Buy Now Pay Later Sex Toys: Introducing Afterpay to V for Vibes.

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Buy now pay later sex toys are now available on the woman owned, woman empowered sex toy store V for Vibes!

Yes, you heard that right. You can now effortlessly finance sex toys through Afterpay. Pay monthly sex toys just got a hell of a lot more accessible thanks to this easy option of breaking down your payments, as pleasure and sexual liberation should be readily available for everyone, regardless of certain financial hindrances. 

To learn more about buy now pay later sex toys, and to see if this option helps you to fit our vast collection of top of the line toys into your budget, stick around and keep reading, and feel the excitement bubble within you as you browse our massive collection of orgasm-inducing devices. 

What is Afterpay? 

Afterpay is an Australian-based financial technology company integrated into multiple physical stores and eCommerce websites, aiming to make products more accessible to the general public through simple, uncomplicated financing.

What’s the catch? There’s really no catch at all! Afterpay features zero interest payments, and the only extra charge you will see is for missed payments, so as long as you are on time (so don’t get too distracted with your new favorite vibrator), there’s literally no extra charge for choosing this route!

buy now pay later sex toys

How Do Buy Now Pay Later Sex Toys Work?

With Afterpay, simply browse our extensive collection of luxurious sex toys, and add your favorite to your cart. When you reach checkout, all you have to do is choose the option for “Afterpay”. 

Once chosen, it will take you through the effortless steps to purchase your sex toys on credit, and it will break your purchase down into four monthly payments that equal the total. 

Is it really that easy? It absolutely is. 

You will receive your sex toy delivered discreetly in the mail so that you waste no time in reaching the best orgasm of your life, thanks to our toys crafted explicitly for female and shared couples pleasure, and you can enjoy the ability to pay four lower payments versus one more significant charge!

Why Choose Buy Now Pay Later Sex Toys?

We all come from different backgrounds, different financial statuses, and ever-changing situations that might make the purchase of a high-quality toy unmanageable. With this, however, we are all entitled to the enlightenment that follows sexual empowerment through consistent pleasure and equality through climax. We are all deserving of the ability to manifest this without financial stress to follow. I mean, who wants to think about their bank account when you are trying to enjoy some personal, self-care time alone, am I right?

Breaking your payments down helps even more women in our world fully understand the bliss derived from the sensations of sex toys, further promoting our passion at V for Vibes to help every woman breach the orgasm gap in sex. 

As well as this, because of financial burdens, some would instead choose a lower quality, cheaply made sex toy as a second ‘affordable’ option. We hate to say it, but you really do get what you pay for. A cheaper sex toy usually means a standard, phallus-shaped dildo with little innovation, something that your fingers could replicate to a more pleasurable extent. These toys do little to empower women, they only provide a slight increase of sensation, and they are not even close to the durability that is synonymous with sex toys at V for Vibes. 

Cheap also means materials that are bad for your body and a greedy male CEO reaping the profits of their quickly made, factory pumped out toys. Oh no, we don’t like that one bit. 

All of our toys are designed by women and for women, catering to the every idiosyncrasy of the female anatomy and certain kinks and fetishes, and are made from the highest quality sex toy material currently available. This means medical-grade silicone and ABS- body safe, non-porous, easy to clean, and durable, lasting a lifetime of carnal endeavors. 

Shower sex it is, my beautiful friends! Most all of our toys are entirely waterproof, further enhancing their versatility, allowing you to explore in more places than just the bedroom. They don’t require batteries, as they are USB rechargeable, so say goodbye to stealing the double A’s out of the remote control as you are rudely interrupted by a dying toy, and say hello to endless hours of rechargeable fun. 

With a buy now pay later sex toy, you can instead purchase these top of the line, high-end toys instead of opting for a poor second. We are making pleasure more accessible, and that’s what it is all about! 

5 of Our Favorite Pay Monthly Sex Toys

If you need a little inspiration as to what toy to choose, we suggest browsing through the entirety of our shop, but here is a brief list of some of our favorite buy now pay later sex toys that are all but certain to catch your eye. 

1. Aphrodite- The Brilliant Thrusting Vibrator

Aphrodite doubles as a G-spot vibrator and a clitoral vibrator that is sure to send you into a realm of sensual delight. As a 100% waterproof thrusting vibrator, this special toy has the ability to rotate on a 360-degree axis, taking the ‘work’ of self thrusting out of the equation. With 9 optional vibration frequencies, a beautiful design, little noise, and USB rechargeable capabilities, this buy now pay later sex toy is the culmination of quality, innovation, and pleasure. 

Aphrodite thrusting vibrator

2. Iris- The Suction Cup Vibrator of your Wildest Dreams

Iris, the suction cup vibrator, grants the user the ability to place their toy onto a surface so that they may enjoy every angle and every possible position of pleasure. Top that with the triple stimulation capabilities of this suction cup vibrator, including clitoral, vaginal, and anal stimulation, as well as 10 optional vibration frequencies, you will find yourself shaking at the thighs as goosebumps riddle your skin in sheer pleasure. 

buy now pay later sex toys

3. Bia- The Ejaculating Dildo

Bia, the ejaculating dildo, allows you to really explore the endless possibilities now provided by innovation within the sex toy industry. If you want the best range of shared clitoral and G-spot pleasure, topped with the ability to mimic your wildest of kinks in a safe and fun manner, such as a creampie or an enticing facial, then this is the buy now pay later sex toy you’ve been waiting for!

4. Venus- The Dual Head Wand Vibrator

With clitoral stimulation a must-have for a majority of women’s orgasms, everyone should have Venus, the dual head wand vibrator, in their sex toy collection. This vibrator focuses specifically on the over 8,000 nerve endings contained within the clitoris, and to further enhance this stimulation, it warms to a temperature of up to 103 degrees Fahrenheit with intelligent-heating capabilities. Warm and fulfilling, all intertwined into one incredible wand vibrator. 

5. Drusilla – Clitoral Sucking Tongue Vibrator

Drusilla, the clitoral sucking tongue vibrator, perfectly mimics the sensations of cunnilingus. If you are ready to take oral sex into your own hands with your next favorite and ever so talented partner, Drusilla knows precisely how to get the job done. No more tired tongues! With 10 sucking functions and 20 frequencies to filter between, you’ll find pleasure that you didn’t know could exist. 

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