Bi-Curious Couples: How to Satisfy your Bi-Curious Desires.

Jan 17, 2022

If you and your partner are interested in exploring your attraction to the same gender, there’s a term for that; a bi-curious couple. Bi-curious couples are open-minded people who arguably have the most fun as they get to explore sex from many different angles and discover more about their bodies. 


If both of you have an adventurous side, you’ve probably already fantasized about exploring things with the same gender. Even if you aren’t quite there yet, there are baby steps you can take to satisfy your bi-curious desires: Role-playing, swingers clubs, ejaculating dildos, to name but a few. 


It’s time to learn how to have the best of both worlds. 

ejaculating dildo

How To Satisfy Your Bi-curious Desires


There are plenty of ways you can make your fantasies come to life, even without inviting another person into your relationship. Here’s how you can satisfy your desires: 


1. Roleplay


One of the best ways to start exploring your bi-curious side is by trying role play. Role plays allow you to entertain the idea of having a threesome without involving a third person. 


With how rapidly the sex market develops, bi-curious couples don’t have to look far to find sex toys that will make the role play as realistic as possible. For example, you could invest in a sex machine that mimics thrusting during sex, although they’re pretty pricey. Another option is purchasing an ejaculating dildo – yes, these are a thing – and going a step further to give yourself a bi-curious threesome experience. To satisfy a bi-curious husband, it’s a good idea to invest in a strap-on or a double-ended dildo


However, exploring your sexuality doesn’t have to end in the bedroom. Another way to satisfy your bi-curious desires is interaction with the same gender, especially with a sexual undertone. And instead of making your partner feel left out, you can involve them in your fantasy. For example, you can start by flirting with people at the club while your partner is watching; you can play out a cuckolding scenario or pretend you’re on a hunt for a third. 


If you’re a bi-curious female, you’re likely to find luck in any club, but if you’re a man, it might be a good idea to explore the gay scene. This might seem like a huge step, but a lot of couples frequent gay clubs just because they’re hanging with their friends or enjoy the music. If you live in a big city, you can also lookup BDSM events and get to know people of many different sexual orientations. This kind of experience will give you more clarity and help you satisfy some of your bi-curious fantasies.


 2. Swingers club


Another good way to immerse yourself in the exploration of your bi-curious side is by visiting a swingers club. There you can experiment in a safe environment but also just watch other people if this is what you prefer (it allows your partner to join you even if they aren’t necessarily interested in trying anything new). 


Sometimes fantasies are just fantasies and might not be what we want in reality. At a swingers club, you can have a taste of what sexual relations with the same gender would be like. While masturbating when watching other people have sex isn’t well-seen, you can always save that image in your mind for later. If you’re feeling nervous about going to a swingers club, just know that there is usually no pressure to have sex or engage in any activity. You can simply dip your toes in the water to begin gaining a feel of this lifestyle. 


 3. Explore porn


To make a threesome experience even more satisfying, bi-curious couples should warm up with ethical porn. Whether you’re exploring your attraction towards women or men, you can easily find all sorts of videos dedicated to bi-curious couples as you play with your favorite sex toys and enjoy this fantasy. This is also a good idea if you’re hoping to find out if you’re bisexual or not. Instead of just focusing on deriving sexual pleasure from the video, you can try to work out to which gender you pay more attention to and how that attention might differ. 


For example, if you’re a bi-curious female, you might prefer watching a female body, but not necessarily because it gives you sexual gratification. 

And don’t forget to explore non-visual porn. This might be an erotic audiobook or a story, which will allow you to imagine the desired scenario with details of your preference. Make sure to involve your partner in this process so they can become more comfortable with the idea of maybe seeing you with someone else in the future and vice versa.

bi curious couples

 4. Threesome


Most bi-curious couples eventually decide to invite a third person into their sex life. Once you’ve discussed things with your partner and become comfortable with the idea, it’s time to take your experience to the next level. Threesome sex is like the definition of fulfilling your bi desires but comes at a cost; there’s a lot of preparation involved. Firstly, you have to find the right person that both you and your partner are comfortable with. It’s best if you meet them in person before you do the deed. It’s also a bit trickier to find a partner for a bi-curious husband than a bicurious wife, but apps should help with that. 


Secondly, you have to make sure you all communicate with each other and value it above giving in to the passion. First-timers should always take things slow. You might also be prepared for your partner to change their decision; watching porn is one thing, but witnessing you being touched by a stranger can be out of their comfort zone. But if things go well, a bi-curious threesome is an opportunity to learn more about both your and your partner’s sexuality and add more variety to your sex life. 


 5. A foursome


If you’re both interested in exploring intimacy with the same gender, why not take things a step further and try a foursome? This way, you can both lose your ‘bisexual virginity’ at the same time and even hold eye contact while you’re busy with another person, which is incredibly hot. You can easily find a couple at a swingers club that is interested in the same arrangement or try your luck on kink sites. Just don’t forget to make sure you’re on the same page first, and always stay safe and responsible. 


 6. Cuckolding


Cuckolding is a great option for bi-curious couples who don’t want to go all the way yet or those that have exhibitionistic and voyeuristic tendencies. In a cuckolding scenario, one of the partners simply observes while the other is having sex with another person. This might work extremely well if your partner isn’t ready to get involved with the same gender but still has bi-curious tendencies they want to explore. If that’s the case, you might either choose to have sex with a person of the same gender to satisfy your desires or the opposite gender to help your partner become more comfortable with the idea of making their fantasy a reality. Who knows, if things go well and the third person is okay with that, a cuckolding session could turn into a threesome. 



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