How to Make The Best Sex Positions Even Better!

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Trying new sex positions is a classic, tried and true method of adding a rather tasty spice to your love life, a rather simple way to keep things hot and exciting. And although there’s a hell of a lot of widely riveting positions to try, the truth is that it does indeed take purposeful dedication in finding the ones that feel the best for you and your personal likings. 

So today, instead of spending time going through brand new sex positions to try, we will instead focus on making the best sex positions, the classics that we can always rely on, just that much better. 

Instead of changing up your positions entirely, you will change up a few of the characteristics of the specific position, adding a little something here and there to make what you thought was already the best become just that much better. 

Tips On How To Make The Best Sex Positions Even Better

Doggy Style

Let’s begin with doggy style, the go-to favorite of all the best sex positions for both males and females alike. 

Doggy style feels good in general, but here are a few little things to keep in mind to add a lovely flair about this moan-inducing position. 

Spanking and Choking

Sometimes, depending on your relationship, you need to be a little rough. Although intimacy generally drives the best of sex, it is absolutely essential to change things up and instead focus on the raw, wild, and dirty side of things. 

As you well know, doggy style offers quite the view of the rear, so why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the bare bum to turn it red with a hand mark? Spanking is a straightforward, uncomplicated way to add a little roughness to your sex, and will enhance the pounding of doggy style to newfound levels of sensation as pain meets pleasure. 

And as well as spanking, the partner who is doing the thrusting has perfect reach to others neck. Wrapping the fingers around them with a firm grip, forcing them to open their chest up and arch their head back, is a beautiful way to take a little control and create a sense of lust for something as primal as the very air we breathe.

sex whip for the best sex positions

Nipple Clamps and Suctions

Some of the best sex positions are excellent for nipple stimulation, but with doggy style, this isn’t so much the case. The partner on all fours is facing their chest downwards, and it is challenging for the other to reach their head around for a little oral nipple play. 

And although the breast can be massaged with the hands in doggy style, why not try out the lustful sensations that nipple clamps or suctions provide? 

This will not only free up the other partner’s hands to grip the love handles or spank the butt, but will provide a nipple sensation that is all but guaranteed to make you scream. 

Sex Toys For Doggy Style

Nearly any of the best sex positions can be complemented with sex toys. For doggy style, because of the arched angle of the butt, it is highly suggested to play around with anal sex toys

Remember to use lots of lube, but a small butt plug or training kit will complement the vaginal penetration like red wine complements your favorite 5-star meal. And if you really want to feel anal at its finest, why not go for an anal vibrator?

The pressure of the anal toy will oh so wonderfully push against the vaginal canal as they thrust, and adding such a high level of sensation will take you momentarily away from this reality and to a world of newfound pleasure. 

And if this is something that sparks an interest, as it very well should, be sure to browse our anal sex toys for the highest of quality and the most pristine of anal pleasure.

sex toys for the best sex positions


Take a moment and think about why missionary feels good to you. Some may enjoy the angle it allows for elusive G-spot stimulation. Others might say it is a gentle massage against the clitoris. And a majority will probably attribute the appreciation of missionary to the intimacy it allows. 

Whatever the case, let’s get into a few ways to make missionary, one of the best sex positions, but also one of the most overused sex positions, new and exciting!

Dirty Talking

When in missionary position, the mounted partner’s head will rest right against the ears of the other. Take advantage of this perfect placement of the lips to speak of all your dirty desires, and use your voice to direct their imagination to the kinkiest corners of their brain. 

How you choose to structure your dirty talk is entirely up to you. You can:

  1. Focus on them to promote intimacy- complimenting their body, telling them how incredible they make you feel, reminding them of the love you feel for them. 
  2. Focus on the nasty side of sex- instead, choose to speak on the dirtier aspects of sex, like what you plan to do to them, how badly you want their cum all over your skin, or that they’ve been really naughty lately and punishment is on its way. 

No matter what type of dirty talk you use, the key is actually to use it! Don’t let missionary go by with a word not said. Speak up, and you’ll feel this sex position go from good to great. 

Erogenous Zone Stimulation

A handful of erogenous zones are slightly difficult to reach in missionary position, and perhaps that is exactly why they go ignored. So, by adding a little effort, the mounted partner can showcase missionary 2.0 by purposely stimulating the erogenous zones. 

The nipples are one of the most sensitive, and a little playing with your mouth and tongue is wondrous. But to get a little more creative, try spreading their legs far apart while mounted in missionary to tickle their legs slowly and reach behind their knees, and don’t forget about the feet, as the nerve endings there often showcase wild pleasure. 

Kissing on the neck and the ears (don’t forget to give the earlobe a little suck!) is easy to do while in this position, and another area of nerve endings you should ensure to explore. 

Sex Toys

Sex toys will always make the list on how to make the best sex positions just that much better. 

Missionary creates a tight hold between your bodies, and with a small bullet vibrator placed in between the two partners, you can both enjoy lustful stimulation that will vibrate you down the path straight to orgasm. 

A dildo is always a fun way to add a little role play action to the position, as one (or both) of you can pretend to have a third party encounter as you suck it in conjunction with your sex. 

Anal stimulation can also be achieved while in missionary, and again a small butt plug is the absolute perfect way to showcase a little bit of booty love, without overdoing things, to complement the vaginal stimulation perfectly. 

And if you’re really feeling frisky, why not try all 3 at the same time?!


Good ol’ cowgirl. It is possibly one of the best sex positions for female stimulation and control, and a man’s favorite as they get to lay back and enjoy every inch of their partner from a visual and physical standpoint.

So, how in the world could you make something so good even better? 

best sex positions - cowgirl position

Female Dominance

Cowgirl is, in general, already a dominant female position. Femdom is one of the most popular and well-liked aspects of BDSM, and incorporating small femdom techniques is a hell of a lot of fun for everyone. 

While in cowgirl, your female dominance should start with what you probably already do- control your thrusting speed and intensity and your riding. But to add even more control, take things to the next level by being more aggressive. 

Utilize subtle but mean dirty talk as you take control. Give him a little slap on his cheek to remind him who is in charge. Prevent him from reaching his orgasm by unmounting him just before the fireworks go off. 

Not only will you enjoy being the one in charge, but he will absolutely love watching you take him for a helpless spin and do what you please. 

Do it on Your Feet!

Have you discovered that riding cowgirl while on your feet feels so much better than doing it on your knees?

If not, then you need to find out for yourself the next time you have sex! When mounted, instead of allowing your weight to rest all the way against his torso while holding yourself up on your legs/knees, instead bring yourself up into a squatted position on your feet. 

This creates a slightly different angle that will showcase immense amounts of physical pleasure, and although it might take a little work, it will make it so that you can bounce on him like you never before have. 

Faster, stronger, and up and down the entire length of what he has to offer. 

Sex Toys

The honest truth is that there isn’t a sex toy out there that does not do well in cowgirl. 

You can keep a lovely butt plug inserted as you ride him. You can place a wand vibrator firm against your clitoris for intense stimulation while you thrust. You can use clamps, collars, and whips

The only time you miss out on making cowgirl better is by not using any toys at all, so whether you’re looking for a new toy or have a few lying in a drawer, do yourselves a favor and make sure to use them the next time you make love. 


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