What is CFNM?

Jun 30, 2021

One of the most stimulating aspects regarding sex is the infinite nature behind sexual exploration. Just when you think you’ve done it all, right around the corner is a whole new world of sensual discovery to be had. 

Sure, the further into this discovery you go, the dirtier, the kinker, and the more vulnerable things might become. But that’s half the fun anyways, is it not? 

At VforVibes, we love showcasing new and unique ways in which you can add a little flair to your sex life. Today, we’re going to expand upon an aspect of BDSM that can easily be incorporated into your relationship. 

Introducing CFNM, or clothed female naked male. 

Whether you are purposefully exploring and working on mastering aspects of BDSM or if you simply want something new to play around with, stick around to learn more and to entice yourself into trying this woman-empowered form of dominance!

What is CFNM?

CFNM is the acronym that stands for ‘clothed female naked male’, and this is a way to describe a specific form of sexual interaction between the female gender and the male gender. This type of interaction is an integrated aspect of BDSM, and is part of the larger umbrella term of female domination, because in CFNM, the female is the one taking charge. 

In a CFNM scenario, as the name suggests, the female will remain entirely clothed while the male strips down to his bare skin, and the situation will remain this way through the entirety of sex. 

Being naked in front of a female counterpart creates a very vulnerable sense of physiological emotion for the male, and this is the keystone element to establishing the BDSM-inspired dominant and submissive relationship between the pair. 

The naked male becomes the slave to his fully-clothed master. Because she is clothed, this greatly emphasizes the power structure and further solidifies the female’s dominance over the man and the fact that she is in total control. 

What is CFNM

Aspects of CFNM Sex

Although a professional dominatrix is a master of CFNM, you don’t need a full leather bodysuit or years of BDSM experience to add a little clothed female, naked male vibes into your sex. 

Let’s get into some of the varying aspects of CFNM sex, including different types of play that might be incorporated into this scenario and how you can easily include light forms of this into your own relationship.

Professional CFNM Sex

A dominatrix is a master of clothed female, naked male sex, and an image of an empowered woman hovering over a clothless, helpless male is actually quite evocative of this set-up. 

The power structure is so solid and authoritative that many men seek this out from their mistress, and a submissive male relishes CFNM sex. In a professional setting, you will indeed see some of the more serious aspects of BDSM manifest. 

Starting with the clothing, BDSM-inspired leather suits and seductive lingerie are a go-to style for the mistress. However, you may also find this to occur with traditional garb, promoting role-playing into the interaction. Think, for example, a woman in teacher clothing who remains fully dressed as she punishes her ‘student’.

While the male is undressed, the female has the right (considering this situation is done with consent and with a safe word, of course) to do anything she pleases to the naked man as he is under her control through the delivery of masochistic forms of pain and humiliation. 


Verbal humiliation becomes much more profound when done in a CFNM scenario. By verbally humiliating and making fun of the man (such as degrading his penis size) with offensive words as the female remains dressed and seemingly unaffected by the sexuality at hand, the intensity of humiliation is risen to new heights. 


The mistress will often leave the male moaning ‘it hurts so good’, as this is a defining characteristic of BDSM and CFNM sex. 

While clothed, the female will perform acts of pain to her naked partner. Examples of this would include smacking his bare skin with a whip, choking him with a collar, pinching his nipples, or anything else you can imagine that delivers a pain response in conjunction with the sex. 



Pegging, or the act of a female performing anal sex on a male partner while using a strap-on, is one of the best methods to complement erotically wild CFNM sex. 

Pegging brings about one of the most defining forms of female empowerment due to its taboo and the extremely submissive nature of the male bent over on all fours, and when she is clothed, this is magnified intensely. 

Bondage and Discipline

Tying down the male with professional forms of bondage will set the stage for CFNM sex. 

Not only is he naked, a slave to the empowered and clothed counterpart, but now he cannot move. 

By restricting his movements, the mistress has free roam to implement all other forms of BDSM, discipline being one of them. 

As he is tied down with varying bondage techniques, she can verbally humiliate him, discipline him for his actions through pain and punishment, and force upon him whatever else she feels necessary to make him feel entirely at her mercy. 

pinwheel for sex

Cock-and-ball Torture

Cock and ball torture is no joke, but there’s a decent chance that if you’re a male who fully enjoys a submissive CFNM scenario, then you might enjoy the pain of this technique. 

Once again, the fully clothed female amplifies her power over the man as she tortures his cock and balls to extremes and further highlights this power structure that many men crave. 

CFNM for Beginners

If some of those aspects of CFNM sex seem a little intimidating, that is totally okay, as they are reserved for professional mistresses and those with high levels of experience in the world of BDSM. 

That by no means, however, implies that you cannot incorporate a little CFNM into vanilla sex, and CFNM is the perfect way to lightly experience the joys of female domination between two partners in a relationship. 

The key with CFNM for beginners is to keep it simple!

Start by just having sex while the female remains clothed. She can wear a sundress, for example, or continue to sport her lingerie throughout the entirety of your lovemaking. 

Then, you can begin to incorporate light forms of further female domination into your sex, and again, keep it simple and keep it light. 

Instead of tying him down with crazy knots and rope, instead, just force his arms down or utilize handcuffs. 

Instead of whipping him until his skin is red and bruised, just give him a little smack on his butt or his face. 

And you don’t need to humiliate him until tears run down his cheeks, but a little verbal punishment and using your words to solidify your current power over him is perfect! 

Take it slow, determine if you both enjoy the CFNM scenario, and work to explore this (as well as other aspects of BDSM) in a manner that is both emotionally and physically safe. 

With research, time, and most importantly, experience, you’ll begin to learn the varying degrees of intensity to apply within your CFNM setting, and overall if this form of female domination is something you enjoy! 

You never know until you try, so grab your favorite toys and have some fun as you discover the fulfilling benefits of sexual exploration. 



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