Rechargeable vibrators

Investing in rechargeable vibrators.

Up until a few years ago, classic vibrators were battery or cord operated. Finding a rechargeable vibrator wasn’t common, and they were quite expensive. Now, you can find rechargeable egg vibrators and multi speed vibrators that are rechargeable for cheap on Amazon or other big box retailers anywhere online.

It may not be to you, but being able to just plug it in, charge it, and have hours of use is a lot more convenient for most. There are definitely some great reasons to make the upgrade. First, regular batteries have to be thrown away or recycled. Recycling is better, but neither is great in an environmental sense. 

Anything with moving parts drains batteries quickly. If your vibrator gets regular use, it could get expensive. Suction vibrators, remote clitoral vibrators, and dual head vibrators all use a lot of power, so it’s not the best idea to need to change batteries in these.  

With rechargeable vibrators, none of these things are an issue. As long as you charge your vibrator according to the directions, and use the same common sense that you do in caring for your smartphone, your vibrator will always be ready to go! Owning a sex toy that you can just plug and charge means you can enjoy hours of pleasure without disruption. One thing to remember? There is no standard to charging cords for sex toys, so if you lose your cord, you may be out of luck. 

A good dildo vibrator should look and feel well-made, and be aesthetically pleasing. Be sure to pick one that has the features that are important to you. Rechargeable rabbit vibrators are always popular because they have both external and internal stimulation that creates better and more powerful feeling orgasms for women. G spot is also another common feature, and we often find combined rabbit AND G spot stimulation into one toy. Skip the batteries, go green and plug in to charge the motor. These toys are also incredibly easy to pack on the go with you, as you don’t need to worry about bringing packs of batteries (which always get lost!). 

If there’s one investment you should make in yourself today, it’s upgrading your vibes. Better orgasms equal a happier you! Check out our extensive selection at Your next pleasure filled moment awaits.