Get Back Up On The Horse – Tips On Having Casual Sex After A Breakup.

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Going through a breakup is painful. Whether it was your decision, mutual, or your partner’s wish, getting over a relationship and adjusting to life as a single person can be a difficult thing to do. One of the hardest adjustments for some people is moving on and having sex with new people. If you are keen to get back on the horse and start exploring casual sex and enjoying single life, then this is the article for you.


1.    Know when you are entirely ready


Some people believe that jumping straight into bed with somebody else is a great way to get over a relationship and for many people it works. However, you need to be entirely ready before you do anything like that. Be completely honest with yourself and gauge as to whether you are in the right emotional state to be intimate with another person.


The last thing you want to do is ignore your feelings, get black-out drunk and then jump into bed with somebody new when you are not mentally prepared for it. Then again, if you feel like you are ready and want to take your mind off of things – and pursuing a little pleasure while you’re at it – then go for it.


2.    Find the right person (but be careful)


It is all too common for people to have rebound sex only to mistake their emotions for deep feelings of affection, invariably wanting to turn a fling into a new relationship. This is a terrible idea. Thus you really need to be very careful when having casual sex after a breakup. The other person should be aware that you have been through a breakup and that you are not looking for anything other than a little fun. If both of your expectations are clear and you feel confident in the fact that you can be vulnerable around them, whilst having your needs met, then you should be good to go!


3.    Be realistic with your expectations


Sex can be amazing fun – but it can also be pretty rubbish as well, particularly for women on one night stands. So, if you are looking to get back up on the horse and enjoy some casual sex, be prepared for the occasional disappointing sexual encounter. Just because your ex-partner used to go down on you all of the time and make sure you got yours, it doesn’t mean the handsome chap from the bar with the cheeky smile and the pre-ripped jeans is going to afford you the same courtesy.


4.    Start with plenty of masturbation


If you want to get back out there but you don’t quite feel ready, then why don’t you start with a little solo play? There are plenty of adult toys for sale online so fill your boots and start exploring your sexuality again. Figure out what you like and have some fun pleasuring yourself to build up your confidence before trusting somebody new to enter your bedroom.

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 5.    Be accepting of the fact that things are going to be weird for a while


Things aren’t going to feel this weird forever. Eventually you are going to start feeling like yourself again and no matter how miserable you might feel, joy is just around the corner. So, focus on getting through each day, be kind to yourself, don’t be afraid to have a little fun, but more importantly give yourself time to heal before pursuing anybody romantically. If you think you’ve found the perfect person just weeks after breaking up with your ex, know that your hormones and emotions are likely lying to you!

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