10 Reasons Why Phoebe is the Best Sex Machine Money Can Buy.

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Introducing Phoebe – The Compelling Heated Sex Machine, the only sex machine will ever come to need. If you are in the market for a new sex machine – or maybe even your first sex machine – look no further! Phoebe caters to both experienced sex toy experts and beginners alike, and for that, we love her. 


Aside from providing you with endless orgasmic euphoria, there’s a reason why we’re labeling this the best sex machine currently available. 


Here are 10 reasons why you’ll soon be tapping your foot, anxiously waiting for Phoebe to arrive at your doorstep. 


1. Sleek Design


Gone are the days of bulky machines with cheap-looking dildos made of questionable materials. With its sleek, modern, and ergonomic design, you will feel like an orgasmic queen using the Phoebe sex-machine.


Appealing to the eye, Phoebe greatly lowers the intimidation levels often associated with other sex machines. Aesthetics matter, and Phoebe sure is fine. 


2. Heat it Up!


Phoebe is not just a sex-machine. Oh no, this gal warms up to take your sex machine sex to the next sensual level. Capable of heating up to 99-108 degrees Fahrenheit (37C – 42C), Phoebe will keep you warm throughout the entirety of your sex machine sesh. Why not combine this feature with running cold ice cubes over your body to add temperature play to your sex machine fun? 


The temperature sensations greatly increase arousal by increasing blood flow to your special zones and help to promote a realistic feel to the oh-so attractive dildo attachment. Is it getting hot in here?


3. Innovative thrusting


With seven vibration frequencies and seven innovative thrusting patterns, you can tailor your thrusting session to your carnal desires. What hole you use your sex machine in is up to you!


Just as a real-life partner can thrust with varying intensities, so can Pheobe, again promoting the realism of your experience and adding much-needed variety to your intimate sessions with your new favorite sex machine. 


4. Remote Control for Ease of Access and Spicing it Up!


Phoebe comes with a remote control, allowing you to effortlessly control her during solo sessions from the simple click of a button. If playing with a partner, they too will find immense pleasure in leading your expedition to orgasmic bliss when you invite them into your fuck machine fun! With incredible technological advances, your partner can control the Phoebe from up to 39 feet away, perfect for the exhibitionist and voyeuristic play or a sweaty session of mutual masturbation

sex machine

5. Small and Compact


Goodbye, bulky, heavy sex machines! Phoebe is lightweight at only 1.21 lbs – that’s just a bag of sugar! Why not experiment with your Phoebe in different areas of your home? And if there are any positions you want to try that require someone to hold the machine, your partner will be able to hold it effortlessly.


This featherlike weight makes Phoebe effortless to carry around and experiment in unique places, and is also ideal for safe and easy storage.


6. Wet Fun


Get wet in more ways than one with the Phoebe! This sex machine is 100% waterproof, enabling you to experiment with shower sex.


Combine the beautiful thrusting action with the warm trickle of water caressing your erogenous zones for a unique sensation. The shower isn’t the only thing that’s wet when Phoebe is around…


6. Body-Safe Materials


As a female owned and operated company, health and safety are at the forefront of everything we do at V for Vibes. That’s why we’ve made Phoebe with medical-grade silicone, ABS, and TPE construction. You can have peace of mind during your fuck machine play knowing that this is the safest, most durable, and best material currently utilized in the sex toy industry


7. Rechargeable


Never worry about annoying wires getting in the way with the rechargeable Phoebe sex-machine. Simply charge it up using the included USB magnetic charger and get to the fun stuff. No batteries here. This sex machine is sure to last longer than a partner out of your most erotic of dreams.


8. Discreet Pouch for Safekeeping


Having somewhere discreet to store your sex machine is just as important as having a good quality sex machine in the first place. Use your included V for Vibes-engraved pouch for safe and elegant keeping. Keep your sex machine away from dust and debris and prying eyes!


9. Multipurpose for all Genders and Sexualities


However you like to have sex, and whoever you like to have sex with, you can use the Phoebe sex machine to take you to pleasure town in any way you want. Use your imagination and let your dreams become a reality. 


Anal play for straight males, vaginal and anal penetration for vulva owners, a perfect tool to replicate threesomes or cuckolds to fulfill all your fantasies. 


The question really is, what can Phoebe not do?


Here’s the Deets…


-Weight: 1.21 pounds

-Battery: polymer battery

-Material: medical-grade silicone + ABS + TPE

-Voltage: less than 3.7V

-Thrusting patterns: 7 kinds

-Vibrating patterns: 7 kinds

-Remote control range: 472 In

-Heating temperature range 99 F – 108 F



What’s in the box?


1 x Sex Machine 

1 x VV Engraved Pouch 

1 x Remote Control 

1 x USB Magnetic Charger 

1 x Manual 


Phoebe – The Compelling Heated Sex Machine is the newest sex machine on the market, in tune with what we all want from a fuck machine today. Multiple vibration frequencies, thrusting variations, lightweight; must I go on?


Say goodbye to poor-quality sex machines made of materials that are bad for your body, and hello to an innovative design created explicitly for our sensual pleasure. Small and compact, this fuck machine doesn’t need a secret basement for safekeeping. Phoebe allows each and every one of us to explore the joys of hands-free play via the ergonomic design. Finally, a sex machine that is ideal for all couples, not just a sex toy connoisseur. 


The Phoebe sex machine is your one-stop-shop for all of your sexual desires. You’ll wonder what you ever did before you invited Phoebe into your sex life!

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