Furry Fun: The Butt Plug Tail.

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Are you new to the world of furry fun? Heard of a butt plug tail, but not sure why you should get one or whether you’ll like it? Afraid of anal play and not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! Here’s our little guide to the world of furries and the fun you can have with an anal plug tail, the different kinds available in the market, and how to store it properly without causing damage to the tail itself. 

While this article doesn’t cover all the details of a butt plug tail, we’re going to try our best to help you get comfortable with one and give you a brief introduction to the world of butt plug tails and furries fun. 

Remember, if this is not your cup of tea, there is no pressure to try this out, but you might stumble upon one of your kinks or desires in this, so we suggest that you keep an open mind when reading this article and being fully open to the possibilities of a butt plug tail. Keep reading to find out how to use a butt plug tail and the opportunities derived with an interesting new kink and anal sex toy! 

Why you should try a Butt Plug Tail

Whether you’ve tried a butt plug or not, a butt plug tail can do so many different things for you and your partner’s sexual fantasies and desires that you had never even imagined before. Perhaps you developed an awakening early on and found yourself being attracted to cartoon characters who often had tails and didn’t know what to do about it, considering the taboo around anal play and furries fun. This can be your shot at finding out what your “fursona” is and what kind of tails you would be into if you give anal plug tails a shot. 

Of course, the usual benefits of a butt plug still apply when considering a butt plug tail such as stimulation in the backdoor region, exciting kinks to find out and explore, and preparing yourself for anal play and anal sex before diving straight into it. It can also be a fun, more inclusive way of having sex with people who do not conform to heteronormativity or the gender binary and can open up thousands of possibilities in terms of finding a partner and expanding your horizons. Along with the anal stimulation promised through a furry tail plug, you can also explore the different sensations of touch and material other butt plug tails will offer, including fur, metal plugs, and what that can do for you and your partner. 

butt plug tail

The Kinks you can explore with a Butt Plug Tail.

If you are with someone who does not fall within the gender binary and does not conform to heteronormative conceptions of sex, a butt plug tail can be your best friend. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know how many straight, cisgender people are out there having some furry fun while you’re still uncertain about stepping into the realm of butt plug tails. Don’t worry though, take your time getting comfortable and feel no pressure to continue doing this if you do not like it or if it does not work well for you or your partner. Remember that these are only suggestions and details and that what feels best for you is what you should continue doing in your play and sex life

If you’re ready to explore with a furry tail plug, you can delve into roleplay scenarios like never before. Relinquish some of your control and power or play the submissive partner’s role as you plant your butt plug tail, or even step into the world of BDSM with giving up complete control through taking on the persona of a pet for your partner if you’re into that. The dominant-submissive relationship can be really fun and exciting if done right, with the correct safe words in place, and with consent included, and can really elevate your sensations and help you achieve orgasm like never before. 

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The Different Kinds of Anal Plug Tails 

There are so many different kinds of butt plug tails to experiment without there in the market that we couldn’t make a fully comprehensive list of everything you can possibly find online. We did come up with some of the most commonly purchased furry tail plugs and the different kinds of them, and here’s how you can pick what will work for you! 

  1. A Wolf Tail: If you think you will enjoy taking on the personality and characteristics of a wolf during play and sex, a wolf tail might be perfect for you! Let your wild side shine through while still playing the role of a submissive during sex, and really let your imagination run wild with the possibilities and thoughts of having a wolf tail plug.
  2. A Fox Tail: For those of you interested in, well, a more foxy personality, a fox tail butt plug might be the best option. It can keep things light, sexy, and interesting even when you aren’t trying out too many new things while still stimulating new areas of your body and giving you the sensations you need for the Big O you’ve been dreaming of.
  3. A Bunny Tail: Maybe growing up, you always found Bugs Bunny or other rabbit-like characters to be extremely sexy. This is not uncommon, especially with the take Playboy has on the bunny, and deeply the bunny is associated with sexiness in the furry world. In that case, a Bunny butt plug tail might be the best bet you’ve got to explore anal play. 
  4. A Dog Tail: If loyalty, warmth, and comfort are what you’re seeking, maybe it’s time to experiment with a dog butt plug tail and really let your submissive side shine as you fully give into your partner’s wishes and explore BDSM like never before. Take on the persona – or fursona – of a dog and a pet to really take it one step further.

You can pick between real fur and faux fur depending upon your own personal reasons, such as ethical considerations and personal preferences, along with allergies and other medical conditions in mind. Just make sure you’re doing what you feel most comfortable doing!

How to Store and Clean your Butt Plug Tail 

A butt plug tail can’t and shouldn’t be too difficult to take care of and clean, really – it’s got all of the things a regular butt plug would need for storing and cleaning, but with the additional fur and tail part. For this, you might want to purchase something sturdier and not so easily damaged, especially with the lube you’re using. You will also need to consider whether the lube you’re using can damage your tail or stain it, and you can use neutral soaps to wash out any remnants of anal play or lube on the tail after. Keep the drying process minimal and ideally hang it in a place without too much heat or artificial means of drying, such as a clothes dryer or a hairdryer for best results! 

Other Anal Toys

Although a butt plug tail might not be your total cup of tea, there are a plethora of anal toys for beginners out there that may better suit your current desires, such as triple stimulation vibrators and anal vibrators. 

Answering how to use anal sex toys should be a process that you take slow and steady, and anal toys are the best way to promote this experience in a manner that always caters to safety, your anatomy, and overall comfortability. 

Once you are comfortable with these unique yet invigorating sensations, perhaps a tail butt plug is the next on your shopping list, as we highly suggest the alluring roleplay derived from these insanely fun and cute sex toys. 

triple stimulation vibrator

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