Body Oil for Sex – 7 Great Options to Choose From.

Feb 17, 2024

Nothing beats a good massage when it comes to feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. It’s especially during date night with your partner. Getting the best body oil for sex is a great way to take your sex night to a whole new level. You also get to create intimacy and increase relaxation while reaping the benefits of massage therapy.


You need to ensure you get all this from the body oil for sex of your choice. That’s where we come in. We have compiled a slew of options with different price points.

Check them out below to embark on your journey of finding the best body oils for sex.


Classic Naughty Drops

Do you crave an atmosphere of sensual tranquility? Classic Naughty Drops is the body oil for sex you need. The warmth of vanilla and the romance of rose creates an atmosphere of sensual tranquility. So how does it work? Vanilla has a sweet aroma known to relax and soothe. Rose is known to set a romantic mood due to its heart-opening qualities.


Saffron is added for its luxurious touch that adds a hint of exotic spice. This ingredient is popular for its ability to stimulate the senses and elevate your mood. Damiana, a constant in the Naughty Drops line, is added to gently rouse desire.


Ginkgo biloba is the last ingredient in this body oil for sex. It’s used in this blend to enhance your sensory experience. When used together, these elements synergistically work to provide an atmosphere of sensual tranquility. They subtly stoke your fires of passion, ease your mind, and awaken your senses. It’s the reason why this product is a great asset for intimate moments. Get it exclusively at V for Vibes.

Body Oil for Sex – 7 Great Options to Choose From. | V For Vibes

Bloomi Relax Body and Massage Oil

A lavender body oil for sex is a great way to relax your mind and body. The Bloomi Relax Body and Massage Oil is a great example of such a massage oil. For starters, it comes with a non-greasy formula. This means it won’t leave oil residue on your bedding.


It also has sesame oil to moisturize your skin. Additionally, it uses pumpkin seed oil to nourish your skin. People who used it said they and a fantastic experience. Go to V for Vibes to find it and others at great prices.


IQ Natural Edible Massage Oil

When we tried the IQ Natural Edible Massage Oil, we were impressed with some of its features. This body oil for sex comes with a pump bottle. It’s designed to ensure it dispenses enough oil to prevent spills. 


The first thing we noticed about the massage oil was the vanilla scent. It was romantic and soothing. We determined it was a great option for creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere. On the downside, the fragrance was mild. If you’re a person who likes flavored body oil for sex, this might be a disadvantage.


Paradise Naughty Drops

If you’re looking to be transported to a realm of desire, then this is the exotic concoction you need. It has Jasmine which acts as a powerful aphrodisiac and has an intoxicating floral scent. Both of these features combine to heighten arousal. Paradise also has Vanilla, which adds a layer of creamy and sweet richness. The result is a sensual yet comforting backdrop.


Patchouli is another ingredient in this body oil for sex. It grounds and centers the mind by stimulating the sense of a deeper connection. A traditional aphrodisiac, damiana, enhances sexual desire. The ginkgo biloba in this blend increases sensory awareness and blood flow.


Maca is a renowned adaptogen with revitalizing powers. It’s infused to provide an additional boost to endurance and energy. This enhances the emotional and physical aspects of your sexual experience. All these ingredients are blended to create a realm of sensual delight. Feels like something you need? Go to V for Vibes to get this amazing product delivered today.

Body Oil for Sex – 7 Great Options to Choose From. | V For Vibes

Maude Oil No. 0

The first thing you notice about this body oil for sex is it’s organic. People who are keen on organic products will love it. The product is scent-free and gentle meaning it won’t irritate your skin. The good news is you can use it for intimate moments or a casual massage.


The ingredients used in Maude Oil No. 0 are unique. They are castor oil, argan, coconut, and jojoba. These are great ingredients for a soothing and sensual massage. Furthermore, they moisturize and soften your skin. One great thing about it is you can use it on your hair and face. It’s more like a whole-body massage oil and nourishment oil. Go to V for Vibes if you want to get it today.


Aphrodisiac Sensual Massage Oil

Are you and your partner looking for a body oil for sex? If so, this is a great option for couples’ play. As its name suggests, it’s packed with aphrodisiac essential oils specially formulated to ignite passion. That’s why it’s a great choice for a sensual massage. Now, who wouldn’t want that?


These oils come with a delightful aroma that eases physical and emotional tension. Inhaling the scent causes a sense of relaxation and calm. People who use aromatherapy massage oils do so because of their healing properties.


The good news about this product is the manufacturer allows you to return it if you’re dissatisfied. If you are looking for stress relief, relaxation, and an aphrodisiac massage experience, this is for you. Find it in reputable online stores like V for Vibes.


5th Avenue Naughty Drops

The spicy warmth of vanilla is blended with the allure of vanilla in this body oil for sex. The combination results in a cozy ambiance that’s seductive. Vanilla is used to create a sensual and comforting tone. Cinnamon is added to provide a spicy kick. It’s used to increase blood flow and invigorate your senses to enhance physical sensitivity.


Like Paradise above, damiana is added to subtly raise your sexual desire. Ginkgo biloba is added to amplify sensory stimulation. Blending these ingredients together makes 5th Avenue the go-to body oil for sex for people looking to spice up their sexual relationship. If you are looking for a subtly arousing, warm, and inviting scent profile, this is for you. You can purchase it at the most affordable price from V for Vibes.

Body Oil for Sex – 7 Great Options to Choose From. | V For Vibes


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