The Benefits of Anal Sex.

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~The unnatural feeling enhances pleasure~

The human body is the most elite of living organisms; we have unique abilities and unique pinpoints to pleasure ourselves. Most of the time, we don’t want to acknowledge the presence of our pleasure points, especially in the case of men’s G spot; it is situated in their anal canal and is considered a taboo to be stimulated. This article will discuss the benefits of anal sex, both for women and men alike,  and how it can be healthy for different reasons, including your relationship with your partner and pleasure for both of you.


Most people considered it forbidden; others are wary of anal sex because it is uncommon and unnatural, according to their personal beliefs and upbringing.

Rumors suggest that it is painful as hell, and many people do not find pleasure in pain; it is just not their thing. You cannot ease into anal sex by jumping bum first into it and taking a large phallus or dildo up your ass; it is not only painful, but it can be dangerous, and you can cause yourself a lot of harm and damage. You won’t discover the benefits of anal sex by doing it this way!

The best way to ease yourself or prepare your partner for anal sex is to initially use your thumb or a finger to familiarize yourself with the feeling and then advance it into using anal sex toys like a butt plug training kit. 

butt plug training kit

Use the smallest butt plug first to get accustomed to a low-level penetration, and only when you or your partner is comfortable with how you like the feel of a plug up your anal cavity, then advance it to going for the whole hog. Also, do not forget to use a handsome amount of lubricant. A good water-based lubricant like classic KY jelly would work. 

And, it goes without saying, do not force it or do it in the spur of the moment, take your partner’s consent beforehand, and only then follow through with the above-mentioned steps when learning how to prepare for anal sex. 

The Benefits of Anal Sex


It is common knowledge that genital organs are very sensitive due to the presence of numerous nerve endings, and this applies to your anal canal too. 

In people assigned male at birth, the prostate is considered the G-spot, and is the key to discovering an alluring anal orgasm. The prostate is situated in the rectum and can only be stimulated through anal sex or anal massage. An anal orgasm derived from the prostrate can be very intense, sending waves of pleasure throughout the body. 

Women have two main pleasure points; a G spot and an A spot, and both are located on the vaginal walls. One of the main benefits of anal sex is that it can stimulate both the pleasure points at once due to the pressure it places against the vaginal walls and will result in intense, earth-shattering anal orgasms combined with genital orgasms. 

Of all the benefits of anal sex, that alone is one of the most enticing.

benefits of anal sex


It is very common to ignore the back hole during penetration; people are reluctant to explore the unknown, and anal sex is often new territory. This may be due to the ever-present fear of exploration or pain, or even just physical intimidation surrounding this body part. 

Whatever the reason is, anal sex might just be the thing you lack to make things go wild in your relationship. One of the benefits of anal sex is you will know your body more intimately. Further, you will understand how you can stimulate pleasure without vaginal penetration, etc.  

By discovering the entirety of your pleasures, what you enjoy, and what you do not, you further complete the map to a consistently fulfilled and happy sex life. 


Due to anal sex being considered forbidden, most people are not accustomed to their bodies. They do not understand their pleasure points, especially men who are so opposed to the idea of anal penetration without realizing that their main pleasure point, as the prostate lies in their rectum. The question then arises, how to have an anal orgasm? 

An anal orgasm can be easily stimulated if the G spot is hit with consistency and adequately, but you’ll never discover this for yourself until you try! This new sensation is waiting, but will you choose to pursue it?


Studies show that about 50% of the population has at least tried anal sex once. If you are into an exploration of body parts and intense orgasms, then you might not want to miss any anal action. As unbelievable as it sounds, anal kinks like anal sex, anal massages, and bead play are very common in people of all races and backgrounds. 

Anal massages are very common and very stimulating. Anal beads come in various sizes and shapes and are attached to a string that can be pulled as per need, and of of the most erotic of the benefits of anal sex is the fulfillment of your wildest kinks. 

anal bead vibrator


If you like loads of sex but are not ready for babies and are not interested in taking birth control, then it is better to have anal sex. Anal sex will not just give you an earth-shattering, full-body, intense anal orgasm but will allow you to have sex countless times without risking you being pregnant. You can have unprotected sex and not take birth control, although you and your partner must get tested before you start having unprotected sex, as anal sex has higher risks of STDs, and always remain monogamous if pursuing this practice unprotected. Please, do this with caution! 


We know this isn’t one of the benefits of anal sex, but we must mention it again to further solidity its importance, as you’ll never know these benefits for yourself if you don’t use lube. 

Anal penetration is very difficult. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not elongate and does not make it easier for penetration after a good amount of foreplay. Even though foreplay is still necessary to get in the mood and relax your partner, it does not physically change the ass hole. A generous amount of lubricant to easily make the penis or anal sex toys slide inside the anal cavity is needed. 

There are different kinds of lubes you can use, for example:

Water-based lubes are safe for all kinds of penetrative sex, but they dry out quickly, so you may want to reapply as per need.

Silicone-based lubes last longer than water-based lubes but are not friends with silicone-based toys, so do not use them together.

Oil-based lubes are also easily available and are strictly suggested to people who are okay with unprotected sex as it damages the latex in the condom.


There are various amounts of anal sex toys in the market. Different kinds of butt plugs are available for everyone, from beginners to people who know exactly what they are doing. There are anal sex toys with remote controls so that you can hand them over to your partner to bring excitement and naughty times into your sex life. There are wiggle vibrators to stimulate an anal orgasm. 

Thrusting and anal vibrators are also a thing; butt plugs with remote controls and app controls are also available easily, as well as standard butt plug training kits. Anal beads of different types are also available, one of the most popular anal sex toys. They can be of the vibrating kind, easily controlled with apps, or they can be attached to strings which you can pull or leave in throughout the vaginal sex or even afterward for overstimulation.

anal training kit


There are various benefits of anal sex and of a healthy sex life:

  • It relaxes your body and relieves your stress.
  • It helps regulate your blood circulation.
  • Due to better blood circulation and a stress-free body, your skin starts appearing better.
  • Constant anal sex will help you reduce inflammation which is caused at the time of first penetration.
  • Anal sex stimulates the prostate gland, which can help fix erectile dysfunction, reduces the chances of prostatitis and painful ejaculation.
  • You will discover more about your body and your partner.
  • You will prevent the mundane in your sex life.


It is easier to transmit bacteria and viruses through anal sex, so you are advised to have protected sex. If you have decided to ditch the condoms, the best course of action is to get tested before performing intercourse. Never switch between anal and vaginal intercourse without changing the condom or washing. 


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