Car Masturbation: The Why’s and How’s.

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Masturbation is one of life’s pleasures that you can do anywhere and at any time. But there are some places that are better than others. We’ve all heard of masturbating in the shower, even the toilet cubicle at work … but what about car masturbation? That’s right, your second home that takes you to work every day could very well be your next place to get some sexy solo time. Think about it: it’s an enclosed space where you can move anywhere! Say hello to endless locations and endless orgasms! Read on to find out why car masturbation could be right up your street and how to do it.

A word of caution

Before we get into the exciting stuff, let’s get the serious item out of the way first. In most countries, engaging in any public sexual conduct or public masturbation is a crime. So just make sure that you go somewhere secluded where you won’t be disturbed wherever you do it, and carry these responsibilities wisely with you. Also, it goes without saying that you SHOULD NOT masturbate in your car while driving. Obviously. It’s a no-brainer, but we have to say it.

Why masturbate in your car?

If you’re bored of your bedroom, masturbating in your car can be a good alternative to spice things up. Compared to other public places to masturbate, your car gives you the best of both worlds: the excitement of flicking your bean outside your house with the added bonus of a locked door. Plus, the fact that you can drive anywhere you want means that you could get some seriously cool views while masturbating; think cliff edges, forests, the dunes of a gorgeous beach, mountains, rolling hills in the countryside … take your pick! And let’s not forget your options in terms of masturbation positions. You can lean your chair back and put your legs up on the dashboard, or you can flatten the back seats and create a whole cozy vibe with a duvet and fairy lights if you want. 

So why masturbate in a car? How about, why not?!

car masturbation

Location, location, location!

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some suggestions for where you can get busy. Wherever you choose, just make sure it’s secluded and out of the way of passers-by.

  • Your garage: Okay, this one is a little tame, but it might be the perfect place for car-masturbation beginners. Or if you have a big family and the only place you can get a minute to yourself is in the car, lock the garage door, get in your car, and have some fun. But unless you’re keeping the garage door open, don’t turn on the vehicle. 
  • A cliff-edge: There is nothing more majestic than the open ocean, so follow an ocean road and look for an empty spot to park up and…uh… enjoy the view. Make sure you park the car facing the view so you can take it all in.
  • A forest: Do you prefer greener nature? Follow a road through a forest, and you’re bound to find an empty space. It’s best to do this one in daylight or at least dusk; forests can be spooky places in the dark.
  • The middle of nowhere: Do you live somewhere where there’s lots of empty space, deserted roads? You live in the perfect place to masturbate in the middle of nowhere.

Car masturbation and toys

It’s really up to you if you choose to masturbate with just your fingers or if you want to bring your entire sex toy collection. If you do decide to bring your vibrator with you, make sure you have enough batteries or that it’s fully charged. Let’s go through some options …

Your fingers

Ah, a classic where most of us started our masturbation journey. With all of the sex toys on the market nowadays, our fingers have fallen to the wayside. It’s a shame, too, because our fingers can create a different kind of pleasure from that of a vibrator. With enough lubrication and patience, you would never have to spend any money on a vibrator.

  • How to use: When you’ve found the perfect location, sanitize your hands and wait for at least 5-10 minutes. There is nothing worse than the stinging sensation of alcohol on your vulva. Waiting 5-10 minutes should ensure that your hands are thoroughly cleaned, and the alcohol from your hand sanitizer evaporates. Get into your desired position in the car, squeeze some lube onto your vulva, and spread it around. The rest is all up to you.
  • Our recommendation: Uh, you see those hands on the end of your arms? Your fingers are right there. Use them.

Rabbit vibrator

Second to our fingers, the rabbit vibrator has long been a resident toy in our bedside drawers. Rising to fame in the 1980s due to its intuitive dual-pleasure design, the rabbit vibrator is considered a classic vibrator to have in your adult toy box. Or your glove box.

  • How to use: Due to its dual-stimulation design, the perfect position to use this device in is in the driver seat. Lean the seatback, prop your legs up on the dashboard, and rub some lube all over your vulva, focusing particularly on the entrance to your vagina. Insert the dildo part of the vibrator and … you know the rest.
  • Our recommendation: The Aphrodite- The Brilliant Thrusting Vibrator has 9 vibration frequencies and rotates 360 degrees. Need we say more?
thrusting vibrator

Love eggs and wearables

Love eggs (also called yoni eggs) and wearable vibrators are insertable vibrators that you can normally control with a remote. This option is great for those of us who like to be a bit hands-off with our masturbation and those who want to play it safe. Even if you park in a secluded spot, there is a chance that someone else will turn up, and you’ll be busted, right? Not with these toys.

  • How to use: With insertable remote-controlled vibrators, you can sit upright as normal in the driver’s seat and masturbate in your car! If you close your eyes, you’ll just look like you pulled over to rest your eyes during your long journey. If you’re using a love egg and need that clitoral stimulation, too, wear some tight jeans and squeeze your thighs together. You’ll be in O-town in no time. No driving is necessary.
  • Our recommendation: With its ten toe-curling speeds, Proserpina – Black Bullet Egg Vibrator & Ben Wa Balls With a Remote Control is the perfect egg vibrator for your car masturbation adventure. Simply insert it before you leave, and all you have to do when you park up is switch it on. If you want a wearable vibrator with both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, the Hestia – Lightweight U-Shaped Vibrator – G-Spot Clitoral Vibrator is your car companion. With its U-shaped form, this vibrator sits in the perfect position to stimulate your g-spot and your clitoris at the same time. The speed is up to you!
yoni eggs

What to bring with you

At home, you have everything within a few steps away. But on an empty road in the middle of nowhere, you’re going to want the essentials. Here’s what to take with you to make sure your car masturbation session goes off without a hitch!

  • Wet wipes and hand sanitizer: Before you touch yourself down there, you’re going to want to clean your hands…and after, for that matter!
  • Vibrator, if using: This is obvious, but we always forget the most obvious things, right? Remember. Your. Vibrator.
  • A case for any sex toys: Don’t be that basic b*tch who carries her vibrator naked in her purse. To avoid your toy getting any dust or debris on it between leaving your house and arriving at your location, keep it in a designated pouch or case. Most sex toys come with something to store your vibrator in anyway. If it doesn’t, you’re buying your toys from the wrong place. Hint, hint … 
  • A separate bag for your after-play vibrator: Trust us, you don’t want to put your dirty vibrator back in its clean pouch. Take a separate bag (sandwich bags are great) to keep things hygienic.
  • Lube: Even if you normally get wet pretty easily, it’s good to have some backup lubrication. Just don’t forget your wet wipes because that shizz can be sticky AF. And nobody wants that on their steering wheel.
  • Something cozy and warm: Cars aren’t the warmest places so make sure you take a thick sweater or blanket, even if it’s the height of summer. Better to have it than not.
  • An indulgent snack: Make this an experience. I don’t know about you, but after a good masturbation sesh, I am so hungry! And I don’t just want an apple; I want cheesecake, chocolate, a burger…something naughty and luxurious. Get your favorite food and take it with you, ready for a post-orgasm snack. This is your time to treat yo self, honey. 

So that, my friends, is how to masturbate in a car. Public masturbation can be a real thrill as long as nobody sees it, of course! Take precautions, do your research, and just do it. You won’t regret it.

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