The Life of a Cuckold Bull.

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You must have heard the word “bull” often, and pretty much the first thought that comes to mind is the animal. But what you may or may not have known is that this term is also associated with the sexual kink of cuckolding.

The world is now more open to different kinds of monogamy, polyamory, and everything in between. The life of a cuckold bull is tricky and, at the same time, enticing and sweet as it could get. For a bull that naturally enjoys having sex, the cuckold relationship is a pleasurable one because he can have as much sex as he wants with different people and also get to be experimental. If you are someone who enjoys a sexual relationship with no strings attached, being a bull gives you exclusive access to that. So here’s everything you need to know about a cuckold bull!

What Is A Cuckold Bull?

There are tons of searches every day with people asking, “what is a cuckold bull?” in addition to other cuckolding terms.  A bull is a person, usually a man, who has sex with another person’s partner with the consent of both parties. The bull takes pride in their sexual prowess, good looks, and their ability to give the hotwife toe-curling orgasms. A bull is usually sought by the couple for various reasons, ranging from wanting a change, improving their sex life, satisfying sexual fantasies, being adventurous, etc. The idea is that a bull is expected to have sex with the hotwife while the cuckold husband watches from afar. A bull helps to serve as a prop to enhance or add spice to either a relationship or a marriage. It makes your relationship explorative and fascinating. A cuckold relationship can be seen as a fetish either from the couple or even from the cuckold bull.

What Does A Bull Do In A Cuckold Relationship? 

Now that you know what a bull is, don’t stop there; read on to know what they do. A cuckolding couple brings a bull into their relationship to light up their sexual energy. Commonly, a bull comes in as a third person into the existing relationship of two partners with their consent.  

Remember how it felt like when you met your partner, the jitters, butterflies, flirting, and the excitement of those early sexual escapades. This is the energy that most couple hopes to regain by introducing a bull into their sex lives.

The psychology behind a cuckold relationship is that the cuck, who is the original male partner, enjoys watching his wife have sex with another person who is the bull. The cuckold cleans the bull up and gets to satisfy his sexual fantasies. It is an intense experience. It is humiliating because the bull humiliates the cuckold (See Cuckold Humilation) by engaging in intercourse with his wife, and this, in turn, arouses and heightens his sexual pleasure. 

cuckold bull

Common Bull Activities

A bull is more handsome and well-built than the male partner which is what majorly fuels feelings of jealousy and inadequacy for the cuck. In most cases, the bull humiliates the cuckold. As he watches, the cuckold bull would pass comments about how much of a better partner he can be and how he is the one riding the reins and not the male partner. All of these are part of the responsibility of a bull in a cuckold relationship. He is expected to aggravate the cuckold to the point where he feels humiliation and arousal. He also engages in fun activities such as:

  • Engaging in sexual practices with the hotwife in a semi-public place while the cuck stands as a guard.
  • Allowing the cuckold to tie his hotwife to the bed and fuck her hard and rough while he watches
  • Making the cuckold clean bull just to humiliate him.
  • Having the cuckold apply lube to his wife’s vulva while he has sex with her until she cums.
  • Having sex on the beach late at night while the cuckold is on the lookout and cuckold cleans bull right after.
  • Making the hotwife moan out loud and talk to the cuckold while he intensely engages in intercourse with her, and he ensures she smiles at him and tells the cuckold how much she enjoys sex with the bull.

Why Do They Enjoy Being a Bull

Being a bull has its fair share of perks and pleasure. Not only do you get to enjoy mind-blowing and endless sex, but you also won’t have to deal with the downsides of dating and getting heartbroken. For a bull, the fun and interesting part of it could be having the opportunity to watch a cuckold go through humiliation while fucking his wife. There are several reasons why a person would decide to be a cuckold bull in a cuckold relationship. These include:

  • The Pleasure of Being in Control: In a cuckold relationship, the bull is in a place of authority when it comes to sex dynamics. Also, the bull humiliates the cuck either by mere appearance or the tricks and the acts themselves. And this alone is why some people prefer being a bull because the allure of having to be in this power position brings them joy and excitement. Bulls find it deeply satisfying when they see the cuckold watch them ravage the hotwife and know the cuck also gets off from the whole arousing show.
  • Sex Fetish: Some people find it enjoyable having sex as much as possible, and a perfect opportunity to enjoy this fetish is to become a bull, where they get to have sex with as many people as they are willing to. And the perks of it? No feelings attached! This is commonly found in widowers or people who have gotten their hearts broken so many times and have bid love farewell. 
  • Helping Other People’s Relationship: A person could just find joy or pleasure in enhancing other people’s relationships, and this could, in turn, lead them to be a bull. 
  • Some bulls find it empowering to have sex with a married woman since she’s supposed to be off-limits.
  • It is liberating and provides a sense of thrill. 
cuckold bull

How to Be A Bull

Do you want to be a modern cuckold bull? Here are simple guides to help you achieve that quickly

  • Be knowledgeable about cuckolding
  • Gain mastery in sex and foreplay 
  • Get on Tinder, Instagram, Reddit, or other similar sites
  • Join an online dating site
  • Ensure to always put your feelings asides and regard it as a job
  • Learn to be patient when dealing with your clients
  • Before getting into it, ensure you do your research and learn about your environment 
  • Create one or two burner accounts

Once you’ve taken your time to build a good relationship with the cuckold couple, you can now enjoy escapades that are intense and crazily addictive. And for those looking for a bull, make sure to engage in cuckold training to ready yourself for such a sexual construct. 

In conclusion, the life of a bull can be viewed from different angles, either from the bull himself, or the couple who wants to be experimental and explore new things for their relationship, or even an outsider who does not know about what cuckolding is about. And as tricky as it can get on the act, it is up to the cuckold bull to ensure that everyone achieves their aim and gets to fulfill their sexual desires and fantasies.

The cuckold gets satisfied, the hotwife gets satisfied, and everyone is happy!

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