Best Sex Positions for Quickies.

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What happens when you feel yourself getting aroused in the most unlikely places? You can either wait till you are home, or you can help yourself to some quickie sex with the best sex positions for quickies. With your crazy schedules and your high libido, learning how to have sex on the move will come in handy. Nothing is exhilarating as fast, hardcore sex – sex when you both have things to do, places to go, and appointments to keep. The intensity, urgency, and fear of someone walking in can increase your heartbeats and make for a wild ride. 


The next time the mood for sex strikes, here are some of the best quickie sex positions that make it easy to get things done! 


Quickie at Work


If you have been working too hard for days, chances are you are already feeling cranky from lack of sex. And, let’s face it, tight schedules or not, office sex is one of the headiest sexual fantasies to explore. 


  • The Office Standout


The standout is one of the best sex positions for quickies in the office. This position is perfect for intense and urgent sex. And you can do it without removing your clothes – a plus when you both can’t wait to get your hands on each other. For balance and easy access, this position is done with the woman standing against the wall and the man standing in front of her.


Stand in place, put your arms around your man’s neck and let him lift you by locking his arms under your butt. Wrap your legs around his hips and get to work. Be sure not to have sex in common spots like the ladies’ room, or you’ll have nosy office mates walking in when you are in the throes of passion.

best sex positions for quickies

Quickie in the Cinema


If thrill turns you on, having a quickie in the cinema is fun. Here is one of the best sex positions for quickies that give you a climatic result.


  • The Happy Ending

Go for the least-watched movie at the cinema or the little-known flicks and pick a back or corner seat. This is a sitting sex position, and no one will know what you’re even up to. Have your man pull down his pants to his thighs before hiking up your skirt. Sit on his lap. You can straddle him or face away while seated on his lap. This position gives a tighter fit and sharper angle for penetration. Once you’re seated comfortably on this lap and he is all in, slowly bounce up and down. Your partner should hold your hips to set the pace. Hold onto the chair to ensure you are steady as you both work towards giving each other the happy ending you deserve.


  • Heir to the Throne


Here you have an ultimate quickie position for oral sex. Giving your man a blowjob in the cinema is one of the best sex positions for quickies that won’t draw any attention to you. While your partner sits on a chair with their legs open, you go on your knees. Warm them up with your tongue and fingers. Your partner will find it very easy to guide your pace while telling you exactly how they want it. It is also incredibly hot for your man, as he can get a full view of you in between his thighs. When he comes, he can also return the favor!


Balcony Quickie


With the fresh breeze and your neighbors totally unaware, this can be risky. But the risk is worth the reward because there is something undeniably sexy about being high and outside. When the view is gorgeous and the weather is pleasant, trying these best quickie sex positions on your balcony will leave you feeling elated and elevated!


  • Rail Hold


Most of the best sex positions for quickies on the balcony are safe. Hold onto the rails of the balcony and slightly bend your knees. Your partner can mount you from behind and get to thrusting in a standing doggy supported by the balcony rails. Rock back and forth as the sun and cool air caresses your skin.


  • Sunny and Chair


Though it might be tempting to bend over the railings, you don’t want to risk falling off. A quick fix: bring out a chair and sit for a safe quickie sex position. With your man sitting down, you can straddle him for deep penetration.


Shower Quickie


Having quickies in the shower is not as hard as you think. Finding comfortable and enjoyable quickie positions makes all the difference.

suction cup dildo
  • Standing Doggy


For this position, your man stands behind you while you bend over. You should steady yourself with a tub or shower wall, depending on what feels most comfortable for you. This position gives room for easier and deeper penetration. Your man should be aware of how hard he is thrusting so you don’t slip.


  • Take a Seat


Here you have a safe position where you don’t have to worry about slipping. Have your man sit in the tub and lean his back against the end of the tub with his legs extended. This allows you to straddle him without the risk of falling. Allow all your sexiest shower fantasies to come to life!


Quickie in the Kitchen


Spicy food and hot cooking pots aside, kitchens are sexy AF! You can have delicious orgasms in your kitchen with these best sex positions for quickies.


  • Sneak-a-peek


For quickie positions where your clothes don’t have to come off, this comes in handy. I’m sure you don’t want clothes thrown all over your kitchen. Choose a sturdy surface for this, like your kitchen counter. Then hop onto the counter and bring your butt to hang just off the edge. While he stands in front of you, lie back slowly and give him a show. 


Prop yourself on your elbows, spread your legs wide and lift them so he can hold your calves. Let him enjoy the view by occasionally throwing your head back and arching as he thrusts into you. This position allows you to see all the action and delight on his face as he admires your beauty and take cues from your pleasure.


  • The Good Chef


I love quickie sex positions where you don’t have to work too hard. This allows you to put your legs around your man’s waist with the help of your kitchen counter. Sit on the counter and have your man stand before you as he thrusts into you. 


  • The Special Order

Do a sitting reverse cowgirl with your man propped up on a chair facing the counter. This position delivers an intense penetration angle, plus you can use the counter as leverage to get your hips exactly where you want them.


Car Quickie


Having a quickie in your car is steamy. There’s a natural sense of urgency. Besides, what’s more, kinky than hot sex breath all over your car windows. Now for the best sex positions for quickies while in your car, try these:

car masturbation
  • Spider


This sex position is a must if you want to explore something hardcore. It creates intense penetration, and you get to look at your partner. Both of you should sit in the backseat with your legs towards each other and your arms back to support yourself. Knees bent, your hips will be between his spread legs. Rock back and forth to increase the intensity of the penetration! For more car sex positions, check out the linked article. 


These quickie sex positions will totally rock your world and leave you with some beautiful hot memories when you’re alone!


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