The Ultimate Guide to the Best Lubes.

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Why are so many people against using lubricant? Why does it make them uncomfortable? In this guide to the best lubes, we are going to dive into the best personal lubricants, why you should use them, and different brands we recommend, and what makes lubricants so amazing!

Why should you use a lubricant? 

Lubricants just make things smoother, more fun, and feel better. Lubrication can be used when externally stimulating, masturbating, penetrative sex, and even to insert menstrual cups. You absolutely need to use lubricant for anal play, since the anus is not self-lubricating. You do not want to risk any tears that can also create infections. Men should also use lubrication when using masturbation sleeves and pocket pussies. Since these do not self-lubricate, lubricant is important to use to keep yourself from getting dick burn. 

Needing or wanting to use lube does not mean anything is wrong with you.

Men and women alike worry that needing or wanting to use lubricant for sex means that there is something not right with them. However, this is far from true. When a woman gets aroused, the vaginal walls secrete a natural lubricant fluid. However, many things such as hormones and health conditions can cause women to not produce enough of their own lubrication. This does not reflect on the men’s ability to arouse them, or themselves. 

 Lubricant can help you avoid uncomfortable friction, add extra stimulation, or even make clitoral stimulation more pleasurable and enjoyable! There is absolutely nothing wrong with adding lube into your bedroom fun time kit. It’s something we will always advocate and recommend! If you are a woman and your partner (woman, man, or trans) does not understand that your body is not doing what you want, educate them. If they still feel like lube is wrong, it may be time to drop them.

Using lube is as easy as a squeeze!

Squirt some lube out, rub it on, and go! Well, it’s almost this easy. It’s important to use a little and then work yourself up to more if you need or want more, because lubricants can be super messy if you use too much from the get-go. You can apply it straight to the vagina, vulva, penis, or sex toy.  You also want to be sure to use the right kind of lubricant for your activity!

Speaking of the right kind of lubes…

Here’s how you determine the right kind of lubricant for you. You may want to just try baby oil or coconut oil, but we really do not recommend this. Aside from potential infections, it can degrade your condoms, and affect your pH levels.  

Lube is designed for bodies and goes through rigorous testing to be safe! Also, don’t forget that lubes have shelf lives. 

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Most options of the best personal lubricants will be water or silicone based. 

Water-based lubricants are what we recommend for use with toys, as they don’t degrade your condoms or toys materials. They are also typically more hypoallergenic, so if your body is sensitive, make sure you are getting a non-flavored or scented water-based lubricant. However, water-based lubes do dry up much quicker, as they evaporate. We don’t recommend them for shower or bath sex because of this. 

Silicone lubricants, on the other hand, last much longer. However, they can affect your sex toys, so it’s important to be careful with that. Silicone lube can give an amazing slippery feel though, so we definitely recommend it for the shower and non sex toy play.  

The Best Lubes according to V For Vibes.


GLISSANT is formulated by doctor Karyn Eilber to help women improve their sex lives and be more pleasurable. It is formulated with CBD, CBG and is chemical and hormone-free. It is also FDA-cleared and water-based. With botanicals, Glissant is supposed to help ease pain as well. We love Glissant for its formula and its long-term benefits. Bring your personal, intimate care to a whole new level with clean and natural lubricants by GLISSANT.

best personal lubricants - best lubes what is the best lube Lubricant.  lube, best lubes, best personal lubricants to try

LELO Lubricant.

Lelo’s lubricant is actually a personal moisturizer. It is also water based and formulated with aloe vera. It is supposed to be non-greasy, and non-staining. It even has a one-year warranty!

Maude Lubricant.

Maude’s formula is also made with aloe and is 100 percent organic. It is hydrating and is gentle on your body’s natural pH level. It does not have glycerin or parabens and is safe to use with toys or condoms as well. 

K-Y Natural Feeling Lubricant.

K-Y Natural Feeling Lubricant with Aloe is something that we keep in stock at V For Vibes! This is a great water-based lubricant that also features aloe vera, is paraben free, glycerin free, alcohol free, and fragrance free. It is one of the most recommended brands of lubricants by doctors, especially because it is so easy to pick up at stores like Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and Target. You can also add it in to your order at V For Vibes with your toys. 

Lola Personal Lubricant.

Lola personal lubricant is also water based, formulated with aloe and no additives or fragrance. It is gynecologist approved, and a pH balanced formula that is hypoallergenic. 

 As you can see, our top recommendations are all water based. We love the hypoallergenic formulas and body safe ingredients and formulas. Taking care of your body’s natural pH and avoiding irritation is key to healthy vaginal and penis health! 

 When it comes to silicone lubricants, we typically recommend just one or two.


Uberlube is a silicone-based lubricant that is scentless, tasteless, and non-staining gel that is supposed to reduce dryness. It has no parabens, petrochemicals, preservatives, and is made to help stop the spread of bacteria during sex. It is condom friendly and body friendly. 

It is so important to focus on finding what feels best for your body and helps you enjoy the sexual activities that you are partaking in with your partner! Do not feel ashamed of using lubricants and wanting to try them out. It is natural and healthy to use and can really help intensify sexual activities! Let us know in the comments below what you think of our compiled list of the best lubes.



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