Cultivating a Positive Relationship With your Body.

Aug 26, 2023

When it comes to your body, it’s easy to feel awkward and embarrassed. Exploring your sexuality can be a daunting task, and awakening your inner goddess can feel like a near impossible thing to do. That being said, getting past that embarrassment can allow you to have the most incredible sexual awakening – especially when you add a vibrator or dildo in to the mix. A vibrator or dildo can help you cultivate a more positive relationship with your body, your sexuality, and allow you to take control of your pleasure. Plus, you’ll experience new sensations that are extremely tantalizing. Getting past that embarrassment allows you to embark on a journey of self discovery and empower yourself to transform and take control of your pleasure. 


What is it about body positivity that is so important? 


In this day and age, we see body positivity talked about frequently, with a message to embrace everyone’s unique shapes and sizes. Why is it then that we forget to include ourselves in that message? We have to be able to embrace our bodies, and explore our sexuality. Body positivity is about not only embracing others, but embracing ourselves and our unique identities. This is where vibrators and dildos come in handy! Using and incorporating them allows us to connect to our bodies and pleasure on a deeper level that helps us discover pleasure in new and exciting ways. Body positivity with ourselves allows us to become confident and liberated, freeing our minds from the constant anxiety of not being sexy enough.

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The reality is that sexual confidence and body positivity are things that should be hand in hand. We are far less likely to judge others when we don’t judge ourselves. Feeling comfortable in our bodies, sexuality, and pleasure is extremely important to freeing our minds. We have to be able to overcome those voices and fears holding us back. Enjoy the pleasures and happiness that comes from embracing ourselves as we are, and connect with your body in the most enhancing ways you can. With a dildo or vibrator handy, we can transform our pleasure, and feel greater self love, while being more empowered and happy. 


Masturbation and your body. 


Masturbation has so many benefits – from both our mental and physical well being, and trickles in to our daily happiness levels as well. Masturbation is proven to reduce stress, lower anxiety levels, and allows for better sleep. Plus, it lets you gain a deeper understanding of your body, and what brings you pleasure – this eventually allows your partnered sexual experiences to be more satisfying and pleasurable. Enhancing your sexual satisfaction both with a partner and alone provides a deeper empowerment that only benefits you and your relationships. Exploring your body can create a better sense of understanding, self love, and confidence.


Now, how can you choose the right vibrator for yourself? Well, that is all down to personal preference. What feels best and most comfortable for your body? There are many factors, from size, shape, material, and functionality to consider. You may prefer a toy that only focuses on clitoral pleasure, or you may prefer a sleek design that is discreet. You may also love a curved or textured toy! You can’t shy away from experimenting with different vibrators and dildos to find what brings you the most pleasure and satisfaction – after all, this is the only way to really know. 

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Masturbation is a form of self care, and therefore, is very important to your overall well being. Try to incorporate masturbation in to your self care routine. It’s an extremely powerful way to not only nurture your body, but also to connect with yourself. You’d be surprised at what a weekly masturbation session can add to your life! 


Be sure to create a safe, cozy, and comfortable environment that allows you to focus on yourself, relax, and let go of your inhibitions. It’s key to remember that self care is about taking care of yourself and your body. It’s a unique form of self love that should not be neglected.


When it comes to self discovery with a dildo or vibrator, it’s imperative to have a quiet and comfortable space prepared for yourself. Try different speeds, vibrations, and patterns when using your vibrator. Don’t push yourself to orgasm – pressure is the opposite of what we want! It’s important to understand that patience is key and that trying new things always has a learning curve. There’s nothing wrong with exploring your body and taking your time. If you orgasm quickly, you can also experiment with edging in order to prolong your pleasure!


Embracing your body will allow you to boost your sexual confidence, as well as your body. It is extremely empowering, and will transform your mind. You’ll be able to love and accept yourself in ways you did not expect to before. This helps you enhance your confidence with yourself and others, and will show in your relationships! Embrace this self love journey, try to release those negative feelings, and enjoy self love and empowerment. 



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