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You don’t have to be into hardcore BDSM to be interested in being blindfolded and tied up. One of our favorites, underutilized, all-around fun sexual aids is the blindfold. Blindfolds are sold at stores, but any soft item like a silk tie or sleeping mask can be utilized as a blindfold. You’d be surprised at the sexiness that using a blindfold can add to your bedroom life. 

What’s the logic behind using a blindfold?

Blindfolds heighten your senses by depriving one of the others. However, this is not the only reason to use a blindfold. The anticipation a blindfold adds during sex can be just as pleasurable as the sex itself. Because you can’t see what’s about to happen, your senses are so on edge, and the sensations are even more intense. Not knowing what is about to happen makes for a sexy thrill that most love. 

Before just throwing on a blindfold, make sure you talk to your partner!

Even though a blindfold is not that scary, not everyone will be open to having that sense of sight taken away from them. Make sure you talk to your partner about what they do and do not like, and whether or not they are willing to try being blindfolded. Consent and communication are just as sexy as the act itself. 

If you do not know how to get started, read on for some ways to step up your bedroom blindfold games!

Best Blindfold Games 

  1. Try it in a different room

Blindfolds are super sexy in the bedroom, but you can add to that excitement by changing the scene. This leads to more excitement, because not only are you in a new environment, but you also don’t know where, and every sensation is a thrill. 

  1. Do a blindfolded taste test together

Whether you choose chocolate, strawberries, hemp candles, whipped cream, or even a delicious steak, it can be so fun to do a blindfolded taste test. Your senses are so heightened, and your partner will have no idea what you are feeding them. You can also make this a game where the blindfolded partner has to feed you, but be prepared for a little mess! You can also try a blindfolded wine tasting. The aphrodisiac qualities of the wine, combined with the sexiness of being blindfolded can really up the ante.

blindfold games
  1. Masturbate together, with both of you blindfolded.

Having to depend only on the sense of hearing to know if you two are enjoying yourselves can be so incredibly sexy. Try to touch yourselves and get off to the sound of each other’s pleasure. Or, you can blindfold the partner who is not masturbating, and try having them masturbate while you touch yourself. It can remove the self-conscious feeling of someone watching or what your body is doing, which may help you enjoy the moment even more than you normally would. Plus, the intense focus can really make you enjoy the sensations more than typically. You can even try solo masturbation to allow yourself to not be distracted during personal pleasure, and see how you like that!

  1. Try blindfolded oral sex on your partner.

When you blindfold your partner, it allows them to lie back and enjoy the moment, plus it builds anticipation. Because they cannot see you and what you are doing, every caress, kiss, and touch will be that much sexier. 


blindfolded oral sex
  1. Try temperature play while your partner is blindfolded.

Wax play can be super sexy, but some people find the candle and watching it to be very nerve-wracking and intimidating. Putting a blindfold on creates sexy tension, instead of fear about how it may feel on the body. Make sure if you try temperature play with a candle, that you buy the correct kind of candle to avoid burns and injuries. These have lower melting point temperatures. Make sure you communicate your plans as well. You can also try cold temperature play!  A cube of ice can do a lot when rubbed on the nipples and rubbed on the clitoris. You can even give a blindfolded massage with that candle!

Sensation play is typically amplified by the blindfold, but this is why communication is so important. Not everyone will enjoy being touched by something warm or cold. Try not to jar them with something very cold or very hot. You can also refrigerate oil and give a cooling down massage, if your partner doesn’t want ice on their body. 

  1. Use the blindfold as a restraint

If you are using a tie or longer blindfold, you can restrain them first. Then, once you are both thoroughly turned on and ready for the act, you can move to blindfolding them and giving them the best, sight-deprived railing they have ever experienced. You can restrain feet or arms.

  1. Use the blindfold as a sensory play on your partner’s body.

You probably can’t use the blindfold as a whip, but the silky feel can easily be run across your partner’s body to tantalize them, the same way you would a feather duster. 

  1. If they enjoy sensory deprivation, add in earplugs!

If your partner ends up enjoying sensory deprivation, try combining earplugs and a blindfold to up the ante even further. When your partner can’t hear or see, the feelings can be that much more intense. However, make sure you have a safe gesture, like a tap or a signal. Communication is key here, and this should not be combined with restraint. 

  1. Combine the blindfold with aromatherapy.

The benefits of aromatherapy oils are endless. Adding in scents heightens the experience even further. It can step up the mood, heighten the senses, and make your partner crave even more sexual touch and activity. 

There are so many ways blindfolds can be utilized in the bedroom to step up your sexual blindfold games. It doesn’t all have to be Fifty Shades Of Grey intense, but it can be if you want it to be. Remember that when you try something new like this, it is important to communicate and be assured that they want to try this new thing with you. So go forth and spice up your bedroom!


blindfolds and aromatherapy

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