What to Know before You Buy Sex Toys.

Jul 27, 2023

You’ve read a few amazing stories about sex toys and you know you are ready to get one, right? Not exactly. You can’t buy sex toys after a few interesting and empowering stories. There are many other factors to consider. This is what we are here for.


We have gathered pertinent data from users and experts to ensure we provide you with accurate information. The following article is designed to ensure you’re informed before you buy sex toys. Here we go.


It Isn’t Wrong to Use a Sex Toy

People who love spicing things up in the bedroom may think it’s wrong to use a sex toy. The thought of suggesting the use of an adult toy to your partner may be daunting. The reason may be you are afraid and may assume they don’t satisfy you. However, this is far from the truth.


The whole idea is to add variety to your sex life. Even people with a great sex life admit that without variety it eventually becomes dull.


To smoothen the introductory process, try starting a conversation about sex toys. You can state something like “A friend of mine tried a vibrator with his/her partner and it was amazing. Gauge their reaction to determine whether you can suggest you do the same. If they aren’t offended or put off, suggest you buy sex toys together. This way each partner gets a chance to choose something they may like.


Sex has been seen as something that two people act on to satisfy each other. No matter how good, it’s impossible to satisfy your partner in every way. After all, studies have proven that a dull sex life is a main factor in cheating. Once you have jumped this huddle you are ready for the next step.

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What to Try Out

Never agree with the misconception that adult toys are only for solo use. Another misconception is sex toys are for people with certain penetration preferences.


When you buy high-quality sex toys, we recommend V for Vibes luxury sexual wellness brand, you’ll be amazed at the variety. They have everything from beginner to expert level and everything in between. Stores such as V for Vibes cater to everything you can imagine and more.


You get to choose anything from simple vibrators and butt plugs to male masturbators. You should be careful if you are using butt plugs for the first time. Always make sure the plug’s widest point is smaller than its base. Otherwise, your spiced-up sex experience may turn into a trip to the emergency room.


Choose the Store and Toys Wisely

Don’t go and buy sex toys and expect magic. This may be the biggest mistake you might make. You’re thinking how is it possible to spot a good from a bad adult toy if you’re shopping online? Don’t worry we got you covered.


Start by avoiding cheap materials such as PVC. If you are buying online, ask if the toy is made using silicone or PVC. If shopping in a walk-in store, smell the product. If the smell is similar to heavy plastic, there’s a high probability it’s made from PVC.


In case you already have the toy, try a boil test. Never try this on electrical sex toys. Boil a pot of water and insert the product. If you see an oily film in the water after a few minutes, it means your sex toy is made using PVC. So what’s the big deal with PVC?


It’s porous meaning it degrades with time. This means it will only serve you for a short time. High-quality sex toys are made using silicone. To be on the safe side, shop at reputable adult toy stores such as V for Vibes.


Another thing to remember when buying sex toys is cleaning and maintenance. Thoroughly wash your toys whether you are alone or with one or more partners. In the long run, you avoid the risk of UTIs and other skin infections. Never soak vibrators. Clean them using a clean towel and warm soapy water. Don’t forget to remove the batteries in these before you start cleaning.

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Vibrator Options

Most people may not know there are a plethora of vibrator options out there. You may not be into bullet vibrators because you aren’t into penetration. On the other hand, you may find that such vibrators don’t give you a climax.


Widen your horizons by shopping around. The options available in the vibrator section are mind-blowing. Some are small enough to fit in a purse. Don’t let their size fool you. They do an amazing job and then some. You can also choose to go for sucking vibrators.



Sex toys may seem scary at first. This is why there’re extras such as lubes. Lubes are designed to make penetration of adult toys easier. These are available as oil or water-based. Make sure you avoid any that are sugar based. They are known to cause yeast infections, thrush, and even vaginosis.

Oil-based lubes sound like a great option. However, make sure you never use these with condoms. This means if you use your toy and then have sex, don’t use oil-based lubes. Silicone oil is a great option for those planning to use condoms after a sex toy session. However, they can’t be used with silicone sex toys. To be on the safe side use water-based lubes.

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Lubes takes your adult toy experience to a higher level. Additionally, it’s a great solution for those with dryness issues. If you suffer from endometriosis and vaginismus, you should use oil-based lubes. The same case applies to people who have undergone recent cancer treatments. This is the best way for them to have fun and enjoy sex.


Bottom Line

The above information is everything you need to know before you buy sex toys. Remember to ask for assistance if you aren’t sure how a specific sex toy works. Never use these toys for purposes they weren’t intended to be used. That’s it now go and have some fun!


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