The Many Unique Benefits of Masturbation.

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Masturbation manifests an incredible amount of positivity within your life when approached healthily and with the proper practices, and the benefits of masturbation are potently powerful. 

And although many of these benefits are correlated directly to your health, there are way more than just the health benefits of masturbation worth talking about! Seriously, the advantages of masturbation have the capability to change your life for the better, so if you’re not practicing a bit of self-love here or there, here’s a few reasons that might make you want to change your mind. 

Masturbation Boost Self Awareness

Being truly self-aware is a testament to understanding your body, your mind, and your overall position in life and the world. And, if you’re anything like me, struggling with a lack of self-awareness can be a pretty troubling ordeal. Of all the strategies to boost self-awareness and to make you become more in tune with your body, I’d be lying if I said masturbation was not one of my favorites. 

We spend so much of our time in this world viewing things externally, such as wondering how other people might view us, figuring out how we view others, gathering a perception of time and space and the things around us; that it becomes a bit tricky to tune into one’s genuine self. 

Because masturbation is a practice of self-love, it forces you to break down barriers of comfortability in your own body and mind that you may have not even realize are there!

You love your own body with physical touch. You treat yourself to positive mentalities as YOU make yourself feel good. This all is a massive asset in building self-awareness, both in regards to sex and just about everything else in life. 

It’s a Learning Process

When it comes to sex, there is no point at which growth and knowledge stop. We are always learning about sex, whether it be through ourselves, through our intimacy with others, or through how others perceive sex and intimacy in their own viewpoints. But masturbation lays the foundation of sexual education required for positive growth that is derived explicitly from yourself and no one else. 

If you’ve ever wondered what the benefits of masturbation are, then just think back on your personal masturbation practices, and identify all the things that it has taught you about yourself along the way! When we masturbate, we open up a seemingly endless amount of doors to our sexual education

It allows us to experiment with ourselves and our bodies in a safe and personal space, identifying the things we do and don’t like in terms of physical touch and sensation. 

We might learn about a sexual kink we never knew about as we browse through various versions of ethical porn or read erotic literature, allowing us to experiment with our minds before introducing anything to a partner. As you masturbate, you learn about your sex drive, sexual stamina, your anatomy, and so many other things! The advantages of masturbation can be as simple as the fact it is a much-needed learning process that is the safest and most practical means of experimenting with sex on our own. 

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It Enhances Quality of Life Outside of Sex

Many of us might zoom straight into the benefits of masturbation in relation to sex, but masturbation affects nearly every other aspect of our lives, as well! And for this, we’re really just talking about overall happiness and contentment, your quality of life in general. 

Oh yeah, I am talking about the big “S” word… Stress!! Oh, and also anxiety, depression, and a whole lot of other mental ailments that we all deal with from time to time.  

Stress is like the virus of life, the one thing that can make everything seem worse or more difficult, even the things that we are passionate about. There’s a ton of ways to reduce stress within your life, but of course, masturbation takes the throne!

Masturbation is a total stress antibiotic, as it releases feel-good hormones like oxytocin that are directly correlated to lowering stress. And when we feel less stressed, literally everything in life is better. So if you wake up with a big smile and a positive attitude, let me ask you this- did you masturbate last night?! The chances are that’s a big yes, and you can thank your self-love for the shot of mood boost. 

It Breaks the Orgasm Gap for Women

We all know there’s a huge orgasm gap out there. Men are reaching climax far more often and with much less effort than women. What’s the deal with that?! 

We are all created equal, but apparently, something got jumbled up with sexual equality along the way. Lucky enough, at least there’s masturbation as a savior. 

Masturbation has allowed nearly 95% of women in our world to reach climax, and that’s a huge number compared to those who can orgasm from other sexual practices with a partner, such as penetrative sex. 

And now, with the sex toy industry being led by woman’s empowerment figures and pioneers, creating sex toys specifically for the female anatomy and female pleasure (adios, you penis-shaped plastic dildo), there’s a good chance this number will continue to rise! So yes, thank you masturbation for reducing sexual frustration and for giving women the outlet of orgasm we so rightfully deserve. 

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The Safest Sex of Safe Sex

What are the benefits of masturbation, you ask? It’s safe!!!

Seriously, masturbation is the safest sex of safe sex, as absolutely nothing can beat it. Not only do you completely negate the chance of catching an STD or an STI, but you also say hell no, I’m not getting pregnant this month! 

As well as health concerns, masturbation is a personal practice that doesn’t require another partner. Healthy partner intercourse is the best thing ever. Still, there’s always the chance of sex without consent, of abuse, or other similar instances when introducing another human being into our sex lives.

I mean, of course, we need a connection with a partner, but until you find the right one, masturbation provides an outlet that is much much safer than your average one-night stand, and that also feels a heck of a lot better. 

It Makes for Better Sex

You mean, touching myself can make it feel better when another person touches me?! Why yes, yes it can. By learning about yourself and your body, you can direct your partner more effectively when engaging in partner-based intercourse. You not only have the self-awareness and the sexual empowerment to tell them when to stop or slow down or speed up, but you have the knowledge of yourself to also tell them where to touch you or precisely how to do it. 

You might learn that you require clitoral stimulation instead of penetration, or vice versa, or both, and all of this can be implemented into your sex life with a partner for better, more fulfilling sex for all parties involved. If the benefits of masturbation were nothing less than making for better sex, then I’m all in! 

It Just Feels Good

Do we even need other benefits of masturbation when the truth is that it really just feels so damn good?! Seriously, life is about the simple things and the simple pleasures. After all, isn’t that what we live for?

Whether these pleasures are big or small, they make all the difference in the world, as what good is a life worth living if you aren’t doing the things that simply make you feel good on both the physical and mental realms? And masturbation is a keystone to pleasure! If nothing less, it really just feels amazing, and you should never take the ability to pleasure yourself into orgasmic bliss for granted, as that is truly an impressive feat. 

Just like how eating a bar of delectable chocolate can have you closing your eyes and relishing but a few seconds of taste, so can masturbation, and in the end, if feeling good is all you seek, then have at it! 

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