Cuckold Humiliation 101.

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With a cuckold falling under the umbrella of BDSM, those who enjoy the experience of watching their partner engage in sexual activities with another more often than not find pleasure in humiliation, as well. 

Cuckold humiliation is a way to further promote the idea behind sexual masochism. For couples who do choose to pursue such a kink, it will add quite the element of pleasure into a cuckold experience. 

If the idea of cuckold humiliation sparks an interest in your mind, then here are some cuckold humiliation ideas and tips for you to integrate into your next erotic scenario. 

Start by Laying the Groundwork

We say it every time- communication is essential to healthy relationships, and even more so when engaging in an activity such as a cuckold. If you plan to pursue cuckolding or to add a further sense of humiliation unto the cuck or the cuckquean (he/she who watches their partner), then you must lay the groundwork down before transforming the idea into reality. 

Talk about cuckold humiliation in addition to every other aspect of the cuckold, such as trust, and identify that this is something you wish to incorporate into your next experience. Make your partner aware that you find pleasure in this act of humiliation, or at least that you think you will, and talk about the ways you plan to add this aspect of masochism into the cuckold. Address the ‘how’, communicate the levels of applicable humiliation (as in how far you are willing to go with it), and devise a safeword to utilize in case the humiliation becomes too much to handle. 

Wife Humiliates Cuckold

The most common form of a cuckold is a male partner watching their female partner engage in forms of intercourse with another man (the bull), or sometimes with a female partner. In this scenario, where the wife humiliates cuckold, she will take on the role of the dominant partner and will thus express varying forms of humiliation. Here are a few ways to make this happen. 

Verbal Cuckold Humiliation

Forms of verbal humiliation act as one of the best and most effective starting point to engage in during a cuckold. It is both easy and practical to express forms of humiliation with your words, and this greatly enhances the overall humiliation of a cuckold. 

Some starting points for verbal cuckold humiliation include:

  • Making fun of their partner’s phallus size, especially in comparison to their bull. The wife humiliates cuckold by expressing how much bigger their bulls penis size is and how much more pleasure they find in engaging with a larger, more capable cock. 
  • Expressing their gratification. When engaging in the cuckold, the wife will verbalize the fact that their bull provides to them a much greater sense of physical, sensual pleasure versus what their partner is capable of providing. 
  • Humiliation of looks and appearance. The wife will humiliate the cuckold by verbalizing how much better looking her bull is in comparison to their cuck by highlighting his physical features, such as large, bulging muscles or an etched jawline.
  • Utilizing never have I ever. The wife humiliates cuckold by verbalizing certain ‘never have I ever’ instances, such as “I have never felt you this deep inside of me” or “You have never made me climax like my bull does”.
cuckold humiliation

Chastity Cage and Orgasm Denial

The use of a chastity cage to promote orgasm denial during cuckolding is an extremely effective form of physical cuckold humiliation. Before engaging in the cuckold, the cuck will wear a chastity cage that prevents him from becoming erect and reaching orgasm. 

As his wife or partner engages in sex with another, the cuck is completely helpless against the pleasures. He cannot masturbate while he watches, cannot join in on the fun, and cannot orgasm. By denying the cuck the ability to orgasm or feel any sense of physical pleasure, in conjunction with being forced to watch his partner and another human being both experiencing ample amounts of pleasure, this is the true epitome of cuckold humiliation. 

You might think to lay ground rules for the chastity cage, such as the cuck is only allowed to take it off once the hotwife and the bull have both reached the climax, for an added touch of fun. 

Physical Humiliation

As the dominant partner, the wife or girlfriend might choose to incorporate multiple forms of physical humiliation onto her cuck. This cuckold humiliation is further enhanced when also combined with forms of verbal humiliation. This might include:

  • Slapping her cuck on the cheek while she rides her bull.
  • Forcing her cuck into a collar, holding on to the leash as she engages with her bull. 
  • Forcing the cuck onto all fours.
  • Tight gripping of the cucks’ genitals, such as ball torture.
  • Choking their cuck while they receive pleasure from their bull. 

Cuckold Cleanup

One of the last on the list for wife humiliates cuckold is cuckold cleanup. After the bull and the hotwife have reached a climax, the cucks’ duty is to engage in cuckold cleanup. Cuckold cleanup can look like a few different things and is one of the greatest forms of cuckold humiliation. Examples might include:

  • Forcing the cuck to lick the bull’s semen off of her body.
  • Forcing the cuck to lick the bull’s semen out of her vagina after a creampie.
  • Forcing the cuck to engage in penetrative sex after the bull’s creampie. 

Bull Humiliates Cuckold 

If the hotwife humiliating the cuckold isn’t enough humiliation for you, then you can also provide your bull the responsibility of humiliating the cuck, as well. Because the bull is taking the stance as the stronger, more capable, and more prominent figure, this greatly enhances the effectiveness of the cuckold humiliation. 

Cuck Warmup

Have the cuck warm up the bull to ready him for his wife. This might include forcing the cuck to provide oral sex or a handjob to the bull so that he may become fully erect to further please the hotwife. 

Because the cuck is warming up the bull, the humiliation is derived from the fact that he is literally helping another person to more effectively pleasure their partner. 

Verbal Humiliation

Once again, verbal humiliation is a go-to for when a bull humiliates cuckold. When both the bull and the hotwife engage in verbal humiliation, it feels as though they are a team working together to not only reach climax but to ensure that the cuck receives nothing out of their shared pleasure.

spanking whip

Some forms of this verbal cuckold humiliation include:

  • The bull expressing his dominance. The bull will use words to showcase how he is the prominent figure in the situation, degrading the cuck by reiterating the fact that he simply isn’t capable of making her climax to the same sensational extent, that the cuck has probably never seen his wife express so much passion, or highlighting his much-larger phallus size in comparison to the cuck. 
  • The bull expresses his pleasure. The bull will use verbal communication to express the pleasure he is receiving from the hotwife. He will remind the cuckold of how incredible she feels, how talented of a lover she is, or how hard she is going to make him come. 
  • Making fun of the cuck. Overall, the bull can simply make fun of the cuck in as many manners as possible. He might highlight the fact that his body is so much stronger, that he is better looking, or that the cuck is only lucky to have such a talented wife under the sheets. 
  • Loud moans during sex. To further showcase their shared pleasure, the bull might utilize loud moans and similar pleasure sounds to remind the cuck that he is the one feeling all the pleasure. 

Physical Humiliation

Just as the hotwife can act as the dominant partner by engaging in physical humiliation, so can the bull. The principles are generally the same, except another male will carry them out. Again, this might include slapping, choking, forcing the cuck onto four knees, forcing him out of the bedroom, etc. 

The idea of physical humiliation from the bull is enhanced through the fact that he is stronger and more capable. He can use his strength to pin the cuck down, to remind the cuck that he is entirely helpless in this situation, and that fighting back in any way will simply do no good. 


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