Alright, we all know that masturbation can be one of the best and most essential practices to incorporate into your life and reap health benefits from. From clearer skin, less overall pain, better sleep, and better moods, masturbation is an amazing solution that’s often overlooked in a world of medications and home remedies. Now, consider the benefits of adding a vibrator into your sex life and your masturbation adventures. You’re literally completing a sign-up sheet to have yourself added to the most luscious and thrilling set of orgasms you can possibly experience. Vibrators create so many incredible new and intense sensations and feelings throughout your body. This little explored variety of fun can spice up your regular go-to masturbation routine, or even create some erotic excitement in the bedroom with your partner. Vibrators are known to help you learn your body, and experience explosive sexual satisfaction. Plus, unlike humans, they don’t get tired. You can just charge them up, and go at it for as long as you want to. Most vibrators have a playtime of at least an hour, if not much longer. 

Vibrators are amazing at allowing you to get to know what gets you off, what feels the best for you, and what you do and don’t like when it comes to intimacy. They help you access and enjoy sensation play with your erogenous zones, and even stimulate your partner in many ways, including when you use them in conjunction with sex. How can you tell your partner what gets you off and what you enjoy (or don’t enjoy) if you don’t know that answer yourself? Vibrators make it attainable to learn more about your body and your sexual pleasure. However, there are so many options on the vibrator market these days, that the task of purchasing one can be absolutely daunting for many. How do you know which vibrator to buy, and which vibrator to pass on? What makes a quality vibrator? There are vibrators with every feature imaginable, and there are simple vibrators that serve one purpose and function. It’s not always simple and straightforward when it comes to purchasing! Some of the price points of vibrators can also be very nerve-racking, especially if you don’t know the brand. Don’t let the options overwhelm you. 

Think about what you enjoy during sex, if you have had that experience before. Are you someone that enjoys penetration? Or is clitoral stimulation something you crave and focus on – or perhaps you want to focus more on? When you are shopping for a vibrator, whether it is your first vibrator or your one-hundredth vibrator, focus on what kind of stimulation turns you on, and what you may want to try and may not. Look for a vibrator that stimulates the parts of your body and creates the sensations that you are either craving or curious about. 

No matter what your ideal vibe is, we have one for you. Take the guesswork out, and read on for a comprehensive guide to all of the V For Vibes vibrators and sex toys available now on our website. Don’t forget that we offer fast and discreet shipping – so once you place your order, sit back and allow us to take care of the rest. Once you pick the perfect vibrator, you can hop straight in bed, so don’t wait too long! This list is long and extensive, and designed to armor you with all the knowledge you may need when shopping the website.

27 Best Vibrators In 2021, According To Sex Therapists

  1. Eos – Multispeed Mini Bullet Vibrator

Our innovative bullet vibrator, Eos, has consistently been a favorite since its launch last year. Eos is a sleek, travel-sized bullet vibrator that is extremely powerful. This bullet sex toy is different from most, as it has 10 pulsating and vibrating modes, and it adapts to your body’s temperature to reflect it with a warming feature. Made out of body-safe silicone and ABS, Eos is waterproof, so it makes the perfect addition to your routine whether that’s in the shower, the bed, or on the go. 

  1. Eros – Black Anal Bead Vibrator

Are you looking for the vibrator that does it all? Our Eros butt bead is the one for you. Eros serves multiple functions, by allowing you to use it anally as vibrating anal beads, or vaginally as vaginal beads that also vibrate. Of course, be sure to sanitize and clean Eros very thoroughly if you are switching the use of the vibrator. This will help avoid any infections. Eros is a phenomenal bead vibrator for those who don’t need anything serious to thrust with, and just like to enjoy the sensation of vibrations. This vibrator still features 10 vibration settings to pack a punch, and is made of body-safe silicone. It is simple to clean, and easy to take along with you due to its compact size. 

  1. Ge Vibrating Anal Sex Toy 

Ge is one of our favorite anal vibrators. Ge is also a versatile vibrator that can be used anally or vaginally. One of the best features of Ge is the unique shape and design that allows for easy prostate access on men, and G-Spot stimulation on women. Ge has 10 vibration modes, and is made of body-safe silicone that is soft and smooth. Throw in some lubricant, and you are in for a wild night. You can also focus that unique tip on the clitoris to truly stimulate it and enjoy all of the incredible modes of this anal vibrator.

  1. Trivia Remote Silicone Bullet Egg Vibrator 

Trivia is an incredible vibrator. This vibrating bullet that is egg-shaped is also an incredible and compact silicone egg dildo that is made for immense pleasure. Trivia has a unique string that allows it to be used as a wearable vibrator, with a remote to allow your partner (or you) to control it. Sexy date nights just got an upgrade with this sexy vibrator. The silicone egg toy is easily cleanable, and ultra-silky for a soft glide. 

  1. Vesta – Dual-Head Vibrator & Wireless, Rechargeable Vibrating Dildo

Vesta is the ultimate classic in terms of vibrators. It may be the best vibrator style on the market, to be quite honest. Vesta is a wand-style dual-head vibrator, that may not really be discreet, but will give you true, mind-blowing orgasms. Vesta is meant to be used all-around your clitoris for incredible toe-curling orgasms, or you can use the shaft of the Vesta wand vibrator to function as a vibrating dildo. Vesta has 10 vibration patterns and speeds and it’s rechargeable. Vesta is basically your magic wand, if it were a vibrating dildo.

  1. Fortuna Vibrating Ben Wa Balls

Fortuna was designed to add spice to date night, workdays, or really any day you could want to get a little frisky without actually doing anything. These silky soft vibrating ben wa balls can be used anally or vaginally, and have a remote to let you or your partner control them as you want. Fortuna features 7 vibration functions, and the dual-purpose use means she makes an incredible vibrator for either hole. Fortuna is also rechargeable.

  1. Hera – Vibrating Egg Sex Toy 

Hera is another favorite dual-use remote vibrating egg sex toy. Hera has a unique texture that makes it intensely pleasurable for stimulating an erogenous zone. The tiny travel-sized vibrating dildo also has a remote, which makes it intensely fun to use as a wearable vibrator during the day (or night)! Hera fits right in the palm of your hand and right in any spot of your body you could want. It has a super-powerful motor and is completely waterproof. 

  1. Minerva – Best Vibrating Necklace 

Minerva is one of our favorite innovative designs for 2020 and 2021. The best vibrator Minerva is an incredible fashion statement, considering it is an intensely sleek and stylish necklace. Made out of stainless steel, Minerva has 8 different speeds, a stunning gemstone top, and is fully rechargeable. This sexy statement piece is amazing because it is wearable, travel-friendly, and allows you to be prepared for any sexy encounter that could come your way. 

  1. Athena – Remote, Pulsating, U-shaped Vibrating Dildo

Athena is an incredibly bendy, multi-pleasure, pulsating u-shaped vibrating dildo. Athena is able to reach both the G spot and the clitoris, leaving your legs shaking and you begging for more. Athena is discreet and palm-sized, making it perfect for throwing in your bag for travel. Also made of body-safe silicone, Athena is equipped with 10 vibration speed settings and 5 pulsating modes. 

  1. Hestia – Best U-shaped Vibrator

Hestia is the best U-shaped vibrator. Designed to touch both the G Spot and clitoris at the same time, Hestia can also be used as a wearable vibrator during sex. Hestia has 10 different speeds, and can really make you understand why dual stimulation is so incredible. Pair this with penetration, if you enjoy that, and you’ll be moaning for days. Hestia is also enhanced with ridges on each side, to make it even more pleasurable and enjoyable for the wearer. 

  1. Flora Anal and Vaginal Rechargeable Vibrator Sex Toy

Flora is intense. We mean it – Flora is a very intense vibrator that is not for everyone. You may hear the term dual stimulation a lot with these vibrating dildos, but Flora takes the cake on it when it comes to versatility. Made of body-safe silicone, the two separate ends of Flora can be used in a variety of ways. One end can be used for one partner, with the other end in the other partner vaginally or anally. You can also use both ends, one anally, and one vaginally. Flora is made for those who love to enjoy pleasure and want it in any way they can get it. Flora is complete with seven different frequencies, so you can really find what you’re looking for.  

  1. Proserpina Remote Black Egg Dildo

The Proserpina egg dildo is designed for maximum pleasure in a small package. Proserpina has 10 different speeds, and a silky touch thanks to the medical-grade silicone used to craft it. Another one of our fabulous wearable and travel-friendly, remote egg dildos, Proserpina is made to take every sensation up a notch. Proserpina is also perfect for teasing the nipples and clitoris. Make sure to explore a nipple play with Proserpina. 

  1. Diana – Remote Control Vibrating Panties and Rechargeable Clit Vibrator

Diana is an incredible remote control rechargeable vibrator designed specifically for your clitoris. This beautifully crafted panties vibrator is shaped in an aesthetically pleasing way that allows for easy stimulation of the clit and the elusive U spot as a whole. Diana comes in pink and in purple, and features 10 speeds and vibration patterns. The ultra-quiet motor makes Diana vibrating panties perfect for those who need to be discreet or may choose to use it in a more public space.

  1. Persephone – Clit Suction Vibrator 

Persephone is a whole new level clit suction vibrator. Our wireless vibrating dildo has 12 frequencies and 12 vibration modes, and it is designed with the clitoris and G Spot in mind. The clitoral stimulation offered is intense and very satisfying, while the separate bulb offers incredibly pleasurable G-Spot stimulation. Body-safe, medical-grade silicone is waterproof, comfortable with a soft and silky touch.

  1. Venus – Soft Magic Wand Vibrating Dildo 

Venus is our signature vibrator; the one that started it all, if you will. Venus was designed to meet a need that we saw a lack of an answer for. With its intelligent warming feature, and the amazing wand-style head at the top, you’ll be able to get all of the pleasure you could possibly want. It warms up to 103 degrees, leaving you comforted while you orgasm. With 7 speeds, Venus is going to ensure that you experience exactly the orgasm you want. Venus also features ridges down the shaft of the vibrator, to enhance the intense sensations that you experience even further.

  1. Cybele Triple Stimulation Sex Toy

Cybele is a mind-blowing triple stimulation sex toy, that takes a wholesome approach to your satisfaction, focusing on your clitoris, G Spot and anus. Cybele is also a remote-controlled vibrator that can be used for many different purposes. Whether out at night or laying in bed, Cybele knows exactly how to stimulate you in the best of ways. With 9 vibrating functions, Cybele is sure to please. 

  1. Agrippina – Rabbit Vibrating Toy 

Agrippina is your ultimate rabbit vibrating toy with superbly pleasuring rabbit ears to reach every nook around your clitoris, and truly make you feel amazing. Ride the wave of intense orgasms with this powerful bunny-style vibrator, which includes 10 vibration speeds and a long-lasting battery to keep you orgasming over and over again.  

  1. Artemis – Remote Control G-spot Vibrator 

Artemis is another magnificent remote control G-spot vibrator, that we keep in stock! Artemis also offers clitoral stimulation, with a firm and flexible second shaft that stimulates the clitoris intensely. The 10 vibration modes and hour run time mean that those climaxes don’t have to stop until you are ready. Artemis is a sleek vibrator that’s easily recharged, and its comfortable matte black silicone is silky to the touch. Artemis is the best sex toy for squirting orgasms as it stimulates your sweet erogenous zones. 

  1. Gaea G-spot Toy

Gaea was designed for those who enjoy the firmness that our Artemis G-spot toy offers, but without the clitoral stimulation to distract. Gaea is a tried and true vibrator that is simple enough for a beginner, but comprehensive enough with its 10 vibration modes to satisfy even the most advanced masturbator. It lasts up to 1.5 hours, leaving you with enough time to stimulate anything you could possibly want to. 

  1. Victoria Feminine G-spot Toy 

So you’ve read about our other vibrators and have seen 10-speed setting and vibration modes… now you think you’re ready for the most intense? Victoria has 20 settings… and over an hour of operating time. This is one of our ultimate customer favorite vibrators. The intensity of Victoria is enough to satisfy almost anyone who enjoys penetrative, vaginal pleasure, but its narrower tip means it can be used to stimulate the clitoris, as well as the sensitive nipple areas if you wanted to do so. She is also fully waterproof, making her a great addition to your shower.

  1. Drusilla Clitoral Sucking Magic Tongue Vibe 

Drusilla is one of the most phenomenal clitoral-sucking magic tongue toys on the market. With dual use as a penetrative vibrator, Drusilla makes even the most difficult orgasmers get off in no time. With 10 sucking modes and 20 vibration frequencies, plus easy recharging, Drusilla is sure to become your new go-to magic tongue vibrator. 

  1. Bia – Vibrating Squirting Dildo and Squirt Sex Toy 

Bia is the epitome of squirting dildos. We designed this vibrator to satisfy every want and desire we have ever had, and delivered it to you to satisfy yours. With a refillable base that allows for lubricant to be added in, Bia is the squirt sex toy that you have been dreaming of. Bia is a super special rabbit dildo in our collection, since she was designed by our founder. She has 12 vibrating frequencies and can be used as an ejaculating vibrator for non-interrupted pleasure while inside or outside of your body, depending on what makes you feel the best. Bia also has a rabbit ear portion, to stimulate the clitoris on top of everything else that leads to intense pleasure.

  1. Rhea – Wand Massager 

Rhea is another intense wand-style massager with 10 frequencies to tantalize your every sense. The wonderful wand portion of the Rhea vibrator will last you for hours, and the shaft on the bottom has its own 10 frequencies to ensure that you are completely satisfied both internally and externally. Rhea is crafted with an intense motor that keeps quiet while delivering the vibes you need.

  1. Aurora – Best-Selling Wand Vibrator 

Aurora is one of our best-selling wand vibrators. With 10 vibration settings for the wand and 10 for the shaft, Aurora stimulates intensely and provides what you are looking for. Completely water-submersible and made of medical-grade silicone, Aurora is the perfect addition to your dresser or your arsenal of sex toys that you already have. You can never go wrong with a dual-purpose, dual-functioning wand. 

  1. Luna – Heated Thrusting Vibrating Dildo 

Luna is another special addition to V For Vibes’ family. Luna was also custom-designed by our founder to meet a need that she saw lacking. Luna is a heated, thrusting, rabbit-eared vibrator that is designed to hit every pleasurable area on your body. Luna has 7 thrusting modes, and 8 vibration settings, on top of an intelligent heating feature for a real skin-to-skin feel.  Since being introduced to this waterproof, medical-grade silicone, thrusting vibrator, customers have been consistently ordering it. Luna is one of our most raved about thrusting vibrating dildos that really keeps things spiced up.

For those who may want penetration but no vibration, glass dildos are the perfect answer for you. 

  1. Juno Glass Dildo

Juno is one of our beautiful hand-crafted glass dildos. With sophisticated curves and a stunning beaded design on the glass, Juno is amazing for stimulation internally. Juno also works well with temperature play, due to the glass. You can heat or cool Juno to experience incredible new sensations. Juno glass dildo is a fantastic tool for BDSM sensation play

  1. Ceres Glass Sex Toy 

Ceres is our second, stunningly exquisite glass sex toy that is handcrafted and designed to stimulate you internally in every way possible. The multi-sized bulbs and unique curved end provide amazing prostate, G-Spot, and anal stimulation of every kind. Ceres is amazing for temperature play and will elevate your bedroom game to the next level.

We also offer gift sets, for those looking to really try incorporating different kinds of vibrators and toys into their lives. Every person’s needs and wants are different, so if you are someone that prefers one kind of stimulation to another, or you don’t know what kind of stimulation you may prefer, a gift set is an amazing way to try our incredible vibrators and find out what you’re missing out on. 

In a world full of vibrators, why should you choose V For Vibes?

Vibrators are incredible tools of sexual liberation for men and women alike. It’s such an incredible feeling to master your own orgasms and not rely on another person to do so, which is why our message has always been to close the orgasm gap. We want every person, regardless of age, gender identity, race, sexual identity, and/or sexual preference to experience how incredible a sexual awakening can be in their lives. All of our vibes are made out of the highest quality materials, with discreet and swift shipping and 24/7 customer service. We stand out by interacting with our customers – we can’t meet your needs if we don’t know what you want and communicate to find out. Allow V For Vibes to show you the best addition to your nightstand that you could possibly make – the ultimate vibrator for you.  

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