Christmas Sex Positions for Holiday Cheer.

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It’s the best time of the year: delicious food, sweet wine, extravagant light, and plenty of holiday sex. The holiday season comes with a lot of goodies. If you want to get extra cozy with your partner this holiday, trying different Christmas sex positions is a great idea. After all, an orgasm is one of the best gifts ever. 

Many people look forward to the holidays, but it’s a time where you are constantly on the move. Office parties, family celebrations, seeing your friends – It is easy to get caught up in a frenzy without having time for yourself. And if you are in a relationship, you can feel like you and your partner are always busy trying to meet different obligations with no time for each other. So take a pause, chill out, and go at it. Don’t allow all the Christmas activities to prevent you from engaging in sensual moves during the most magical time of the year.

If you are looking forward to having a sexy holiday time with your partner, or you want to mark each day with some new sex styles, here are the best Christmas sex positions to capture the spirit of Christmas. So strip now and draw your partner close because these sex positions are going to light a fire in your bosom and give you the best holiday ever.

Stocking Stuffer

Beyond a kiss under the mistletoe, this is an intense position for unforgettable Christmas sex. The angle makes penetration easier, and it’s a holy grail for sexual pleasure. It’s a fun twist from the average missionary. For this style, one partner will be the stocking, and the other will be the mantel. 

For the stocking, lay on your back as you would for the typical missionary style and put your legs over the mantel’s shoulder. You can support your bum with a pillow. With your partner penetrating you from the side, rock back and forth while squeezing your legs extra tight. Keep your legs in a straight position as you lift your pelvis towards your partner. This position means your partner will be hitting your G-spot and giving you a toe-curling kind of orgasm. To get into the Christmas spirit, both of you must wear socks. It’s called the Stocking Stuffer, after all, so socks are highly welcome.

christmas sex positions

Reindeer Style

If you are yet to feel the Christmas spirit, the Reindeer’s sex position will surely heat things. Get freaky and put on one of those reindeer accessories to get in the mood. This Christmas sex position is perfect for when you’ve got a lot of food to eat, but you still want to get naughty. It requires little effort and will make your knees tremble. Get in a doggy position and have your partner tease you with long strokes. You have to lean back while your partner slows down to hit those nerve endings the right way. This intimate position allows him to set the perfect pace while choosing the angle that works for you. You can either keep your back straight or rest your weight on your forearms for a sweet ride. Add sex toys into the mix, such as vibrators, to make the sensations get intense and more pleasurable. 

The Santa Sleigh Ride 

Does the memory of sleigh rides in snowy and picturesque Christmas towns bring you some nostalgia? What’s more romantic than a sleigh ride sex through your sheets this holiday? For a fabulous Christmas, you should try out the Sleigh Ride sex position. The regular woman on top position is common to everyone, but changing the angle can achieve much. Here the woman sits on top of the man while facing away. She gets to determine the speed and intensity while enjoying the stimulation of her G-spot. It’s up to you to choose where your Santa sleigh ride sex position happens. It could be under the Christmas tree or in front of the fireplace. As long as your man has enough space to lie down comfortably, then you’re good to go.


Here’s one of those Christmas sex positions that give you the OMG level of orgasm, intense vibe and makes your man go nuts. If your partner likes rough and hardcore sex, you’ll love the nutcracker sex position. Let your man lie down on his back while bending his knees and his feet firm on the ground. Climb on top of your man and slowly guide his penis into your vagina. Lean forward and put your hands on his shoulders. Once you are ready, bounce and move up and down as much as you want. Start slow and gradually increase your speed. Bounce so hard that your partner can feel his balls jingling. You can also include a vibrating cock ring to stimulate your clit if you find it hard to cum during penetration. Sounds like fun, right?

Santa’s Lap

Santa Claus is cumming to town, and you should too. Santa’s lap is a Christmas sex style that involves sitting on your partner’s lap just how you sit on Santa Claus. Have your man sit on a comfortable sofa or bed with their legs wide open. Sit on his lap and guide his penis into your vagina or anus as you slowly grind on him while he’s inside you. Hold his thighs for extra support, and you can try bouncing up and down for more pleasure. Now, while in the act, look over your shoulder and see your partner in sheer ecstasy. Say dirty things to each other as you thrust up and down your man’s penis. 

christmas sex positions

The Candle

The party has ended, the presents are unwrapped, and your last visitor is on their way home. Now it’s just you and your partner and the aftermath of a busy day. It’s the perfect time to make the most of your time before cleaning up. Your dining table is the ideal spot to enjoy the candle sex style. This Christmas sex position is best for a hot quickie. Lie on the table; raise your legs upwards with your man standing before you as he penetrates you. This position makes it easy for both to adjust and find your rhythm. Your partner does not have to go fast. He can alternate deep thrusts with shallow thrusts.

Sweet Pretzel

Christmas is a time to reflect on your love and get closer to your partner. The sweet pretzel is a great way to achieve this. Lie on your side while your partner holds up your top leg and straddles your bottom leg. Move closer to your partner as he penetrates you. This position comes with a lot of eye contact, deeper penetration, with intimate and sweet sex. The sex can be emotional like missionary or primal and fast like the doggy style. It all depends on how fast your partner is thrusting. If you are still freshly in love with your partner or your relationship is new, this position is the best for you.

It’s been an epic year, and the holidays should be a bang for you and your partner. Whether you decide to try out the Santa sleigh ride, Stocking Stuffer, or the Nutcracker sex position, ensure you are creative with these Christmas sex positions and make the holiday count!


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