The clitoris – what is it?

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If you’re a vulva owner, then you probably know that orgasms are typically linked to your clitoris. The clitoris is considered to be the primary source of female pleasure sexually, and holds many sensitive nerve endings. The clitoris is located above the vaginal opening and the urethra, and is believed to also connect to the G Spot. Don’t know about the G Spot? Check out this article to learn more!

What is an erogenous area? Is the clitoris part of this?

An erogenous zone is an area of the body that can be stimulated and creates a sexual response. For many people, the nape of the neck, nipples, and lips are considered erogenous zones. However, any area that creates a sexual arousal response when stimulated is an erogenous zone. The clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, and is absolutely an erogenous zone! With its abundance of nerve endings, it is easily stimulated and can even lead to a non-penetrative orgasm. Even better, some women experience accidental orgasms from the stimulation of their clitoris. The clitoris is a part of the vulva, which is what most call their vagina. However, since the clitoris is exterior from your body, it is a vulvar spot, not a vaginal spot. The vagina is the tube inside of you that connects your cervix to your vulva. The terms are used interchangeably, albeit incorrectly. 

Women are more likely to orgasm from external stimulation than penetrative sex alone. Some may cum from just clitoral stimulation, while some may need a combination of penetration and clitoral stimulation. Every single body is absolutely unique in the way that this incredible sensation is reached, and there is nothing wrong with needing to experiment to learn how to best satisfy your sexual cravings and achieve the ultimate pleasure release.

Where is the clitoris located anatomically?

The clitoris is more than the little button-like feature you feel above your vaginal entrance. It comprises multiple parts, including the clitoral hood, the glans, the clitoral body, and the paired crura and vestibular bulbs. The clitoris is not just the part of your vulva that feels like a tiny button. 

Does the clitoris have external parts?

Yes! The glans clitoris is what most people use the blanket term of clitoris to describe. It is typically pea sized, and is above the urethra. It sits above the labia as well. It is extremely sensitive to the touch for most women, and it has the highest concentration of nerves. The glans is different from other parts of the clitoris. The glans does not typically swell during sexual response, unless of course you use a clitoral sucking toy. It does not contain erectile or expandable tissue. Above the glans, you will find the clitoral hood. This is formed by the two sides of your labia minora that connect. The size varies from person to person, just like your labia size does. 

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The clitoris also has internal parts. 

A large portion of the clitoris is not visible to the naked eye. The body of the clitoris is connected to the glans clitoris, and has ligaments attaching it to your pubic bone. From the body of the clitoris, it splits in half to create the little leg like parts of the clitoris, called the crura. This also creates the vestibular bulbs, which are behind the labia. 

While the glans does not contain erectile tissue, the bulbs and crura do. They swell with blood during sexual arousal and stimulation. When they swell, lubrication increases in the vagina, and so does the sensation of the vagina. This is why clitoral play is a key role in achieving orgasm for many women.

Stimulating the clitoris.

We already know that every body is different, and every person’s sexual preferences and turn ons are different and varied. There isn’t one singular perfect way to stimulate the clitoris, so be open to experimenting!

We’ve researched and put together a few tips to help you achieve that sexual release that you crave. 

  1. Be sure that you’re comfortable 

Set the mood and the mood and tone of the night. Don’t rush into bed – enjoy kissing and touching each other. Try stimulating other erogenous zones, such as playing with your nipples, and light spanking first. If you’re by yourself, you can also try this! If you want, you can try watching porn or reading a naughty book to give yourself some scenes to visualize.

2. Slowly warm up to touching the clitoris

Use a toy, your fingers, your partner’s tongue or fingers. Whatever you desire! Some women love using a shower head, as the water sensation can really intensify the feeling of stimulation. Once you are comfortable and turned on, we can jump in to direct clitoral stimulation. 

  1. Start off gentle! No need to be rough yet.  

Since the clitoris has so many nerve endings, it’s best to start stimulation easily and gently. You may need more, but less is more in the beginning. You won’t orgasm by rubbing it hard and fast at first the way you see in many porn movies. In fact, this may just overstimulate and make you much too sensitive.  

4. It takes time – Don’t rush. 

It’s ok if the first time you play with your clitoris, you don’t feel much pleasure. In fact, since the glans is such a small area, it’s normal to not love the sensation! Make sure to listen to your body, and communicate with your partner what feels good and what doesn’t. Try multiple methods. Some may enjoy a tapping sensation, while others may like back and forth, up and down. You can make circles as well!

Don’t neglect the clitoral hood. The clitoris curves back behind it, and it is also loaded with nerve endings, so stimulating this is also a great way to achieve a pleasurable sensation. 

  1. Experiment with toys!

One of our best selling toys is the Drusilla, which stimulates your clitoris (and dually functions as a vibrator). The sucking sensation can be extremely intense, so take it easy at first. 

The most important thing is that you enjoy and are stimulated. If something doesn’t feel pleasurable, don’t keep doing it! There is no pressure.


Clitoris. What is it? How To Find and Stimulate The Clit? | V For Vibes big clit large clit small clit, female clitoris, clit toy

Research on the clitoris.

The clitoris is like the appendix – many people debate as to whether it is a true, functioning part that holds a purpose on your body. Sexual stimulation for women has often been a taboo subject, but more and more research is constantly being done as the stigma of women’s sexual pleasure and right is demolished.

Some researchers suggest that the G-spot is the place where the sides of the vestibular bulbs of the clitoris contact the wall of the vagina. This would then make sense as to why not every woman locates her G spot, and supports the theory that even women who have vaginal orgasms are experiencing them due to internal clitoral stimulation

Size matters – or does it?

The glans can vary widely inside from person to person. Size does not seem to matter when it comes to clitoral stimulation, and rarely is anything considered abnormal. However, those who do have abnormally large glans are considered to have clitoralomegaly. At this time, there has not been much research done. We hope to see that change.

The clitoris in relation to the penis.

The penis and clitoris actually develop from the same place! You can read more about that here. That leads us to wonder – is the penis essentially a very large clitoris on men? As we know, many men have an extremely sensitive area on the back of their penile head. Interesting thing to think about!

Every one achieves that pleasure known as an orgasm in their own unique way. Experiment! Buy a new toy, play with erogenous zones, and most of all, don’t hold back.


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