How to master Cowgirl position.

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One of the basic sexual positions that we all know and love is cowgirl. With the woman straddling her man and riding him, this tried and true position is a favorite of many, and for good reason. The sex appeal of being on top and looking oh so sexy, exuding confidence, is unmatched. There are many variations to cowgirl position, or the woman on top position as well. Cowgirl is one of the easiest positions to master and can have your man drooling in minutes. If you have never tried cowgirl sex position, it may seem a little intimidating to master, but that nervousness will soon go away once you focus on enjoying yourself and find the rhythm that gets you both going.

If you’re a pro at riding but want to change it up a bit, this guide will be perfect for you as well, since there are so many fun and creative ways to add spice and flavor to this position. From modifying your legs, doing it backwards, or even just changing up what you wear (or don’t), cowgirl position is a super versatile way to enjoy sex and keep it fresh.
If you feel self-conscious when trying new or modified sex positions, don’t worry! There are always ways to ease into it and switch it up a bit without feeling so awkward and shy.

Try doing Cowgirl position in the dark.

If you’re worried about how you look and want to get rid of the pressure of looking so sexy when in reality you are super nervous, the easiest way is to dim the lights; or, turn them off completely. It’s totally ok to do it in the dark. In fact, it can add an even sexier element, since he can’t see what’s making him feel so good.

Have a drink.

Okay, now don’t go crazy, but having a glass of wine or two can really help ease your tensions. You don’t want to over do it, or you won’t be aware of what’s happening, and no one wants a sloppy drunk ride. Just have enough to set you in a relaxed mood, and let your inhibitions run free and wild.
He may be nervous too!
Often times, we think our man is so confident and just expects us to be sex goddesses, when in reality he’s nervous too! Whether it’s your first time together, or you’ve been sleeping together for years, don’t assume he doesn’t feel the pressure as well. He wants to impress you and make sure that you are also enjoying sex with him. He may be thinking that his penis may not stay hard long enough, or that the position may make him orgasm too quickly. You have to be comfortable with each other, and remember that no one is perfect.

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Don’t forget about yourself.

Instead of focusing on whether you are pleasing your man, focus on whether you are enjoying it and pleasing yourself. Most men find it super sexy to see their woman having a good time and getting off. When you’re on top, try to do what’s best for your pleasure and what feels the best for you. 

Try other positions – try to switch it up! It’s really fun to try new things.

The traditional cowgirl position.

In cowgirl sex position, or girl on top, you are straddling your man and facing him. You have your knees on the bed beside your partner. You can lean forward, or you can stay upright. Then you use your body weight to move up and down. You can also use your legs to do that. Try moving front to back, side to side, and up and down

Modified cowgirl position.

In a modified cowgirl, you have your feet on the bed with your knees bent. Then you are able to go up and down easily, and it also allows you to take more penis inside of you! This position can be absolutely pleasurable, but a little more difficult to perform instead of a typical cowgirl. It does require a little bit more stability, but again, the pleasurable feeling may make it worth it for you. 

Different motions you can make when riding your man on top in cowgirl position. 

Front to back.

If you love clitoral stimulation during sex, front to back can really get that stimulation done for you. Sit on his lap, and rock forward and back. This will rub your clitoris on the base of his shaft, which allows for phenomenal stimulation. You can also get a wearable vibrator, or use a cock ring with a clitoral stimulation area to really amp up the pleasure.

The traditional up and down.

Up and down definitely requires a little extra strength. You use your legs to bounce up and down on his penis, which lets it glide in and out. You can make it penetrate even deeper with the modified cowgirl position. Moving upwards and downwards requires a little more effort. You may get tired quicker in this position, so just be aware of how your body is feeling and handling it. It is a great ass workout and leg workout too! Don’t skip leg day. 

Moving in circles.

When you move in circles, you are essentially doing side to side circular motions on your man’s penis. This can help you enjoy stimulation vaginally from all angles, which is quite enjoyable, and can really take your man’s pleasure level up a notch as well. 

Now that you have these three movements mastered, you can try combining them to make for an even more fun and stimulating sexual experience. Experiment, see what works best for your pleasure level, and remember that you may like something that you didn’t think you would before! There’s nothing wrong with trying new things in the bedroom, especially if you trust your sexual partner. Spice it up, keep it fun and sexy, and remember that sex is all about pleasure and building a greater emotional and intimate bond. Orgasms are a huge benefit also, in our opinion.



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