Using a Butt Plug at Work.

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It might sound risky and dangerous, but it is very common to find people using butt plugs at work. Maybe it’s the thrill of getting caught that gets people going, or the possibility of being in the open and not hiding how much you like sex, or that it is absolutely one of the wildest things you can do during anal play that makes it all the more interesting. 

If you’re new to butt plugs and not really sure where to begin, we recommend this article for a better guide on how to use butt plugs, after which you can give wearing a butt plug to work a shot if you’re into it! Butt plugs on their own are quite exciting to venture into and discover, but a butt plug at work can really take things to the next level with your partner, especially in roleplay scenarios. If you’re here to find out why, how, and when to use a butt plug at work, we’re ready with some answers for you! 

Do People Actually Use a Butt Plug at work?

Yes, it is absolutely very common to use a butt plug at work, especially if you are interested in exhibitionism and voyeurism. Finding the right butt plug can do wonders – with a travel-friendly, portable but plug, you will be able to explore the world of anal play with such ease and comfort that you’ll be surprised you didn’t try it earlier. If it works for you, it works for you, and we’re not here to judge! A butt plug at work can really spice up your Mondays in the office and can leave you feeling extra naughty during a meeting. This can add to and elevate your sex life with your partner and can really let you experience intense orgasms with all that build-up. Trust us, it is not uncommon at all, and in fact, if this is something you would like to explore, we recommend you find a safe space to try it out and the right kind of butt plug for your needs! 

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Why Would Someone Want to Use a Butt Plug at Work?

While it can be difficult to think of why someone would want to wear a butt plug at work and whether that can get uncomfortable or not, we have some reasons and pros and cons outlined for you right here! One of the biggest and most common reasons people can wear butt plugs to work is that it can be thrilling and exciting to do something sexual in a public place. 

Consider this – you’re at work, and you have a meeting with your colleagues or your boss, but before you head out, your partner asks you to put it on so that you two can later engage in anal play when you head home. That might be all the more reason to put it on and stay at work. 

Or if you’re a couple who enjoy BDSM and have assigned dominant and submissive roles during sex and roleplay, a butt plug at work can be your way of showing your dominant partner the lengths you would go to have sex and really let them feel the pleasures of life with you. 

It can also be really interesting to have that sensation of a butt plug in a public place make you feel slightly off guard and get really hot and steamy as soon as you get home. There is also always the possibility of wearing a butt plug to work for several hours for anal training. Anal training is when you are in the process of getting your muscles ready for anal sex and backdoor penetration by allowing your muscles to get relaxed and used to the kind of opening you would need for anal sex and achieving an anal orgasm.

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Things to Consider when Wearing a Butt Plug

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the safety aspect of wearing a butt plug to work. How long you leave it in there is really up to you, and there is no conclusive evidence on what is the maximum limit for the number of hours you can wear a butt plug in your day. Just remember when the discomfort begins to feel like pain, or if it is obstructing your functionality at work and getting in the way of your otherwise regular day, it’s time to take the butt plug out and give it a rest. Other than that, you and your partner can negotiate the terms and duration of wearing a butt plug between yourself as long as you are not at risk of injuring yourself or getting hurt. 

You might also want to consider the kind of butt plug you use for this activity, especially if you are going to wear it to work at a public place or where you’re at risk of getting caught. Try finding a small, portable, travel-sized butt plug that has a wide base to ensure it doesn’t get stuck or lost in your rectum region. A butt plug that is too large may not be very discreet and will not help with getting away with this at work! With this, an anal training kit is the best way to experiment with pugs of different sizes and determine the perfect size for your public endeavors.

Another possibility is finding anal beads that work for you – or making anal toys at home, such as our article suggests if you’re absolutely out of luck with purchasing anal beads – and wearing those. The material is up to you to decide as long as you are sure you’re not allergic or will not have an adverse reaction to it after wearing it for so long.

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Advice on how to not get caught

One of the most important things to consider when wearing a butt plug to work is, well, trying not to get caught. As with most risky things, especially public sexual acts and masturbating in public, wearing a butt plug to work can really cause offense to many people, especially if they find out you’re wearing one. 

One of the greatest pieces of advice we’ve got for you is to be extremely discreet about it. Don’t tell your coworkers and don’t mention it to your boss, in fact, don’t mention it at all when you’re at work. Not only will this help you in not risking your job and not getting caught, it can make anal play steamier and sexier if it’s a little secret kept between you and your partner! A small-sized butt plug should be perfect for this endeavor as you try to keep your game face on at work and continue going about your day without giving away that you’re wearing a butt plug. If you do need to take it out, go to the bathroom and do it in private to avoid getting caught.

And if you still want to play at work but aren’t into anal play, using a remote control vibrator in public is another euphoric option!

Fun Things to do When Wearing a Butt Plug 

There are so many things to do with a butt plug, like wearing a butt plug in public and wearing it to work! The thrill of knowing you’re wearing a butt plug, especially if you’re trying out a roleplay scenario with your partner who is also into BDSM, can do wonders for your anal orgasm and sex life in general. It can spice things up to a whole new level and can take your orgasms to another dimension! Keep it in at work and feel it create new sensations as you sit and stand during your day – text your partner about how you’re feeling when you’re wearing it at work, and most of all, keep it interesting when you get back home.

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