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How to Use Sex Toys with a Partner.

When the desires of one or both partners within a relationship come together to acknowledge that using  couples toys during intimacy is something that they wish to incorporate into areas of their love life, this then allows for a discovery of some of the most riveting sensations that one can ever feel during sex. 

Couples toys are a really enjoyable way to add a little spice to your sex life, and there exist so many options for you to choose from. Understanding what the best couples sex toys are and exactly how you can use them together is not meant to be entirely simple and straightforward, however, and if it is your first time exploring this area or if you have ever questioned this, continue reading to discover just how you can make for a goosebump instilling experience!

What are Couples Sex Toys?

Before getting into how to use couples sex toys, it’s first important to understand what a couple’s sex toy is. The thing here is that a lot of toys meant for solo play make for some of the best couples toys as well, so just because a toy isn’t specifically designed for partner use does not mean it won’t work for a couple. 

Double-sided dildos, strap-ons, whips. Those kinds of things are clearly meant for partner use, so when shopping for your next toy think creatively based on how you can use a solo toy such as a vibrator or a dildo with your partner based on some of the fun ways below!


Couples Toys. How to Use Sex Toys with a Partner. Partnered Sex, Remote VIbrators | V FOR VIBES

How to Use a Vibrator with a Partner

Vibrators are perfect couples sex toys. They provide both the nerve endings in the penis and the vagina with an incredible amount of sensations, and you can use them with a partner for some seriously insane orgasms. 

To use a vibrator with a partner, start with lots of lube. Even if the vibrator is not meant for insertion, lube is still essential. 

A really fun way to introduce a vibrator is to begin with partner masturbation. Because masturbation is usually meant for alone time, by practicing it together you will open new doors to newfound intimacy. This also acts as a chance to show your partner what feels good to you when using a vibrator, as they can watch your different movements to know only the best ways to please you. 

You can then pass the toy to your partner so that they can please you with it while you simply lean back and enjoy. A vibrator on the clitoris during oral sex or fingering acts as a wonderful means for foreplay and will surely build the excitement. 

To use a vibrator during sex, you must keep communication open so that you can understand what feels good for your partner. Some sex positions might push too hard against the toy, so talk your way through while trying out positions that allow for one of you to easily place the vibrator on the clitoris while making love. 


Couples Toys. How to Use Sex Toys with a Partner. Partnered Sex, Remote VIbrators |Thrusting Dildo V FOR VIBES

How to Use a Butt Plug with a Partner 

Butt plugs are one of the best ways to introduce yourself to anal sex, and they are also loved for their ability to showcase to you how just how good anal stimulation can feel during vaginal play. 

Because of this, butt plugs make for one of the best couples sex toys.

To use a butt plug together, it is advised to start with a practice set, especially if it is your first time exploring this area of play. A practice set will come in different sizes so that you can slowly and steadily work your way up with experience, as will time you actually will become more accustomed to anal. 

Again, lube and communication must be the main focus before getting into using a butt plug with a partner, as this is a delicate act. 

One of the best ways to stimulate the anal cavity is to start with your fingers so that you can understand what kinds of sensations are about to be delivered your way. As you use your finger, make sure to communicate just how far inside feels good to you so that your partner will know exactly your limits when advancing to a toy. 

Positions that keep the body bent and open work the best for this, such as doggy style, so again just remain entirely relaxed. If you feel any tension or stress, it might be best to come back to your butt plug another day.  

Talk your way through this practice, and sometimes the best approach is to leave the plug inserted without thrusting it so that there remains a constant but not overwhelming sensation to only enhance the stimulation of the vagina


Couples Toys. How to Use Sex Toys with a Partner. Partnered Sex, Remote VIbrators |Thrusting Dildo V FOR VIBES

How to Use a Dildo with a Partner 

Dildos are one of the best ways to explore multiple partner sex with your partner without crossing any lines, especially when using high-quality realistic ones. 

To use a dildo with a partner, there are a few ways that can add a whole lot of spice and taboo to make for a really incredible experience. 

You can first begin with teasing, when one partner plays with the dildo to act as a tease to the other, such as with partner masturbation. 

If the dildo has suction, you can place it to a surface to perform oral sex on it while your partner pleases you in other ways. Try this during doggy style to really dirty things up. And if you feel capable, with a lot of lube a dildo can allow you to try double penetration. 

Whether anal and vaginal or double vaginal, you can realistically have sex with two bulging genitals. 

And if you like, this is also a wonderful way to explore bisexual tendencies for a male during sex as well, so don’t let any barriers hold you back. Remember, a dildo is only a toy, so have fun using it in areas of role-playing and in imaginative settings to keep your sex life unique, fun, and something that you pursue with the dirtiest and most desirable of passions. 


Couples Toys. How to Use Sex Toys with a Partner. Partnered Sex, Remote VIbrators |Thrusting Dildo V FOR VIBES