner at that. 

Talk yourself through the construct again and again, and be as honest with yourself as you can possibly muster. Engage in ample amounts of conversation with your partner about this construct, and make sure you are both on the same complete page with everything. If there is even an ounce of doubt, then perhaps save the cuckolding for another day and avoid regret in the first place. 

Establish Safe Words

Cuckold regret often occurs during the cuckolding experience, not just after. The second your partner mounts someone else or thrusts their phallus inside might be the second the lights go off in your head, which illuminates that you aren’t ready for this. With this, it is absolutely critical that you have a safeword to safely and consensually stop the action as soon as cuckold regret begins to become apparent.

Take some time to talk to your partner and ensure that, should either of you feel uncomfortable, there is absolutely no pressure to continue and that you share equality in understanding that this isn’t the practice for you. Reiterate that there will be no hard feelings if you are called to stop. 

Devise a safeword that both yourself and your partner are entirely aware of, and also your bull or cuckcake (the male or female who your partner will engage with), so that everyone is on the same page. Also, ensure that your bull or cuckcake is well aware of the need to stop the action if the safeword is used. 

cuckold regret

Immediate Conversation and Affirmation 

As soon as cuckold regret hits either you or your partner, you need to engage in comforting conversation and apply affirmation to the experience that has just occurred. It is important that the partner who doesn’t feel regret is as empathetic as possible to him or her who does. The partner’s responsibility will be to reassure the other with kind and loving words that everything is okay and that it will work out just fine. 

Cuckold regret, in the beginning stages, might feel like an overwhelming rush of negative and fearful emotions, so you must negate these emotions to the greatest extent possible, and nothing is more effective than having your partner’s calm and empathetic voice help to bring you down from this high. Tell them that everything is totally okay, that you are here for them through everything, that you will do all you can to help them recover, and that nothing has changed between your relationship and shared love for one another. Be kind, genuine, and loving, and really just be there for your partner through this much-needed post-cuckold regret consolation. 

Aftercare is Essential

Again, cuckold regret is overwhelming, and proper aftercare techniques are vital to helping bring yourself or your partner down from this emotional rollercoaster. 

Conversation and verbal affirmation, as outlined above, is the first step to aftercare, but there’s a lot more that should go into it. Think to implement definitive relaxation strategies that aim to lower the adrenaline of this experience. 

Things like a warm bath or hot shower, a nice massage, cuddling and embraces, making a cup of tea, and hydration are all effective aftercare techniques to help negate cuckold regret. 

Never Blame

When it comes to cuckold regret, you should never (and I mean never) use blame towards your partner as a way to reflect your ill feelings about the situation. If you start to say, “I can’t believe that you would actually do that” or “I’m so disappointed you let this happen”, then you simply weren’t prepared for a cuckold in the first place. 

Blame is the worst thing you can do to not only yourself but also to your partner. It totally breaks the trust of the situation, and as soon as there is blame, the cuckold regret becomes much more difficult to overcome- not just in the moment but also in the long term. You manifest the negativity of the experience, you begin to focus only on the negative, which creates a terrible resentment that is not rightfully allowed. 

Remember, you BOTH agreed to do this, and by doing so, the responsibility of the outcome is entirely shared equally between you two. This equality means that there is absolutely no one to blame. Instead, you just need to work together on overcoming it without creating feelings of disappointment, disagreement, or resentment. 

Use the Cuckold Regret to Grow

You know, you can actually find a lot of growth that follows cuckold regret. By focusing on this growth, you embody as many positive aspects surrounding the otherwise difficult situation. By being understanding and clear about the need to overcome such a thing, you can use this as a wonderful opportunity to seek growth and further connection between yourself and a partner. 

Maintain the knowledge and understanding that, because you WILL make it through this situation with your heads up and hearts connected, you are going to be stronger, more trusting, and more intimate than you ever have. You are proving to yourselves that there really isn’t an obstacle too big to overcome, and when you do overcome it, you can hold hands and smile together on the other side, stronger than you have ever been. 

cuckold regret

Revisit the Cuckold at a Later Date

After some time has passed, you still might be feeling bouts of cuckold regret, and that’s alright, as long as you are not blaming and are using it to grow. With this, however, you might want to revisit the experience with your partner a couple of days after it has passed. 

Bring it up again so that you may continue having a positive conversation surrounding the subject and so you can identify where growth and consolation might still need to take place. Instead of letting destructive emotions fester, it is better to let them out in open, honest, and kind ways.


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