Coffee and Sex: What’s the Relationship?

Mar 14, 2022

What comes to your mind when you think of coffee and sex? 


Guess what, coffee might be the latest addition to your sex life. Tell me, how do you picture your sex life in 2022? I’m sure it used to be simpler when you just met your partner. Butterflies in the stomach, adrenaline rush, some little touches under the table, long nights of sexting, and phone sex did their jobs excellently.


Now things have changed. The list of things to do to spice things up in the bedroom keeps getting longer and more elusive. However, anyone that wants sexual satisfaction must master it with effort. But how do you achieve that? 


No, I’m not trying to add more pressure to your sex life. I want to take off the pressure and give you tips on how you can stay on top of your game with a science-backed fact: giving you more reasons to chug down a few more cups of coffee in a day. If you are wondering whether there is any connection between coffee and sex at all, here are some fantastic things you should know about sex and coffee!


Coffee Boosts Stamina


Do you see morning sex as a form of workout? Just like running or cycling? You need stamina and endurance to have great morning sex. Scientists agree that drinking caffeine before sex can enhance your performance, reduce fatigue, and improve focus. Sex is, after all, a kind of endurance sport. Drinking coffee helps you to perform in bed without getting tired and weary. Your partner will surely thank you for your outstanding performance. 


Its Aroma Relieves Stress


Your sex drive is linked to the chemical reactions in your brain. And stress can disrupt those reactions leading to low performance and zero sexual desire. For coffee lovers, just the aroma of freshly brewed coffee can perk them up. Stress is a mood killer, and it can dampen your excitement for sex. To counter the effect of stress, just brew your coffee, drink, and allow it to work its magic!

coffee and sex

Coffee Increases Sexual Desire


There has been much research on the relationship between coffee and sex. Do you know coffee has stimulant properties that can make you horny? Yes! Your favorite morning brew has a sweet dark side. Coffee is an aphrodisiac. Just a cup can perk up more than your energy levels. Coffee increases heart rate and blood pressure. This makes the blood rush to the genitals and causes the excitement of your private parts. Good blood flow is essential for sexual performance. Feel like getting down tonight? Have a cup of coffee one or two hours beforehand. 


It Makes You Happy


No one wants to have sex with a person who is constantly sad and brooding. Everyone wants their partner to be happy in bed. Studies have shown that coffee lovers are happier after taking a cup and even more energetic than those who don’t. So switching from tea to coffee does not sound like a bad idea, does it?


Coffee Keeps You Alert


Nothing feels better than a focused and attentive lover – and drinking coffee might just be the trick for being alert after a long and intense make-out session. According to a 2014 study examining the nexus between coffee and sex in the Journal of Nutrition, it was discovered that caffeine improves memory, cognition, and attention span.


It reduces Erectile Dysfunction in Men


Nothing bores like a man who takes a woman to the bed and can’t satisfy her. This could cause a strain in the relationship. Now you have coffee to the rescue. It increases blood flow to the key areas and improves libido in men.


Researchers have discovered that people who drink coffee before sex are less likely to have erectile dysfunction. You might be thinking soft drinks have caffeine too. Yes, they do. But the caffeine won’t matter since soft drinks are packed with thousands of chemical sugar that are not good for your health. However, pure coffee has natural caffeine that can kick your butt during sex. Caffeine also stimulates the adrenal glands, which has a significant effect on male testosterone. With higher testosterone levels, men will want to have sex more often.


It Improves Sexual Libido


There are things that you don’t want to last very long, like hangovers, pain, and your dentist appointments. But something that would never top that list is coffee and sex. When you hit the sheets with your partner, the last thing you want is for things to end soon. Coffee can improve your stamina in the bedroom. So take a cup of coffee before a date night with your partner and look forward to a night of hotter sex. 


Ups Your Energy


Have you been feeling low recently? Are you tired of having sex these days? Try coffee for your carnal rescue.


Coffee’s Sweet Aroma is Romantic


There’s something special about making a cup of coffee and bringing it to your partner in bed after steamy morning sex. There’s no better morning routine than enjoying a cup of hot coffee and sex with the person you love the most. And the both of you can stare at each other as you take a sip while the sweet aroma permeates your senses. It’s not just fun but also a beautiful experience.


Negative Effects of Coffee and Sex


While coffee has incredible benefits such as boosting brain power and improving your mood, you can have too much of a good thing. Too much caffeine in your body can cause increased blood pressure, stomach ulcers, cardiac arrest, headaches, insomnia, and dehydration. These are just little side effects of having too much caffeine in your system. You should avoid too much consumption and stay within the recommended limit of 400 milligrams per day. 


How to Prepare a Coffee Aphrodisiac


You can add some ingredients to enjoy your coffee and sex time better. These foods have been proven to improve libido and provide impressive sex benefits. If you are not adding best foods for sex to your daily diet, your sex life is missing out

  • Honey: Natural honey contains boron which helps to maintain testosterone and estrogen levels while boosting your energy for a longer time in bed.
  • Cinnamon: Here, you have a natural sex and coffee aphrodisiac that enhances blood flow. It increases blood supply to the genitals, potentially stimulating arousal.
  • Cacao: Chocolate is a symbol of love and romance. It increases the secretion of serotonin and dopamine, which puts you in a good mood for sex. 
  • Coconut milk: Many people use coconut milk in their beverages. It is known for balancing hormones and increasing sex drive in men and women. Asides from the nutritional value, it gives you energy for prolonged sex.


Just add some of these items to improve your coffee and sex drive and give you something extra for the night.


I’m sure your eyes have been opened more about coffee and sex drive. Many drinks promise us an improved sexual prowess, but none delivers on its promises like coffee. Now that you know the relationship between coffee and sex, you should indulge yourself. Even if you don’t have a coffee addiction, get a cup ready and drink some amazing coffee. Coffee does not only improves your sex drive but also increases your energy levels by keeping your body ready for anything!

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  1. Scott Fritzinger

    I never knew the positive affects of coffee in relation to sex very interesting.. you can teach an old Dog New Tricks…

  2. Scott Fritzinger

    Comment * l didn’t realize the positive effects of drinking coffee had on sexual performance…very informative great job 👍


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