Canoe Sex: Is It Possible? We Think Yes.

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Canoe sex – also known as kayak sex – is a seldom spoken of topic outside of the world of jesting. Many people jokingly refer to it as “Canadian initiation”, and as much as it does bring on a chuckle to hear, kayak sex is an exciting adventure for the brave and dauntless to embark on. So how exactly do you even begin? Here is the ultimate guide to your next great experience.


The Setup


Before you start going at it and flipping boats, here are some pointers to not only prevent you from tumbling naked into a river but will make the experience infinitely more comfortable. 


A huge factor in the enjoyment of fucking on a kayak is what kayak you’re using. Let’s be honest, it’s far easier to stabilize yourself on a wider, larger boat, so that should be your first thought when setting sail into the big wide river. Some canoes are designed with a removable thwart (that frustrating and sex preventing strut placed directly in the center of the boat) which are the ones you should look out for. Having a canoe with a removable thwart opens up endless position possibilities for you and your partner to enjoy. Last but not least, don’t forget to stow your paddles where they won’t slip silently into a watery grave or stab you when you’re engaging in intimate kayaking sex.


Canoe Sex Location


Another important factor in your upcoming kayaking adventure is your chosen location. It’s obvious that you wouldn’t want to engage in kayak sex in a crowded area, so take your time in finding yourself a good location free of interruptions. Cast an anchor if possible so that you don’t drift into an unfortunate passerby in a location isolated from view, free from excess wind, without tide shifting, and maybe with a little shade. One other point to remember is to not hide if you see someone in your little area, an “empty” canoe is a reason for concern, and any good samaritan would make a point of “coming to help”, rather make your presence known, hang a leg out or wave them off if need be.

canoe sex

General Tips and Things to Bring for Successful Kayak Sex:


  • Sunscreen: Considering you’ll be naked under the warm rays of the sun…
  • Lubricant: Even if you don’t need it, it’s always better to have it on the chance that you do!
  • Towels/Blankets: Lay something soft down to make the experience more sensual and enjoyable. Towels are great for a quick cover-up, as well, should you need. 
  • Wear Easy-Access Clothing: Want to lower the risk of canoe sex? Wear clothing that covers your body while still allowing for access to your genitals. Aka, your favorite sundress! Or, leave the bikini on and have your partner pull it to the side. 
  • Bug Spray: It sucks, but chances are your secret location will lead you behind some mangrove trees or in a cove. And these wetland spots are prime for bug action, so do yourself a favor with bug spray. Opt for a natural spray to avoid chemicals and that nasty smell. 
  • A Snack and Hydration: Hydration is essential for life, duhh. But especially so for sex, and even more for kayaking, which are two physical exercises now combined together with kayaking sex. Stay hydrated under the sun to promote natural lubrication and feel alive and energized during sex and paddling. And as for snacks, the same goes. 


Kayak Sex Positions


The optimal canoe sex position for you and your partner comes down to what your kayak situation is. Here are a few options for every eventuality. 


1. The classic 69 


If you’re so fortunate as to have a boat with a removable thwart (lucky you!), then a great way to start things off is the classic 69. Have your partner lie down on their back in the kayak and climb on top of them facing the opposite direction to them for dual pleasuring. 


2. Lotus Sex Position  


This is a seated, intimate position to try out by sitting facing your partner on their lap. This is a great option for kayaking sex in a tight space. 


3. Magic Mountain


This is another seated position to try with your partner in close confines that is easier in the way of balancing while fucking on a kayak. Both partners sit facing each other with their legs bent while leaning back on their arms and inch closer together until contact is made.


4. Spooning 


One of the best, most intimate options is the spooning canoe sex position. Both you and your partner lay on your sides, facing the same way, allowing your partner to enter from behind. This is a relaxing, sensuous position that is only intensified by the gentle rocking of the boat and is highly recommended for beginners and kayak pros alike. 


Especially Playful – Sex Toys!


What’s the only way to make kayaking sex even better? Sex toys, of course! Here are two great recommendations to step your adventure up a notch.


1. Hestia


Hestia is a lightweight, U-shaped wearable vibrator. Not only is this a G-spot, and clitoral stimulator, it’s also 100% waterproof, allowing you to get wet and wild without any concerns. 


Why not spice things up with this wearable and remote-controlled toy? Finding yourself a good location may take a while; having your partner tease you even before you start getting intimate is a great way of building tension and desire. 


You can go ahead and call Hestia your new best friend.

u shaped vibrator

2. Fortuna


What better way to enjoy yourself and push your pleasure limits than with the Fortuna, a wireless remote-controlled anal plug


The Fortuna is one of V for Vibe’s most highly rated remote-controlled butt plugs, and for a good reason. This personal massager also happens to be 100% waterproof, being another great option for your watery adventures. Tease yourself with some steamy sensual foreplay and let yourself fall in love with this newfound favorite activity with your partner. 

anal balls

Final Thoughts?


So… Canoe sex: Is it possible? We think yes, and now you do too! Take these helpful tips and tricks along with you on your next little getaway, and make use of every opportunity to try something new and exciting. You never know; you may just love it.


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