Camping Sex: The Great Outdoors are Calling!

Oct 15, 2021

Camping sex- getting down and dirty in the great outdoors. There are literally a plethora of reasons as to why camping sex is one of the most invigorating, erotic, and simply beautiful ways of which you can uniquely engage in sexual practice by yourself or with a partner, and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about this alluring carnal activity. So pack the tent, snag your favorite incognito sex toy to ride along (or on, wink wink) with you, and find a patch of woods where fresh air, sunshine, and desire may all manifest perfectly. 

Why Choose Camping Sex?

How about why not?! You see, it is our responsibility to cater to sex in ways that prevent the mundane and that keep things exciting and irresistibly alluring. With this, we must remain active in doing the things that achieve this. If you don’t, then the fun of sex can so easily begin to slip away. 

By taking sex to the great outdoors, you completely change the environment. You change the location and mood, and you add a little risk to the situation that does nothing but enhance the experience to newfound realms of mental and physical fulfillment

Camping sex will do wonders for your sexuality in the sense that it:

Promotes Intimacy

Sex while camping is one of the few experiences that cater to nearly all of the different types of intimacy

Beginning with the experience, you craft an entire adventure surrounding your sexuality, and nothing will check off the box to experiential intimacy quite like this. 

For many, camping is a spiritual experience. Being in the great outdoors with only the bare necessities (and eventually bare skin!), surrounded by stars and the open sky, is a wondrous way to ensure that spiritual intimacy is entirely fulfilled. 

In terms of emotional intimacy and intellectual intimacy, what could be better than engaging in deep talks with a warm glass of wine or whiskey to accompany the dive into your and your partner’s mind with a fire burning nearby?

And of course, as soon as you step into the tent, may the sexual intimacy ensue! 

camping sex

It Feels Sensational!

Being in an environment such as camping will help you to breathe, relax, and feel a calmness surrounding life. You are in the moment, and this fully allows you to succumb to the bliss presented by this experience. 

Following this relaxation, your body will have a much better time letting go. This relaxation and happiness derived from camping sex translates directly into the sensation, as it will aid in promoting the much-needed blood flow to your nether regions and ample self-lubrication for some of the most pleasurable and intense lovemaking you have ever known. 

It’s Exciting! 

Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of excitement to get those juices flowing and to increase the sex drive we may feel with our partners. Sex while camping is a unique way to really change up your intercourse for the better and will have you laughing and reminiscing on all those wild camping sex stories that you have created together. 

Maybe the neighbors heard you getting on a little too loud; maybe a little critter startled you as they rummaged through the food outside. No matter what it might be, camping sex will showcase a new take on certain kinks such as exhibitionism and will become an experience that forever molds itself into your favorite memories through the erotic fun you share together. 

How to Have Sex While Camping

Ahhhh, now for the good stuff: how to have sex while camping. It’s really not a difficult endeavor, but there are definitely a few things you need to keep in mind for camping sex synonymous with success, and hopefully, a refreshing and electrifying orgasm to top it all off! 

Start with Camping

I know, sex is on your mind. You want to throw what you got into the car and start driving away to that far-off destination, like, NOW. But slow it down, cowgirls and cowboys! 

You first need to begin with ensuring that the camping itself is completely successful. Tone it back, and plan your camping trip as though you would any other by making sure that all the necessities are entirely in line. Nothing will kill the mood more than forgetting the sleeping bag or the bottle opener, and you want things to be as smooth as lube when you arrive. 

Make a diligent list of what you will need, and check off every box as you pack; the proper clothing, the linens, the food, drinks, etc.

Do some research about the area you are camping, find a perfect campsite or state park that you desire, and make any reservations if needed/solidify your plan- dates, times, all the logistics. And, as you search around the area, you should try and find some other fun things to do while you camp too, like a nice hike or swimming hole, to further enhance the overall enjoyment of the experience. 

Basically, just make sure that there will be no hiccups regarding the camping itself first before focusing on the camping sex. 

camping sex

Find a Nice Spot and Set Up!

Once again, you don’t want to rush it, so get acclimated with things once you arrive at the destination. Set up the tent, check for any weirdos around (seriously, the world is a crazy place!), and work on the overall aesthetics of the experience. 

Get the chairs lined up around a fire, get the dinner organized, make the inside of your tent soft and cozy with blankets and pillows- those kinds of things! Although the whole point is to feel far away from home, it’s really nice when your campsite feels homey and comfortable. It helps both you and your partner relax and fully succumb to the brilliance of being outdoors together, which promotes the gratification of camping sex to the fullest extent. 

For another tip, focus on romance! Sneak in those cute string lights and an extra-fancy bottle of wine. Surprise your lover with a cute, outdoorsy gift or his/her favorite snacks. Although cliche, even a little thing of flowers has never failed at making someone smile! Use this time to create a date night through the situation of camping, and sex while camping is sure to follow. 

Enjoy the Moment Together First

You want to enjoy the experience of camping at its core before rushing into your tent to rip the clothes off. Take your time, ladies and gents. Have you ever heard of a thing called foreplay?!

I know, sitting around a campfire and talking might not be your go-to definition of foreplay, but the best sex almost always follows the most fun and engaging experiences together (once again, a big one for those who need experiential intimacy to really feel the love!), so make sure the experience is one that you are both enjoying with laughter and fun. 

Talk about anything and everything your mind can conjure up, and get creative and deep with these conversations. Sit by a fire and look up at the stars, maybe look for a constellation or name a star together. Have some campfire-cooked dinner, and really, just enjoy the moment of being together as the world shows you just how beautiful she is! Trust me, her beauty will reflect directly into the beauty and intimacy of your sex, so never take this aspect of being outside for granted. 


When it comes to camping sex, you do want to keep an eye out for your safety. Make sure you are in a safe location where people don’t seem to be in too close vicinity. Double-check that there are no kids camping in the spot nearby. Really, just make sure the vibes are right and that everything feels safe and secured (animals included! Hang the food high!) before taking the clothes off…unless you plan to fight a bear in the nude, that is. 

Camping Sex

Once you feel the fire of desire burning within, then you’ll both know when it’s time to get down and dirty with some animalistic lovemaking. But just with any sexual encounter, camping sex is all the same! Take your time, go slow, and always focus on the foreplay. You literally have all night, so why would you want to rush things?!

Implement all of your go-to foreplay strategies. Kiss and touch by the fireside to build anticipation, show off your oral skills once the tent zips up (or outside, if you’re feeling a little risky!), and hey, no one said you shouldn’t bring along your favorite sex toys! 

Embrace your inner kink and your wild side to the fullest. Engage in mutual masturbation, play some fun and exciting sex games, bust out your vibrators and nipple clamps and everything in between! 

vibrating suction cup dildo

Just because you are away from home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the things you usually like in a bedroom setting. It’s really as simple as the fact that using a vibrator at home is fun, masturbation at home is fun, and sex at home is fun- but all of this while in a tent in the outdoors?! Now that’s something out of a dream. 

If you want a little view of the stars, and no one is nearby/you feel comfortable showing off a little for a lucky passerby, then give the tent an unzip to let some moonlight shine in. It really adds to the romantic experience of camping sex, but watch out for bugs!

Ha, with that said, you do have to realize that you are camping, so there might be things like a little sand on the feet or a bug in the tent that alarm you. But you know what?! Roll with it! That’s the whole point; to be wild and to be free, and camping sex is one of the absolute best ways to achieve this. 

And when you wake up to the sunshine the next day, then it just might be time for round two. So, um… Did someone say hiking sex next?!


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