Some of the Best Songs to Have Sex to.

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Mood? Check


Scented candles and flowers? Check


Is sexy lingerie ready to be ripped off? Double-check


A playlist featuring the best songs to have sex to, Ummm… nope.


When you are about to have sex, trust me, nothing kills your mood faster than the wrong song coming up on your Apple Music or Spotify.

Sex and music complement each other, but on one condition. You have to play the right songs. 


Playing heavy metal or some sad tunes will likely not get you in the mood. It can be really weird when you are having sex, and the artist is singing about a parent’s death. If that doesn’t kill your vibe, I don’t know what does. That’s why R&B is usually a go-to choice for people who want to get it on.


Playing the right songs to have sex to can improve your sexual experience, set your skin on fire and connect your mind with your partner’s. Whether you are out for a romantic time in bed or your intentions are purely carnal, you’ll find a bit of magic here for any intimate moment. So check out our list of best songs to have sex to!

hemp candles

“Thinkin Bout you” – Frank Ocean


There’s a time for fast-paced songs when having sex with your partner. But sometimes, it is best to take things down a notch with slow and sensual music like this one. If this song is not already on your playlist, let me introduce you to the talented Frank Ocean and his dreamy falsetto. This song provides perfect background music for every evening sex. Frank sings about a past flame he can’t get off his mind. It gives you the pick me up, spin me around, take me to the bedroom and let’s undress each other slowly kind of vibe.

best songs to have sex to

“Adorn” By Miguel


With beautiful lyrics like “these lips can’t wait to taste your skin baby” and “Let my love adore you,” Here’s one of the best songs to have sex to. It is a sexy anthem about appreciating your partner’s body before you even touch them. It puts you in the mood for sex and helps you declare your love for your partner. So when your mouth is too busy to say those sweet words out, Miguel got you covered!


“Quickie” By Miguel


Here’s another one for you by Miguel. This is a great song for those brief but satisfying encounters where you and your partner go at each other with wild abandon. Here you’ve got a steamy number that can take you from sweet to sweaty quick and gets your bodies moving in sync with its unique tune. 


“Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey)” By The Weeknd


It seems no one has released more sex music in the past years than The Weeknd. Your list of best songs to have sex to would not be complete without getting some inspiration from Fifty Shades of Grey. There’s something undeniably hot and incredibly intoxicating about this song. It’s seductive and makes you quiver with unbridled passion. It seeps into your mind and injects some thrill to your libido – any day, anytime, anywhere.


“Skin” by Mac Miller


Asides from the fact that Mac has an incredibly sexy and unique voice, Mac is unabashed when talking about sex. He goes: “I lick my fingertips and get your clitoris in the mix.” One, kudos to a lover that knows the clitoris and what to do with it. Two, Mac Miller knows how to write about making love, so you need him on your sex music playlist. If you’ve got someone special around and want to change the atmosphere a little, stick to this song, and it will get you in the mood.


“Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye


Long-distance relationship folks, get in here. There are many best songs to have sex to, but this one is best for when you haven’t seen your partner in a long time. With “Let’s get it on,” Marvin shows everyone how to sing a sex song perfectly. You can feel the passion, want, and longing in his voice as he exhorts his partner for some loving after holding back his feelings for a long time. When you are about to get seriously tangled in the sheets with your partner, this song is for the moment. 


“Adore You” by Miley Cyrus


Whether you are under the sheets doing sexy things to your partner or you just want a soothing massage and some back rubs, this song is perfect for you. Have sex with your partner while listening to this song, then listen to it again and reminisce about how beautiful the sex was. It’s that kind of song! It’s great for couples who are so in love on a deeper level. It compliments slow thrusts and staring into each other’s eyes as you climax. 


“Strange Fruit” by Elijah Blake


If you are indulging in some kinky sex or forbidden romance, this might just be one of your best songs to have sex to. And even if you are not, Elijah Blake singing about “dirty thoughts” can make you want to try it out. The sound is entirely swoon-worthy, with sexy lyrics that ensure things stay interesting throughout your sex play. Its dark vibes and tune make the song undeniably sexy.


“Ride” by Somo


“My body on your body, baby, stickin like some glue”.


The lyrics will make you blush. It sets you on fire and brings some steam into your lovemaking. If you have been hoping for a song that sets the mood for a hardcore sex play, “Ride” is the song for you! It is worth listening to purely for cutting tension and fast thrusts under the sheets. The song is detailed, leaving no room for awkwardness. 


 “Tell Me” By Usher


Imagine a playlist of the best songs to have sex to without the king of R&B himself. If you are looking for songs to have sex to, especially if you feel particularly romantic all day, this song will not disappoint. It’s an 8-minute ballad that makes you feel like you are falling in love all over again and having multiple orgasms at once. “Tell me” is full of great lyrics that will make you blush and elevate your foreplay into something more serious. Just allow his words to serenade you into climax.


“WAP” by Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion


Obviously, one of the sexiest and iconic hits of 2020 ought to be on your sex playlist. Just listening to the lyrics can make you horny. Cardi talks about the sexy things she wants to do to her man, and you just have to follow the instructions. Easy and straight to the point kind of thing!


Summer by The Carters


There is something classic about this song from The Carters. Songs about love and sex have been done many times over the decade. But when Beyonce sings, it’s like learning about these sentiments for the first time. The lyrics have a sensual edge, and the soul groove in the background makes the song more perfect for lovemaking.


Sex and music have gone hand-in-hand for a long time. Though you and your partner may have different tastes in music, don’t worry. You can still work around it. Pick songs you both like or mix the songs together as part of the fun. Sometimes, some of the best songs to have sex to have no words, just arrangement of different sensual sounds or purely instrumentals. Go ahead, ‘dance’ the night away, loves!

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