The Best Sex Toys for OnlyFans.

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So you’re on OnlyFans, or maybe you’re considering opening an OnlyFans account. You’re in luck here. We can all agree that using sex toys is a lot of orgamic fun. But allow us to dig into something more fun (and profitable!): creating OnlyFans content that involves using the best sex toys. 


Using sex toys to improve your content creation is a beautiful idea. Your followers get to watch you receive endless euphoric pleasure, which gives them pleasure. Using your favorite sex toys during a live stream indeed comes with many goodies. 


With V for Vibes on your side, you can now take your content creation game to the next level. Yep! You heard that right! We have pulled together the best sex toys for women to save you the time-consuming content, all so that you’re onto the best straightaway. 


Whether you are trying to create content on a triple stimulation sex toy, clitoral stimulation, masturbation, penetration, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. Our woman-owned and sexually empowered team doesn’t mess around in this department. We cover the best sex toys for women to help you connect with your audience like no tomorrow and grow your OnlyFans to new heights. 


So go ahead and dive into our list of best sex toys for your only fans account and reap the endless rewards. 

best sex toys for onlyfans

Bia – The Exquisite Ejaculating Dildo and Vibrator


When it comes to realism, you can’t beat an ejaculating dildo. These dildos look like a lifelike penis, and they squirt with a lubricant of your choice through a pump chamber. Whether you are sharing the fun or stimulating your spots alone, an ejaculating dildo can help you turn up the heat. 


Many users love watching creampies, and the best part of using an ejaculating dildo is that you can decide when you want to get cream-pied. Using this dildo is a safe way of replicating internal ejaculation. Since you are not recording yourself with a real-life partner, this sex toy helps you enjoy the realness of ejaculation. 


Now let me present to you Bia, an ejaculating dildo that will help you discover the best climax of your life. With a wide range of vibration frequencies, she is one of the best sex toys for your wildest dreams. Bia lasts longer than even the most talented lovers and is easily rechargeable. 


Now take a deep breath as you play with its skin-like shaft as blood begins to rush to your pleasure zones. Trust me; your audience will have a great time watching!

ejaculating dildo

Suction Dildo Cup


It is easy to make your money back in a single-cam show with the right content. One of the different kinds of dildos that should remain on your radar is a suction cup dildo


With a suction cup attached to its one end, you can stick it to a wall or the ground. It helps you replicate different sex positions for your audience. It also gives you a hands-free experience and allows you to create content in unique places asides from your bedroom, such as the shower. These dildos are also great for roleplaying, so just let your imagination run wild and enjoy yourself.

suction cup vibrator

Remote Control Toys


Remote-controlled toys give you the ability to play hands-free. If you’ve always wanted to create public content, these are the best sex toys for discovering your inner exhibitionist. They are really wild, and your fans also get to fulfill their kinkiest sexual desires through you. It’s a win-win, I say! After all, sex is best enjoyed when all your five senses are engaged.


You can take these sex toys anywhere, and much more than the fun is the alluring and wild turn-on that you are doing something exciting without anyone knowing. 


So meet Cybele – a triple stimulation vibrator with remote control for wireless euphoria.


Without a doubt, Cybele is a great companion if you are seeking pleasure and trying to create content both in and outside the bedroom. Elegantly designed and built with top-level craftsmanship, this triple stimulation sex toy allows you to take sexual liberation into your own hands. Just a click of a button can send waves of earth-shattering euphoria all through your body as you and your followers enter the world of orgasmic bliss.

triple stimulation vibrator

Drusilla – The Clitoral Sucking Vibrator


A clitoral-sucking vibrator will probably make you squirt, and that will make an excellent show for your audience. The fireworks kind of show! 


Drusilla, the clitoral sucking vibrator, gives you different feelings, pulsations, and sensations directly on your clit. It is a lot of fun, and you can easily incorporate it into solo play for your sessions or couples play when creating couples content. This toy is hugely worth buying.


With a simple and easy-to-use interface, Drusilla is one of the best sex toys, a standout vibe for every content creator. This sex toy is energetic and is guaranteed to send you into a world of bliss. Say goodbye to batteries and yes to long-lasting filming sessions. Drusilla is the queen of pleasure and a true definition of body-safe.

clit sucking vibrator

Vesta – Dual –Head Magic Wand Vibrator, Dildo


Do you believe in magic? If not, you just have to use this sex toy, and you soon will. It’s a top pick and a jackpot. 


Here is an intense sex toy that will surely give an excellent show to you and whoever is watching you. This wand vibrator has a rotating head that provides incredible power and speed, allowing you to cum faster and more intensely than ever before. Vesta is discreet, and you’ll never have to worry about noise while creating your content. 


She is wireless and rechargeable – no more will long wires and batteries hinder your productivity. The best part? It is a show-stopper. It is pretty large, and showing it off on camera will be super easy. Don’t worry about orgasm. The wand is powerful and can deliver a mind-blowing orgasm, which is fun for your fans to witness.


Nipple Clamps


We can’t dispute that nipple clamps look great! You can play with them, and they also fall under the category of the best sex toys to enhance your photoshoots. Adding nipple clamps on a mesh bodysuit adds a lot of sexy and kinky appeal to your shoots. Plus, it also keeps you in the right mood to create content.


Fucking Machine


Yes, that’s right –a fucking machine. I understand not everyone wants a fucking machine. But if you are serious about taking your OnlyFans account to the next level, investing in a fuck machine is the way to go. 


Talk about next-level camming! A fucking machine penetrates you harder and faster than anything you can ever think of. You are going to be making loads of cash and having quite a few mind-blowing orgasms along the way. 


It’s not weird to show people how to indulge in their weirdest fantasies with the best sex toys. So get Phoebe, the compelling heated sex machine, and show your audience how to explore all their adrenaline-induced sexual endeavors.

sex machine

Here you have a device that replicates the touch of a passionate lover. It is small and easily adjustable for you to experiment with your favorite sex positions and toe-curling angles of penetration. It is waterproof, and you can use it to create erotic content even in the wettest environments. 


Ultimately, the more sex toys you have, the better, so you can offer a wider variety to your followers. You will discover that some users love certain colored toys, while others select their best sex toys by their size or function. The more toys you have, the more you’ll be able to satisfy your audience. Remember, you don’t have to build your collection in a day. You can start with any of the recommended ones, and your fans will thank you!

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