What’s The Deal With A Chastity Cage?

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When you hear chastity, what comes to mind? We often think of virgins and maidens, monks who are trying hard to control their urges, and other forms of abstinence. We don’t automatically think of an exciting and pulsating form of sex play. Yet, many couples experiment with a chastity cage to spice up their sex lives and keep the spark alive. It’s not really about abstaining; it is about sexual adventures, suspense, experimentation, and sweet excitement, which can be fascinating and equally thrilling.

Conversations around sex, BDSM, masturbation, and infidelity have begged the need to answer the question- what’s a chastity cage? This cage is exactly as its name suggests- chastity is simply abstinence from sex, and the cage is an enclosure that is built for confinement. You don’t have to worry about where your partner is again. Get a chastity cage, and you are now in control! 

What is a Chastity Cage?

Chastity cages are protective devices that help to control the sexual freedom of the wearer. It limits and most times prevents any sexual activity that can be performed on the genitals. Locking a penis in a chastity cage will prevent full erection, having sex, masturbating, and orgasm. The idea behind the evolution of chastity cages was to control female sexuality, but times have changed, and there’s even higher popularity of male chastity cage devices. 

Why People Use a Chastity Cage

Whether it is a chastity device for men or women, the aim of wearing one is the same. It affords the wearer the ability to subvert their sexual urges, or the dominant person uses it to control the sexual pleasure of their submissive. 

It is a good BDSM tool. By offering the dominant, who is the key holder, the opportunity for orgasm control and orgasm denial, the chastity cage has become a major accessory in the practice of BDSM.

Chastity Cages for Men versus Women

You will most likely see more devices for men with a variety of options and designs on sale than female ones, although chastity cages came about originally to protect women. Chastity device for men is in parts- ring and capped tube or shaft, hinges or pins, padlock, and key. 

The ring is worn behind the scrotum around the base of the penis, while the capped tube or shaft holds the penis. The ring and the shaft are held together on hinges or pins and then locked with a padlock. The testicles are trapped in a gap between the ring and shaft, blocking the penis from being pulled out.

Chastity cage for women is also worn to prevent access to the vagina, clitoris, and breasts. Most chastity cages worn to protect the vagina sit around the waist and may have a secondary attachment that will sit around the hip for extra security or aesthetics. 

Waist, hip, crotch length, backside, and front crotch are some of the measurements you’d have to take before ordering a female chastity device. 

chastity cage

Different Types of Chastity Cages

Are you interested in getting a chastity cage for you or your partner? Then you should look at the design, hygiene, and comfort of the cage before you get one. Some allow the wearer to still perform other functions with their genitals while others don’t. Time is also a determinant in deciding the type of chastity cage to get.

  • Open-Ended Chastity Cages: This can be used in the long term. It allows other activities such as urination and stimulation to be performed. It is open at one end, and the penis head is still exposed. This is good for cuckold chastity. Although it prevents erection, its open end means the penis can still be stimulated.
  • Fully Closed Chastity Cages: If you are going to an event or a sex party, you can consider using the fully closed one. They do not have an opening, and the penis is fully enclosed within the cage. You can only use it for a short time because it gets uncomfortable after a while, and there’s a risk of a bacterial infection or diseases due to lack of air to the genital.
  • Partially Closed Chastity Cages: You may find some chastity cages almost enclosing the whole penis but with urination holes and breathing holes. These are the partially closed type, and they have the penis head enclosed while the shaft is exposed. 
  • Bar Chastity Cages: Do you prefer a type of chastity cage that allows more airflow around the penis? If you do, then a chastity cage with bars is the best fit for you! It is made up of rings or bars which enclose the penis. Unlike other chastity cages, we highly recommend this if hygiene is your top concern in deciding which cage to buy. It is waterproof and allows you and your partner or mistress to shower together without taking it off. 
  • Automated Chastity Cages: Technology has also been applied in designing these cages. The implication is, you do not have to worry about the key getting lost. App-enabled or internet-enabled chastity cages are now in the market. It allows the key holder to lock and unlock the wearer via an app or internet connection on their phones. You guessed right; you could be on the go and still be in control. That sounds like fun!

Tips on Using Chastity Cages

  • Keep it Clean: Hygiene is essential in owning chastity cages. To do this, you can take the penis out at least once a day to allow airflow, or you could purchase chastity cages with openings that allow the genital to be cleaned without taking the cage off. If you are looking at using the cage for long, then cotton swabs will come in handy. 
  • Trim Pubic Hair: Long pubic hair may get caught in the cage and pull on you, bringing about pain or discomfort. It is advised that you regularly trim off the pubic hair. 
  • Get the Right Fit For Your Genital: The chastity cage confines the genital, and it will be uncomfortable to wear a cage that is too tight on the genitals, especially for men in cuckold chastity. Wearing a tight cage can have side effects such as shrinking, balls going blue or cold, scars, and more. You can take necessary measurements to be certain the cage is the right size for you, and there will be zero issues.
  • Test Your Device: Before you start using any cage, make sure you understand how it works, do a proper test, assemble and disassemble. There’s a possibility of getting aroused on first use due to the excitement but take your time, and control your thoughts. You can even try a cold bath then try again. Does it fit easily? Is the lock stiff? Is it easy to lock and unlock? If there’s anything that appears off, do not hesitate to contact customer service to attend to your questions. You could also send your specifications for a custom-made one.
  • Keep Your Keys Safe: These devices often come with two keys. Whether you are giving it to your partner or your mistress, keep your keys safe. Though knowing where the other key is could be tempting, it is still rational that the wearer should know the location of the other key that is not with their partner. 

Now that you’ve decided to spice up your sex life with a chastity cage, don’t forget to have fun!


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