Sex Toy Kits

Sexuality is infinitely diverse. There are endless things to please us; unique sensations, the fulfillment of a deeply rooted kink, or exploration into new territories of sensuality with a partner whom you passionately love, to name but a few. 

And it is this precise diversity that requires nothing less than a treasure chest of orgasm-inducing tools to derive the highest possible level of sexual gratification. The culmination of climax, if you will. With the sex toy kits below, you will take an empowering stance over your growing and glowing sexual being. Inside, you will discover a superlative range of vibrators, dildos, clitoral-sucking tongues, anal toys, and sex toy accessories soon to have you squirming. 

A sex toy kit is a statement to “why have one when you can have all?!”. Every toy presents wildly invigorating sensations; like snowflakes falling from the sky, no two are the same. To capitalize on the wondrous world of sex toy innovation and to satisfy your ever-changing desires and needs, having more than one toy at your disposal provides guaranteed, unwavering pleasure when and where you need it most. 

Within the special sex toy kits, you will find toys flaunting multiple vibration speeds and frequencies, granting you (or a lucky partner) complete control over a personalized, customizable experience. The waterproof capabilities promote carnal creativity (shower sex, anyone?!) while the medical-grade materials ensure safety is our top priority. And with long-lasting rechargeable batteries and hands-free, remote-control powers, playtime never stops. 

The enlightened team at V for Vibes has curated each sex toy box based on the science of sexuality, incorporating toys to check off every box of desirable pleasure. The chosen sex toys in each kit present individual pleasures that, on their own, enhance fulfillment to new realms, but when paired together, forever alter the meaning of “oh that feels good…!”. 

A gift to treat yourself to the pleasure you deserve or a couple’s sex toy kit surprise, may you soon relish the relief of all your sexual tension. 

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